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Kath and Arthur Brownlow wait for Ron Brownlow to return home.  The doorbell rings and Kath answers it to Gilbert Latham.  Gilbert Latham shows Kath and Arthur a magazine with a photo of Kath which Gilbert took at Glenda's wedding.  He tells them that it has won second prize in a photographic competition.  He says there is another competition next month under the subject heading of bathing beauty.  Kath looks at him and says she hopes he isn't suggesting she poses for that.
Adam Chance joins David and Meg in the office.  Meg tells him that a director can't sell shares without the permission of the other share holders.  Adam tells her that he is a businessman and he needed the money.  He says they still have to work together and Meg say she only works with people she trusts.  She says there is still this problem with Shughie McFee and David tells her that he will sort it out.  David phones through to reception and asks to be put through to Shughie McFee's chalet.
Arthur Brownlow tells Kath that she should introduce Gilbert Latham to some of the motel staff because there are some good looking girls amongst them.
Shughie McFee joins David and Meg in the office and David tells him that whilst he was away Diane Hunter was acting for him.  He tells Shughie that he would like him to apologise to Diane but Shughie says he isn't sure about that.  David tells Shughie that he is prepared to offer him a 15% rise.  "15%," says Shughie.  "15%.  Effective immediately," says David.  Shughie McFee agrees and they shake hands.  Once Shughie has left the office David turns to Meg.  "Human values are what humans value," he says.  Meg tells David that she doesn't think she has learnt anything about human values but she has learnt something about him.
At the Coach House David tells Barbara that he has bought Adam's 5% shares and Meg doesn't like it.  The phone rings and Barbara asks David if they should answer it.  David tells her to answer it then leave the phone off the hook.  Barbara picks up the phone.  After she has finished her conversation she puts the phone back, and then takes it off and puts the receiver down on the table.  Barbara sits beside David on the settee and tells him that was her agent on the phone to say that the publishers want her book by a certain date.  She tells him that this is her first book under the name Barbara Hunter so to the publishers it's just like a first novel.
Ron Brownlow arrives home and searches through his bag for presents for the family.  He brings out a present for Iris Scott.  Kath looks at Arthur.
Meg asks Adam Chance for an explanation and Adam tells her that he needed the money to go ahead with the garage project.  Meg says she will never forgive him.
Arthur Brownlow tells Kath that Ron will have to be told about Iris Scott.  Ron comes into the room and asks what time Iris gets home.  Arthur tells him that Iris is in prison.  He says there was some trouble.  "Alright, let's have it.  The whole story," says Ron.
Gilbert Latham has a drink in the motel reception.  Diane Hunter, who is on duty at the reception desk, nudges one of the other girls and says that he keeps smiling at her.  Glenda Banks goes to Gilbert Latham's table and asks him if he would like anything else.  Gilbert Latham asks Glenda if she could ask the pretty blonde to come over.  Glenda calls Diane over, then leaves Diane and Gilbert Latham alone together. 
Gilbert Latham tells Diane Hunter that he would like to make a proposal.  "What, here in broad daylight!" says Diane.  Gilbert says she misunderstands his meaning.  He shows her the magazine with the photo of Kath Brownlow and explains that he is an amateur photographer.  Diane asks him if he wants to take her photo and Gilbert says yes.  Diane suggests Gilbert Latham comes to her flat and gives him her address.
That evening Adam Chance keeps Diane company at her flat.  There is a knock at the door and Diane opens it to Gilbert Latham.  Diane introduces Gilbert to Adam Chance and explains to Adam that Gilbert is a photographer.  Diane goes into the kitchen and Gilbert Latham shows Adam Chance the magazine with details of the competition he is going to enter.  He tells Adam that it's just a case of catching the female form enjoying the sun.  "You mean bikini stuff?" asks Adam.  Diane listens anxiously from the kitchen.
Ron Brownlow meets his new brother in law, Kevin Banks.
Diane Hunter asks Gilbert Latham if he wants her to pose in a bikini, and Gilbert says it's up to her.  Diane says in that case the answer is no.  The phone rings and Adam Chance answers it.  He tells Diane that the call is from California.
Glenda tells Ron that Kath visits Iris Scott in prison, but personally she thinks she should let her stew.  Kath says three months in prison has changed Iris.
Diane finishes her phone call and tells Adam and Gilbert Latham that Frank Adams has won the custody case so she will still be able to go on seeing her son Nicky.  She pours out three glasses of wine to celebrate and agrees to pose for Gilbert Latham's photos.
Ron Brownlow asks Arthur if he can borrow the car on Wednesday as he has something planned.  Glenda looks at him.  "You're going to pick her up," says Glenda.  She says the next thing they'll be having a party for her.  Glenda says she saw their father having everything thrown at him and they came home one night and picked their mother up off the floor.  "God help your kids, that's all I can say," says Ron Brownlow.  Glenda runs out of the room.  Kevin follows her.  Arthur tells Ron that of all the things he could have said he picked the worst.  He tells Ron that Glenda has just found out that she can't have children.
The next morning Glenda joins Ron, Arthur and Ron in the living room.  Ron asks Glenda if she slept alright and Glenda says yes.  She asks Ron how he slept.  "Like a baby," says Ron and then stops as he realises what he has said.
Meg finds David Hunter in the office early and he says he had a lot of catching up to do.  Meg tells him that she got a little lecture from Adam Chance yesterday and he said they were all in this together.
Ron Brownlow apologises to Glenda for putting his foot in it.  He says Kevin Bank's is a nice fellow and there are more things in life than children.  Glenda tells Ron that it is good to have him home.
David tells Meg that they are running at a loss and they will have to increase costs.  Meg asks David what is driving him and David shows her some brochures of his family's hotel in Guernsey.  He says his uncle ran that hotel for thirty years and says there has got to be to more to life than that.  David puts some papers into this briefcase and tells Meg that he will finish the work at home.  Meg says Barbara won't be too pleased about that.  "I respect her work, she respects mine," says David.
David arrives at the Coach House and pours himself a drink.  He pours a drink for Barbara and she notices that he is a bit on edge.  David tells her that he has had a terrible day.  He says he has bought some work home with him, some letter she needs typed, and suggests that Barbara helps him.  Barbara says his secretary could have typed the letters for him but David says the letters are confidential and he doesn't want Meg to know about them.  "There are some people I want to contact in London," says David.  "What are you up to?" asks Barbara.  "Nothing.  I'm only at the idea stage," says David.

1981 Episodes continued

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