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Ron Brownlow telephones about somewhere to live for Iris Scott but has no luck.  He tries the last advertisement and speaks to Mrs Mavis Hooper.  He explains to Mavis Hooper that he is looking for a place for his cousin to stay and asks if the flat is still available.  He asks when he can come and see the flat.
Glenda Banks takes Meg some coffee in the office and tells her that Iris Scott is due to leave prison tomorrow.  Glenda asks Meg if she would be considering giving Iris her job back because if she is then her and Kath will have to leave.  Meg tells Glenda that Iris has only ever worked here temporarily and she wouldn't want to lose Glenda or Kath brownlow. 
Arthur Brownlow tells Kath that Gilbert Latham wants to do a calendar with photos of the company he and Arthur both work for.  Kath tells Arthur that Gilbert Latham is good and he has good ideas. 
Ron Brownlow goes to see the flat and tells the landlady Mavis Hooper that he will take it.  He asks how much it is and Mavis Hooper tells him it's 14 a week in advance.  Ron gives her the money and says he will bring his cousin around tomorrow.
When Ron Brownlow arrives home Glenda asks him where he has been, and Ron tells her that he has been to see about a room.  "It's for her isn't it?" asks Glenda.  "Yes, it's for Iris.  I'm going to pick her up tomorrow and take her there, so if you want to mount a picket line then go right ahead.  We'll just drive right past you," says Ron, and walks out. 
The next day Ron Brownlow waits at the prison.  Iris Scott comes out clutching her belonging in a bag.  "Ron, what are you doing here?" asks Iris, pleased to see him. She asks him where he has come from and Ron says home.  "Bet they don't know," says Iris.  Ron tells Iris that they do know and he has his fathers car.  Ron gives her the present he brought her from Hong Kong.
Ron takes Iris Scott to the Brownlow home but only Kath is at home.  Kath offers Iris something to eat.  Ron tells Iris that he has found her somewhere to live, but Iris says she doesn't want a place near here.  Ron tells her that it took a lot of trouble to get her that flat and Iris agrees to look at it. 
Iris Scott goes with Ron Brownlow to look at the flat and Ron says it isn't much.  Iris says it's like a palace compared to where she's come from.  Mavis Hopper comes in and gives Iris the rent book.  "Fourteen pounds a week!" says Iris.  Ron tells Iris that he will take care of that.  Iris says the rent book is made out in the name of Brownlow but her name is Scott.  "Iris Scott.  Don't I know you?" asks Mavis Hooper.
Iris Scott tells Ron Brownlow that she would still like to know why he is doing this.  "Because you're family love," says Ron.  "Nothing else?" asks Iris.  "No," replies Ron.  "So how do I say thank you then?" asks Iris Scott.  "Just open your mouth and let the words come out," says Ron.  "Thanks Ron," says Iris. 
At the Coach House David gets ready for work.  He tells Barbara that he really appreciates her doing this typing for him.  Barbara asks him why he wants to know about company's laws, and David says he might want to change them.  Barbara tells him that she will need some figures from the pay roll and David tells her they are at the office.  The telephone rings and David answers it.  Meg tells David over the phone that she will be in Birmingham all day.  David tells Barbara that she can come to the motel office and work there but Barbara says she has her work to do as well, and walks off.
Kevin Banks meets Diane Hunter in the corridor and he asks her if she would like to come to dinner because Kath and Arthur are on holiday.  Diane says she would love to, and Kevin suggests that evening.  Diane tells Kevin that she can't make it tonight because Gilbert Latham is coming to take some photos. 
Kevin see's David and Barbara Hunter and asks he asks David if he could have a word with him.  Kevin follows David into the office, and tells him that Mrs Mortimer wanted to discuss the alterations to Stonebank Farm with him.  David tells Kevin that they will call him if and when any decorating needs doing.  "Right.  If and when then," says Kevin, and leaves.  Barbara tells David that was a bit brutal, and not like him. 
Mavis Hooper unlocks Iris Scott's door and finds Iris still in bed.  Mavis says she thought she'd be gone by now, and asks Iris if she has a job.  Iris tells Mavis that she used to look after some children.  Mavis Hooper tells Iris that she saw her name in the paper connected with 'that business.'  "This is a respectable house," says Mavis.  "And I'm rubbish," says Iris.  "I didn't say that," says Mavis Hooper.
Diane Hunter takes some coffee into Barbara Hunter in the office.  "What are you feeding him on.  Vitamin pills," says Diane.  "No need to," says Barbara.  Barbara tells Diane that she doesn't know what's got into David.
That evening Gilbert Latham goes to Diane Hunter's flat and sets up his camera equipment.
David tells Barbara that he shouldn't have asked her to come into the office, it was unfair.  Barbara tells David that she thinks they spend too much time together, perhaps they should see their own friends now and again.  David says he hasn't many friends.  Barbara says there is Bob Powell and David says Bob is hardly ever in the country.  Barbara says there is Adam Chance but David says Adam is a colleague and that's different.  David says he doesn't feel the need for anyone but her.
Diane Hunter comes out of her bedroom and goes back into the living room of her flat.  Gilbert Latham pops up from behind the settee and says it's all set as soon as she has changed.  Diane tells him that she has changed.  She opens her dressing gown to reveal a cherry coloured bikini.  Gilbert Latham tells Diane that he wanted her to wear something which he brought along.  He picks up a small suitcase and takes out something.  Diane goes to her bedroom to change into them.
David and Barbara Hunter return to the Coach House and Barbara says she doesn't want to eat out.  David says he will cancel the restaurant booking.  Barbara opens a letter addressed to her and sits on the settee reading it.  She tells David that the letter is from her accountant saying that she should buy herself a car.  She says perhaps she'll buy herself a Rolls Royce.  David looks at her in astonishment.  Barbara asks David if this is the reason he is acting the way he is, trying to prove himself.  She says his male ego has taken a battering, and accuses him of being too possessive and wanting to run everything by himself.  David turns away and pours himself a drink.  "Can the prosecution rest, for a while," he says.

1981 Episodes continued

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