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(July 1981)
Diane Hunter gathers all the kitchen staff together in the kitchen and tells them that there has been some pilfering.  Diane asks where Renee Haines is and Kath Brownlow tells her that she is probably in the staff room.  Kath goes to the staff room to fetch Renee Haines but returns shortly after.  She tells Diane that Renee is nowhere to be seen and her locker is empty.  Diane suddenly remembers the staff box where all the tips are kept, and says there is 70 in that box.  "She wouldn't," says Kath, handing Diane the staff box.  Diane opens it and finds it empty.
Arthur Brownlow asks Glenda about her not wanting to go to see the specialist at the hospital.  "Let's have no more talk about not going," says Arthur.  Glenda tells her father that he is forgetting something.  "I'm a married woman.  I make my own decision," says Glenda.
Benny admits to Len Morton that he is scared and he asks Len to come to the hospital with him when he goes for his check up. 
Glenda and Kevin go to the motel and Mr Jenkins spots them and congratulates them on their marriage.  Mr Jenkins tells Glenda and Kevin that he is eating at the motel with some friends, so perhaps Glenda will be waiting on them.  Glenda tells Mr Jenkins that it's not up to them which table they serve.  Glenda says a curt goodbye and walks off.  Kevin follows Glenda and asks her why she was so cold towards Mr Jenkins.  Glenda tells Kevin that Jenkins is the one that spolit her father's chances of promotion.  She says he's lucky she didn't give him a piece of her mind.
Len Morton waits for Benny at the hospital.  Benny apologises to Len for having a go at him.  He asks Len if he will be going to the police and Len says yes.  Benny tells Len that he will go with him.
Mr Jenkins spots Glenda Banks in reception and asks her if she is alright.  Glenda tells Mr Jenkins that he messed up her fathers chance of promotion because of some silly cut-backs.  Mr Jenkins tells Glenda that she has got it wrong, there weren't any cut-backs and her father turned them down.  Mr Jenkins tells Glenda that it was family problems which made Arthur turn down the promotion.
Adam Chance arrives at Stonebank Farm and tells Benny that they will be selling Stonebank sooner than they thought. 
Glenda Banks arrives home and Kevin goes to put his arms around her but Glenda moves away.  Glenda tells Kevin that she found out something from Mr Jenkins tonight.  She says she found out that her father turned down the promotion and the move to Newcastle, it wasn't the company who turned Arthur down.
Arthur comes into the living room and Glenda tells him that Mr Jenkins had a meal at the motel tonight and she had quite a talk with him.  Arthur tells Glenda that Mr Jenkin's is a good chap.  He goes out of the room again.  Kevin tells Glenda that thinks he knows why Arthur turned the job down, it was because of them.  "Me you mean," says Glenda.  Arthur comes back into the room again and Glenda goes to him and kisses him on the cheek.  "What's all this about?" asks Arthur.  "You're smashing you are," says Glenda.
Adam Chance tells Benny that he can have a job at the motel.  "Yeah, sweeping up," says Benny.  Adam tells Benny that millions of people right now would be grateful for that.
At the motel Diane Hunter asks Adam Chance if they could have a television in the staff room so that the kitchen staff can watch the Royal Wedding.  Adam says no, they are here to work not to watch television.  Diane goes back to the kitchen and tells the staff.  Doris Luke is very disappointed and says she might just take the day off anyway.  Diane tells her that she can watch the repeats in the evening.  Doris tells her that their future king is getting married and she wants to see it as it happens.  "Everyone who agrees with me raise their hands," says Doros to the rest of the staff.  Everyone puts their hands up.  "Follow me," says Doris and everyone follows her into the staff room.  "Now just a minute," says Diane.  "No," says Doris firmly and walks off. 
Meg comes into the kitchen and finds it empty.  She asks Archie Gibbs what is going on and Archie tells her that the kitchen have walked out.  Archie explains that Diane said they couldn't have a television in the staff room to watch the Royal Wedding.  "That's rediculous," says Meg.  Archie asks Meg if she thinks they should have a television.  "Of course," says Meg. 
Meg goes into the office and tells Adam Chance that Diane told the kitchen staff that they couldn't have a television in the staff room to watch the Royal Wedding.  Adam tries to tell her that it was him not Diane.  Meg says Diane must know she's made a mistake because she seems to have disappeared.  At that moment Diane comes into the office and Meg asks her whay she refused the kitchen staff a television.  Adam tells Meg that it wasn't Diane, it was him.  Meg tells Diane that the kitchen staff can have a television and asks Diane to pass this on to the rest of the staff.  Diane says that means she will have to back down on what she said, and Meg tells her to explain that it was a misunderstanding.  Diane says she won't do it, and walks out.
Shughie McFee bumps into Archie Gibbs in reception and Archie tells him that the kitchen staff have walked out.  Archie says the staff wanted to watch the Royal Wedding but a certain person said they couldn't have a television.  Diane comes through reception and walks out of the motel.
Meg telephones reception and asks for Shughie McFee to be sent into the sitting room.  Shughie comes into the sitting room and tells Meg that he heard things weren't going too well in the kitchen.  Meg tells Shughie that she hasn't replaced him because she wanted him to have time to sort out his differences with Diane Hunter.  Shughie tells Meg that he has been waiting to come to their rescue.  Meg tells Shughie that first of all he will need to patch up his quarrel with Diane, and Shughie says he will have to think about it.
In the kitchen Doris, Glenda and Archie are having a chat when Diane Hunter comes in carrying a portable television.
Glenda Banks tells Kevin that she feels she is causing her mother and father worry.  Kevin tells her that she must go to the hospital for that examination.  Glenda tells him that she isn't going, and kevin says in that case he doesn't want to hear her say anything about causing her mum and dad worry because all they want for her is to go and get everything cleared up at the hospital.
Arthur Brownlow comes downstairs to look for a book for Kath.  Glenda asks Arthur to tell her mother that she has decided to go and see the specialist.

1981 Episodes continued

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