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Len Morton prepares to go and see the police, and Doris Luke and Benny get ready to go with him.

Adam Chance tells Miranda Pollard that the garage project he is involved in with Victor Lee is costing a lot more than he thought.  He tells Miranda that he has found half the money.  Miranda offers to lend him the money.  "On what collateral?" asks Adam Chance.  "Your motel shares," says Miranda Pollard.  Adam says he isn't sure about that but there is another answer. 

Arthur Brownlow asks kevin Banks what he said to Glenda to make her change her mind about going to see the specialist, and Kevin says he didn't say anything.  Kevin tells Arthur that it got through to Glenda about Arthur giving up the promotion and job in Newcastle and she realised she was being selfish.  Arthur says he doesn't want anything more said.

Adam Chance tells Meg that he wants to see 5% of his shares in the motel because he needs some extra money for the garage project.  Meg says 5% wouldn't be any good to her.

Doris Luke, Len Morton and Benny return to Stonebank Farm after seeing the police.  Len Morton says he doesn't know what his father will say when he finds out.  Benny says he should tell his father, but Len says he doesn't know how to.  Doris Luke asks Len if he would like her to talk to his father and Len says that would be good of her.

Adam Chance tells Miranda Pollard that Meg isn't interested in buying his shares but he has got someone else in mind. 

All the kitchen staff watch the Royal Wedding on television.  Adam Chance asks all the kitchen staff to come into reception because Mrs Mortimer would like to talk to them.  All the staff go into the reception area where Meg hands everyone a glass of champagne to celebrate the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer.

Diane Hunter joins Miranda Pollard in the office and says she heard that Mrs Mortimer wanted to see her.  Diane asks Miranda if she knows what it's about and Miranda tells her that she thinks Mrs Mortimer wants her to patch up her differences with Shughie McFee.  Diane says she won't and Miranda suggests she telephones David Hunter in Guernsey and asks his advice.  Diane says that's a good idea.  She asks Miranda if she has David's telephone number and Miranda gives it to her.

Diane Hunter gets through to David Hunter and asks him if she is responsible for making decisions in his absence.  "Oh.  Well that's different," says Diane.  When Diane replaces the phone receiver she tells Miranda Pollard that David Hunter is coming back to the motel tomorrow.

Kath Brownlow receives a telegram saying 'Home next week - Ron.' 

Glenda and Kevin Banks return from seeing the specialist at the hospital.  Glenda breaks down sobbing and Kevin tries to comfort her.  He says they have each other.  Kath Brownlow comes into the living room and asks what has happened.  Glenda says nothing and runs upstairs.  Kath asks Kevin what happened and Kevin tells her that Glenda can't have any children.

Diane Hunter goes into the motel reception and see's Shughie McFee sitting in reception.  Shughie tells Diane that he would like a few words with her so Diane sits down.  Shughie asks Diane if they could let bygones be bygones.  The waitress brings Diane the drink she ordered and Diane asks her to put it on Mr McFee's bill.

Miranda Pollard comes into reception and is surprised to see Diane and Shughie sitting together.  Shughie McFee tells Diane to get off her high horse.  "Goodbye Shughie and good luck," says Diane.

Kevin Banks tells Glenda that he doesn't think he would want children anyway because it's not a very good world to bring children into.  Arthur Brownlow returns home happy that his son Ron is coming home.  Glenda tells him that she won't be making him a grandad.  "Oh," says Arthur.  "Not ever," says Glenda.  Arthur tells her that's a shame but it's not the end of the world.  He says children are sometimes a bit of a tie.  Glenda stands up and says she can't play this game, she can't pretend it doesn't matter because it does.  "Our whole world's fallen apart.  That's how much it matters," says Glenda and walks out. 

Later Kevin sits down next to Glenda on the sette.  Glenda says it's no good her mother and father pretending it doesn't matter because she knows it does.  Glenda tells Kevin that his parents will have to be told.  She says it would have been nice.  "A little one of you," she says.

Diane Hunter and Adam Chance go to Diane's flat after having a meal together.  Diane asks Adam to come to dinner at her flat tomorrow as a sort of celebration.  She says after tomorrow she won't have to be David Hunter's proxy.  Adam Chance looks glum.  "You do want him back don't you?" asks Diane.  Adam says yes but things may not be quite the same as before.

David Hunter waits outside the Coach House and then goes to put the key in the lock.  He hesitates, and then knocks on the door.  Barbara opens the door and tells him he didn't need to knock, it's his house too.  Barbara asks David if this is just a visit.  "No I'm here to stay," replies David.  "I don't see any bags," says Barbara.  "They're in the car.  I'll bring them in if that's what you want," says David.  "I know what I want," says David and kisses her.

Glenda Banks goes to see Meg Mortimer in the motel office and apologises for having to take time off.  Meg asks her if eveything is alright and Glenda says yes, it was just a routine examination at the hospital.  Glenda starts sobbing and Meg asks her if she is sure she is alright.  Glenda says yes, and asks if it is alright if she goes.

David and Barbara Hunter go to the motel and Adam Chance welcomes David back.  Doris Luke passes through reception and welcomes David back.  She tells David and Barbara that it's nice to see them back together again.  "Only our work kept us apart," says David, looking at Barbara. 

Adam asks David if he wants him to tell Meg that he is back and David says yes, but asks him to be tactful.  Adam Chance picks up the phone.  "Meg.  This may come as a bit of a surprise to you but David is in reception," says Adam.

Glenda Banks sits in the motel staff room and Diane Hunter comes in.  Diane notices that Glenda is upset and asks her what is wrong.  Glenda asks Diane if the girls in the kitchen are saying anything about her.  "No.  Should they?" asks Diane.  Glenda tells Diane that she went to the hospital and they told her that she couldn't have children.  Diane says she is sorry, but children aren't everything.  Glenda says Kevin said it doesn't matter, and Diane says lots of men don't want children.  Glenda says she wanted children.

Meg welcomes David back cooly in the office.  She tells him that choosing Diane as his representative wasn't a good idea and David reminds her that a proxy vote was her idea, and Diane did a good job under difficult circumstances.  David tells Meg that he has realised that it is time to protect his interests as the owner.  "An owner," Meg reminds him.  David says no and tells Meg that he has bought Adam Chance's 5% so now he owns 55% which makes him the owner.  "Adam should have told you," says David.  "I'm here to stay, in charge," he adds.  David tells Meg that he will make her a promise, her shares ill be worth 10% more in a years time.

Meg telephones Adam Chance and asks him to come through to the office.







1981 Episodes continued

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