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A short time later a policeman joins Doris Luke in reception to ask her some questions.  Doris says she should be at the hospital with Benny, and the policeman says he will take her there himself in a while.  The policeman asks Jill Harvey if she noticed the two young men in reception and Jill says yes.
Ray Segal goes to Diane Hunter's flat and Diane tells him that David Hunter has asked her to be his representative and vote in his palce at board meetings.  She tells Ray that all she wants is to get her son back.  Ray Segal tells Diane that he thinks it would be a good idea if she flew out to California as soon as her divorce with Chris Hunter comes through.  He says some of the questions the lawyers will ask her won't be nice but she musn't worry.  He takes her hand.
The policeman tells Doris Luke that they have caught one of her attackers and they need her to go to the police station to identify him.
Glenda Banks tells Kevin that they will have to find somewhere else to live.  Kevin tells her that they could always go to his parents but Glenda says she knows he would hate that.  Kevin says his father might treat him with more respect now that he has started up his own business.
Diane Hunter goes to see Jill Harvey and tells her that she might have to go to America for the divorce hearing but she doesn't know how long she will be gone for.  Jill tells her not to worry, she will explain to Meg.  Jill receives a phone call from Adam Chance.  "You don't know do you?" says Jill, after she has put the phone down.  Jill tells Diane that Benny was involved in a hit and run accident and he is quite badly hurt.  Diane says she must go to the hospital to see Benny,  but Jill tells her there is no point as Benny is in a coma.
Kevin Banks asks Adam Chance when the decision on the contract to paint the chalets will be made, and Adam tellshim that thr decision will be made at a board meeting coming up soon.  Adam tells Kevin that he can paint the staff room and if he does a good job of that then they will see about the chalet contract.
Kevin Banks former boss, Percy Dobson arrives at the Brownlow's house and asks to speak to Kevin Banks.  Percy Dobson tells Kevin that he heard that Kevin was starting up on his own, and Kevin says that's correct.  Percy Dobson says his firm have been going for generations and is the only painting and decorating business in the area.  He tells Kevin that two independent firms started up but they didn't last long.  "We'll see," says kevin.  "No doubt about it.  I'll undercut you on everything you touch," says Percy Dobson. 
Percy Dobson tells Kevin that if he had come to him and laid his cards on the table then he could have used Kevin's initiative within the company.  Dobson tells Kevin that he is willing to take him back for ten pounds extra a week but Kevin says no thabk you, he has made up his mind.  Percy Dobson warns him not to come crawling back.
Meg joins Jill Harvey in the office.  Meg tells Jill that she must go to the hospital to see Benny but Jill says she phoned and there is no change.  Jill tells Meg not to upset herself and says that she can see it's Sandy all over again.  "He was my brother you know.  You never talk about him," says Jill.  Meg tells Jill that there isn't a day goes by when she doesn't think about Sandy.
Kevin Banks asks Adam Chance when his estimate for the chalet contract has to be in and Adam tells him as soon as possible.  Kevin asks Adam if Percy Dobson would be able to find out what his quote is and Adam says no, not unless he is a mind reader.  Adam asks Kevin if he thinks Percy Dobson will try and undercut him and Kevin says he'll have a good try.
Kevin Banks goes home to the Brownlow's house and Arthur says he heard that Percy Dobson was here earlier.  "Wanted to wish you well?" asks Arthur.  "No.  He threatened to undercut me on everything I do," Kevin tells him.
Meg tells Adam Chance that she phoned Guernsey and David's aunt answered the phone.  Meg says David's aunt said David was out but she is sure that he was there.
Meg goes to the hospital to see Benny and stands at Benny's bedside.  She touches his hand lightly.  Benny opens his eyes.  "Who is it?" he asks.  "Mrs Mortimer," says Meg.  "You look all crooked.  It's my eyes.  I can't see," says Benny. 
Mr Marlow, Benny's doctor, talks to Meg and tells her that Benny has a detached retina.  He says there could be damage to the nerve but they aren't sure yet.  Meg follows Mr Marlow to Benny's bedside and the doctor tells Benny that they will have to operate.  Benny tells the doctor that he doesn't want an operation but Mr Marlow says the longer they leave it the less chance he has of seeing properly afterwards.  Meg tells Benny that he must trust the doctors.  She holds benny's hand whilst a nurse puts patches over Benny's eyes.
Arthur Brownlow returns from a trip to Newcastle to see where he will be working.  Glenda asks him how it went and Arthur tells her it was fine.  He says he will only be in Newcastle for five so it isn't worth selling the house.  Arthur tells Glenda that her and Kevin can continue living in the house.  Kath says that sounds like the solution to the problem.
Diane Hunter asks Ray Segal about his family.  Ray tells her that he is very fond of his father and rang him to tell him that things might be changing.  "Are you asking me to marry you?" asks Diane.  "I love you Diane," says Ray Segal.  Diane hugs him.  "Yes Ray," she says.  Ray tells Diane that he wants to take her to America and show her his home.
Benny wakes up after his operation on his eyes.  Police Constable Atwood arrives at the hospital to talk to Benny.  Benny asks him if they have caught the two boys, and the police constable tells him that they have caught one of them but the other got away. 
Diane Hunter talks with Jill Harveyand tells her that Ray Segal has asked her to marry him and she is going to America with him next week. 
Doris Luke visits Benny at the hospital and Benny tells her that he wants to go back to Stonebank Farm.  Doris Luke tells him that he must stay in hospital where he can be cared for.  Benny asks Doris to speak to Mr Marlow and see what he says.  Later Doris Luke speaks to Mr Marlow, the doctor and asks him if Benny could go back home, but Mr Marlow tells her that it wouldn't be a good idea.
Back at Stonebank Farm there is a knock at the door and Doris Luke opens it as far as the safety latch.  Len Morton is outside and begs Doris Luke to let him in so that he can talk to her.  Len Morton tells Doris that he phoned the hospital and they wouldn't tell him how Benny is.  "He's blind, that's what he is," says Doris.  Len asks to be let in.  "I've got to talk to you," he says.  Doris Luke shuts the door.
Ray Segal meets Diane Hunter in the motel reception and they sit at one of the tables.  Ray Segal gives Diane a ring and he puts it on her finger.  Diane gasps.  Ray tells Diane that he has spoken to a boarding school for Nicky.  "Nicky needs a home, not a boarding school," says Diane.  Ray says obviously Nicky comes firts with her.  "Are you marrying me for the sake of Nicky's security or for your own happiness?" asks Ray Segal.  Diane hesitates a moment.  "Both," she replies.  "Do you love me?" asks Ray.  "I could learn to," says Diane.  Ray stands up.  "I've been alone a long time.  Oh there have been women but never one quite like you," says Ray Segal.  "Ray.  You don't understand," says Diane.  "Sure do," says Ray and walks out.  Diane removes the ring from her finger.

1981 Episodes continued

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