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At the Coach House Alison Cotterill and Chris Hunter sit and have a coffee.  He asks her about boyfriends.  "Anyone special?" he asks.  Alison says there was someone.  "You're really a sweet kid.  Did anyone ever tell you that?" asks Chris. 
Alison returns to Stonebank Farm she tells Benny that she spent the afternoon talking to Chris Hunter.  "He makes everything sound so interesting," she says.  "You like him don't you?" asks Benny.  "Yes, I do," admits Alison.  "He's married you know," Benny tells her.  "Pardon," says Alison.  "He's married to Miss Diane," says Benny.  He tells Alison that it isn't a proper marriage because they don't live together.  Alison turns away.  "No," she mutters.
Jill Harvey tells Diane that she knows there was something between her and Adam.
Reg Cotterill and Ivy Pruett arrive at Stonebank Farm to look for something that Ivy Pruett has lost.  Benny comes in and after saying goodnight, he goes upstairs.  Ivy Pruett tells Reg that she doesn't like the thought of Benny sleeping under the same roof as Alison.  "He's simple minded Mr Cotterill," she says.  She says Benny doesn't have to live at Stonebank, they could find him other accommodation, maybe in the shed.  "That's where a lad like that belongs you know.  Out there in the yard," says Ivy.  "You don't know what you're saying," says Reg Cotterill angrily. 
The next day Benny goes to see Sharon Metcalfe in the motel garage and she asks him how he is getting on at Stonebank Farm.  Benny says alright.
Diane Hunter talks to Sharon Metcalfe and tells her that someone was looking round the flat the other day and she thought she was going to have new neighbours in the flat below.  Diane asks Sharon if she would be interested in the flat and Sharon says she will think about it.
Chris Hunter goes to Stonebank Farm and introduces himself to Reg Cotterill.  Chris says he has come to see Alison but Reg tells him that she isn't in at the moment.  Chris leaves and Reg tells Ivy Pruett that Chris seems like a decent young man.  "And handsome," remarks Ivy Pruett.
Sharon Metcalfe notices that Victor Lee has something on his mind and asks him what is wrong.
Meg Mortimer, on her last day onboard the cruise ship, stands on deck with Philip Rogers whom she met on board.  He suggests they exchange addresses but Meg says that would spoil things.
The following day, Meg Mortimer returns to the Motel and Sandy and Jill welcome her back.  Meg asks them where Tish Hope is and Sandy tells her that she had to go back to the antique shop.  Meg asks how they managed without Tish and David and Sandy tells her that David didn't go away after the wedding.
David and Barbara comes into the office and Meg congratulates them on their marriage, and asks if they had any photos taken.  Barbara shows her the wedding photos.
Ivy Pruett , Benny, Reg and Alison Cotterill have breakfast at Stonebank Farm.  Ivy Pruett tells Alison that a friend of hers, Chris Hunter, came to call for her yesterday.  "Young men always want to know where their girlfriends live," says Ivy.  Alison tells her that she isn't Chris Hunter's girlfriend, that he is married.  "Married," says Reg Cotterill surprised. 
David Hunter telephones an airline to try and get a seat on Barbara's flight to Japan, and is told that there are no seats available, but that there may be a cancellation.  Meg joins David in the office.  "I'm going to Japan," David announces happily.  He tells Meg that Barbara is going on a promotional tour for her new book and she doesn't know that he is going as well.  Meg says he is lucky to get a seat and David says he hasn't actually got a booking yet.  A few moments later David receives a phone call from the airline to say that there has been a cancellation.
Chris Hunter comes into the office and David asks him if he could do him a favour and drive him into Birmingham.  Chris asks why and David tells him that he has to get some travellers cheques because he is going to Japan with Barbara.  David walks across the room to leave.  "Well, there's life in the old dog yet," laughs Chris.  David walks back to him and grabs him by the arm, dragging him out.  "Ooops," says Chris as David drags him to the door.  Meg laughs.
At the Coach House, Barbara Hunter packs her suitcase for her trip to Japan and Alison Cotterill helps her.  They hear a car pull up in the driveway and David and Chris rush into the house.  David rushes past Barbara and towards the bedroom, telling her on the way that he is going with her.  Barbara follows him and stands outside the bedroom door.  David stands close to her staring at her for a moment.  "Why are you looking at me like that?" asks Barbara.  "Because you're beautiful," David tells her.  Barbara closes her eyes, puckers her mouth and leans forward to kiss David.  David leans away from her, and she opens her eyes.  "Save it for the honeymoon," he says.
Barbara rejoins Chris Hunter and Alison Cotterill in the Coach House living room and wonders who is going to look after the house whilst she and David are away.  She asks Alison if she would mind living in whilst they are away and Alison says she will ask her uncle.  
Alison Cotterill rushes back to Stonebank Farm asks asks Reg Cotterill if she could stay at Mr and Mrs Hunter's house whilst they are away.  Reg says he doesn't like the idea very much, but Alison tells her that she has given her word.  "And you wouldn't want me to break my promise, would you uncle," says Alison.
At the motel David packs up some last minute work.  Meg joins him and wishes him a nice holiday.  David tells her that Barbara was a bit surprised when he told her he was going with her.  "Well, you did leave it a bit late," says Meg.  "I've left a lot of things a bit late.  I've got a lot to catch up on," says David.  Meg hugs him.  "Have a nice honeymoon," she says.  "No problem," smiles David and leaves.  A moment later the door opens again and David reappears.  "Meg, don't forget that booking in the conference room," he says.  "Oh go away," says Meg, laughing.
Benny joins Doris Luke in the motel staff room and she asks him how he is getting on.  Benny says it's not the same at Stonebank Farm and asks Doris to come back, but Doris says Reg Cotterill made it quite clear she wasn't welcome there. 
Chris Hunter goes to the Coach House and finds Alison Cotterill alone.  He tells her that David forgot to give him the spare set of keys to the house.  Alison says David didn't mention anything about keys, and Chris says in the rush he must have forgotten.  Chris tells Alison that he keeps some of his things at the house.  Chris spots the spare keys on the table, and picks them up.  Alison says she can't let him have the keys as she promised she would look after the house.  "What do you want, tea or coffee?" Alison asks Chris, as she holds her hand out for the keys.  "Tea please," says Chris, and hands back the keys to Alison. 
Diane Hunter asks Sharon Metcalfe if she has decided about the flat and Sharon says she can't really afford it.
Victor Lee goes to the prison to visit his brother Eddie.  Eddie Lee tells Victor that it's a condition of his parole that he has a job to go to when he gets out of prison.  He asks Victor if he could help him out with a job.
Jill Harvey tells Meg that a man called Philip Rogers phoned asking for her.  Jill notices Meg's amused look and Meg explains that she met Philip Rogers on the cruise.  She says it can't be very important so she will phone him later when she's not busy.  "You're not busy now," Jill tells her.
Meg telephones Philip Rogers and tells him that she thought they agreed they wouldn't contact each other.  Meg tells him that she wants it to end now, and puts the phone down.

1980 Episodes continued

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