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Diane Hunter comes back into the living room of her flat wearing an old-fashioned frilly costume, red with white spots.  She is carrying a hat and asks Gilbert Latham if she has to put it on, and he says yes.  Diane stands in front of a plain blue painted background whilst Gilbert Latham takes the photos. 
In the kitchen at the Coach House David Hunter cracks some eggs into a bowl, carefully separating the yolk from the white.  Barbara comes into the kitchen wearing a smart peach coloured dress.  David stares at her.  "You're dripping egg on the floor," Barbara tells him.  David tells her that she is looking very beautiful, and he kisses her on the neck. 
Kevin Banks see's Gilbert Latham sitting in the motel reception.  Gilbert tells him that he has just had a session with Diane.  Kevin looks at him and Gilbert quickly tells him that he has taken some photos of Diane.  Glenda Banks joins Kevin and Gilbert in reception and Glenda and Kevin leave the reception.  Kevin turns and reminds Gilbert Latham about his idea of a calendar for his office.  Kevin tells Gilbert that he suggested it to Mrs Mortimer but she didn't seem too keen.  Glenda tells Gilbert that he should go and see Mr Hunter, he seems to be the one making all the decisions.
Gilbert Latham asks the receptionist if he can make an appointment to see Mr Hunter.
Kevin and Glenda Banks arrive home and Glenda asks Ron if he has eaten.  Ron says yes.  "On your own?" asks Glenda.  "Who said I was on my own," says Ron.  Glenda looks at him.  "You've been with her haven't you?" asks Glenda.  "By her I take it you mean Iris," says Ron.  Ron says yes he has, and he is in two minds whether to ask Iris Scott here for a drink.  Ron accuses Glenda of being selfish, and says Iris has paid the price and it's time for a little forgiveness.
Glenda asks Kevin if he thinks she is selfish and tells him that Ron thinks she should forgive Iris but she can't.  "Don't leave me on my own.  Stand by me," says Glenda and hugs Kevin.   
Gilbert Latham goes to the motel and shows Kevin Banks the photos he took of Diane Hunter.  Kevin looks at them and says they're really good.  David Hunter comes into reception.  "Sorry I'm late Mr Latham," says David.  Kevin leaves and Gilbert Latham quickly picks up his briefcase.  David tells Gilbert that they can talk in reception and the two men sit in reception.
Gilbert Latham tells David that he heard they wanted a calendar done showing the motel and staff.  He hands David the photos of Diane and tells David that he would like him to take a look at these.  David looks at the photos and says he is impressed.  He tells Gilbert Latham that he thinks they might be in business but he will have to talk to Mrs Mortimer. 
Barbara Hunter is alone at the Coach House when she receives a visit from Meg Mortimer who gives Barbara some flowers to thank her for helping David out.  Meg asks her how the book is going and Barbara says David doesn't seem to realise how hard her work is.  Meg says David's demands are greater.  She says David wants more power and control and she doesn't know why.  Barbara says she doesn't know either.
At the motel David talks to some printers.  Meg comes into the room and David tells her that they can go ahead with the calendar.  He says it would be good publicity, but Meg says they've never needed publicity before.  "This was and is a family business," says Meg.  "That image is wearing a bit thin," says David.
Kevin Banks arrives home and finds Ron Brownlow there alone.  Kevin asks him why he goes on at Glenda all the time, it upsets her.  Ron tells Kevin that he lives here and he doesn't take kindly to someone telling him what to do.  Ron says he is quite fond of Iris, she speaks her mind and he likes that.  He tells Kevin that he might just ask Iris round for that drink.  Kevin tells Ron that he and Glenda are trying to hang on to a marriage already and if he brings Iris here it will destroy everything.
Meg tells David that she hopes they can work all this out.  David asks what she means and Meg says this reserve between them.  She says she feels left out, and says she could always go somewhere else.  David tells Meg that she is the only partner he wants to work with.  He says he just wants his 55% share of the action.
Iris Scott's landlady, Mavis Hooper, asks Iris if she will be doing any cooking.  Iris says no, she'll go to the chinese take-away up the road.  Mavis Hooper tells her she needs some good cooking inside her.  Mavis asks Iris if she has got a boyfriend and Iris says no.  Mavis says her cousin Ron is sweet on her.  "Then he's wasting his time," says Iris.  Mavis tells Iris that she is a lot like her, and guesses that Iris finds it hard to say thank you.
David asks Barbara how she works, if she has breaks in between.  Barbara asks him why he is taking such an interest in her work all of a sudden, and David says it must seem as if he doesn't pay much attention to her.  He asks her if he can read her book and Barbara says she is flattered.  Barbara gives David her manuscript.
Meg Mortimer receives a phone call from Miranda Pollard to say that she will be able to come back to work for them next week.  Miranda asks Meg if David Hunter is back and Meg tells her that he is doing a lot of work checking up on everything.  "Why?  Why was it to be expected.  You knew about the 5%.  Oh you placed the call for Adam.  Yes, I was shocked at what Adam did," says Meg over the phone.
David Hunter arrives at the motel and waits at the reception desk whilst Meg finishes her phone conversation with Miranda Pollard.  When Meg replaces the receiver she tells David that she would like to talk to him.  Meg asks the receptionist that she wants all phone calls for her and Mr Hunter held.
David follows Meg into the sitting room.  Meg asks David how many people knew about the transfer of shares.  She says Miranda Pollard knew and there was no need to involve her.  "I feel I've lost a friend as well as a business," says Meg.
David talks to Diane Hunter at the reception desk and she says she heard he was looking for a receptionist.  She asks him if he could consider Glenda Banks, and David says he will consider her.  David asks Diane if she would like to work for him, it would involve working from the Caoch House.  Diane tells David that obviously Mrs Mortimer isn't supposed to know about it , so if he doesn't mind she would rather stay out of it.  David says he understands.  "I'm sure you'll find someone to do your...work," says Diane.  "Oh yes, I'll find someone," says David.

1981 Episodes continued

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