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Meg tells Adam Chance that she saw Barbara Hunter this morning and Barbara said she wasn't going to be used by David and doesn't want to get involved.  Meg tells Adam that David is trying to complicate matters.  Adam tells Meg that they will have to accept whoever David nominates as his proxy.  He says he feels sorry for David, and says he thinks David has lost himself.
There is a knock on the door at Stonebank Farm and Doris Luke ignores it.  Meg Mortimer calls out and Doris lets her in.  Doris Luke tells Meg that she is afraid to go out.  Meg tells her that the longer she leaves it the harder it is going to be.
Glenda asks Kevin what time he got home last night and Kevin tells her it was late.  Glenda tells him that she doesn't like him working all hours.  Kevin says he would rather be going into business on his own, and Glenda asks him what he would need in order to do that.  "Money, that's what," says Kevin.
Jill Harvey joins Meg and Adam in the office and Jill tells her mother that Adam has explained the situation about David to her.  Jill tells Meg that she thinks Adam would make a good choice for proxy.  Meg tells her that David knows that Adam is more likely to be on her side so David wouldn't nominate Adam.  Jill says she will phone David.
Glenda Banks tells Kevin that it's risky going into business on your own.  Kevin tells her that his father was always on at him to save.  Glenda tells Kevin that she has got 600 in the post office and they could use that.  Kevin says that money is supposed to go towards a mortgage.
Diane Hunter gets her flat ready for dinner with Ray Segal.  Ray arrives and compliments Diane on her appearance. 
Glenda and Kevin Banks have a drink at the motel.  Adam Chances passes through reception and asks Kevin and Glenda how they are.  Kevin asks Adam if it is correct that they want some chalets painted this year, and Adam says yes.  Kevin asks him if there is any chance he could have the contract because he has set up in business on his own.  Adam tells Kevin that they will be putting the contract out for tender and no doubt Mr Dobson, Kevin's boss, will put in a quote.
Ray Segal tells Diane Hunter that the divorce and custody hearing has been set for the end of June.  "So soon," says Diane.  "Now you're not to worry.  I'll be with you all the way," says Ray Segal. 
Jill Harvey tells Adam Chance that David should choose his own proxy, he is independent and not one of the family.  Adam tells Jill that he will phone David and see what he has to say.
Diane Hunter asks Adam Chance and Jill Harvey to dinner at her flat.  Diane tells them that Ray Segal will be there and she would like him to meet some of her friends.  Adam and Jill accept the invitation.
Benny goes to the motel sitting room and see's Meg Mortimer.  Meg tells Benny that she wanted to talk to him about Doris Luke.  Meg tells Benny that Doris Luke is coming back to work at the motel and she would like Benny to keep an eye on her because she is still very shaky. 
Ray Segal arrives at Diane Hunter's flat.  The telephone rings and Diane answers it.  It is David Hunter who tells Diane that he would like to talk to her about something.  Diane tells David that Adam Chance has been trying to contact him all day.  She says Adam and Jill were talking business.  "I thought so.  The family's ganging up on me," says David.  David tells Diane that he doesn't plan on returning to the motel for a while but he needs someone to represent him at board meetings.  David tells Diane that he would like her to be his representative.  He says he will get his solicitors to sort out all the details.  Diane tells David that she isn't sure she knows what to do, and David tells her that he will be in touch again.
Adam Chance and Jill Harvey arrive at Diane's flat and Diane introduces them to Ray Segal.  Adam Chance apologises for being late and tells her that he has been trying to contact David Hunter.  Ray Segal asks who David Hunter is and Adam tells him that David is a share holder, and he has gone to Guernsey to look after another business.  "No proxy?" asks Ray Segal. 
Diane Hunter tries to steer the conversation away from David Hunter.  Ray Segal leaves early saying that he has some business to attend to.  After he has left Jill Harvey teases Diane and asks her if Ray Segal is married.  Diane tells her that he isn't.
Arthur Brownlow arrives home late from work and Kath asks him where he has been.  Arthur tells her that he has been out celebrating.  He tells Kath that he has been promoted at work, and Kath asks him when his promotion takes effect.  "As soon as I get moved," Arthur tells her.
Jill Harvey and Adam Chance arrive back at the motel after leaving Diane's flat.  Jill tells Adam that Diane was out to impress Ray Segal.  Adam says he doesn't blame Diane if it means she can get her son back.
Arthur Brownlow tells Kath that the job as undermanager is in Newcastle.  Kath tells him that she doesn't want to move, she is settled here.  She tells Arthur that Kevin and Glenda won't have anywhere to live if they sell the house.  She says Kevin and Glenda will have to be told.  Arthur Brownlow goes into the living room and Kevin tells him that he gave in his notice at work today because he has set up in business on his own.
Ray Segal sits in the motel reception and asks Doris Luke if he can order a meal.  Doris shakily takes out her notebook, then drops her pen on the floor.  She searches in her pocket for another pen and Ray Segal offers her his pen.
Arthur Brownlow asks Kevin Banks where he is going to get the money to set up in business on his own.  Glenda tells Arthur that they have got some money saved, but Arthur says that was supposed to be for a mortgage.  "Not anymore," says Glenda.  Kevin says he can make a go of it, and they can come to some arrangement about the house.
Benny waits outside the motel entrance for Doris Luke to finish work.
Kath Brownlow returns home after work and Arthur tells her that Kevin has given in his notice at work and is starting up in business on his own.  Kath asks Arthur how Kevin and Glenda took Arthur's news and guesses that Arthur hasn't told them.  She says they owe it to Kevin and Glenda to put them in the picture.
Harry Fellows and Len Morton go to the motel for a drink.
Kath Brownlow calls Kevin and Glenda downstairs and Arthur tells them that he has had news of promotion at work.  Glenda says that's great but Arthur tells her it means a move to Newcastle.
Len Morton and Harry Fellows sit in the motel reception.  Len Morton tells Harry Fellows that he is leaving and Harry accuses him of being soft.  Doris Luke joins Benny who is waiting outside the main entrance just as Len Morton and Harry Fellows come outside.  Doris Luke looks at the two young men, and Len and Harry look back at her.  The two men realise who Doris is and begin to run.  "It's them Benny.  The one's who robbed me," says Doris, pointing to Len and Harry.  Benny tells Doris that he will cut them off around the back and runs after them. 
Harry Fellows and Len Morton get into their car and try to start it.  "It won't start!" shouts Harry.  He manages to start the engine and begins to pulls away.  Benny runs out into the car park.  Harry Fellows drives the car straight towards Benny and Benny stands his ground, waving his arms and shouting for them to stop.  The car picks up speed and goes straight for Benny, hitting him.  Benny is thrown over the bonnet of the car and falls to the ground.

1981 Episodes continued

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