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There is a knock on the door at the Coach House and David emerges from the bathroom with half of his face covered in shaving cream.  "Barbara," he calls.  Barbara joins him.  "That'll be Alison.  Will you answer it," says Barbara and wanders off.  David goes to the front door and opens the door to Alison Cotterill.  "Am I early?" she asks.  "No, we're late," replies David.
Barbara joins Alison and David in the hallway and Alison tells them that she will start cleaning the kitchen.  She walks away.  "I think Alison's having trouble walking," says David as he watches Alison totter off in her tight skirt.
Jill Harvey arrives at the motel and asks Sandy if Adam is about, but Sandy says he hasn't seen him.  Jill asks Sandy if he has heard that Adam's marriage to Miranda Pollard is off.  She says she found out last night just how much Adam cares.
Chris Hunter arrives at the Coach House where Alison Cotterill lets him in.  Chris asks her where his father and Barbara are and Alison tells him that Barbara has gone into town and Mr Hunter has gone to work.  Chris says that's a pity because he was supposed to be going into Birmingham with them.  He asks Alison if she would like to go into Birmingham with him but Alison says she has a lot of work to do. 
The phone at the Coach House rings and Chris answers it.  "No.  Mrs Hunter isn't here at the moment.  Yes...first of May...Tokyo...Yes, I'll give her the message," he says, and hangs up.  "She kept very quiet about that," says Chris and tells  Alison that that was Barbara's publisher on the phone confirming her flight to Japan.  
Chris Hunter notices what Alison is wearing and tells her that he likes the dress.  Alison looks at him surprised.  "Don't look so surprised.  That's what you wear it for isn't it?  Flash a leg and we come running," says Chris.  Alison runs into the other room.  "Have I said anything wrong?" asks Chris and he follows her into the kitchen.  He tells Alison that it was just a joke.
Doris Luke goes to Stonebank Farm and finds Ivy Pruett doing the cleaning.  Doris asks her what she is doing.  "You haven't had a chance to talk to Mr Cotterill?" asks Ivy Pruett.  She tells Doris that she is helping out.
David arrives at the office and answers the ringing phone.  The phone in the adjoining office starts to ring.  Jill Harvey comes into the office and David points to the other phone, which Jill answers.  Sandy joins them in the office and Jill asks where Adam Chance is.  David tells her that Adam has gone on his boat.  "That's terrible.  Clearing off for the day and leaving us to cope.  I'll give him a piece of my mind when I see him," says Jill.  "I am not talking about the day Jill.  He has gone, left us," David tells her.  "And what he doesn't seem to realise is he is letting people down," adds David.  David says it's not fair, especially on Barbara.  Jill looks at him and David reminds her that he is supposed to be on his honeymoon, and it's not Barbara's idea for him to spend it working.  Jill says Adam must have had a good reason for going, and David says he would like to know what it is.  "If you must know, it's because of me," says Jill, and rushes out.
Benny comes into the kitchen at Stonebank Farm and finds Doris Luke there.  He tells her that Reg Cotterill was going to explain to her about Ivy Pruett.  Doris says she understands perfectly well and he doesn't need to explain. 
Jill Harvey talks to Diane about Adam Chance and says maybe she should go after him, but Diane tells her that she doesn't think it's a very good idea. 
Chris Hunter talks to David in reception and says he thought he was on his honeymoon.  David explains that Adam Chance has left and he has got to work.  Chris tells him that whilst he was at the Coach House the airline rang to confirm Barbara's flight to Tokyo.  David tells Chris that Barbara has decided not to go.
At the Coach House Barbara takes a phone call from her publisher who tells her that there are some serial rights for her book.  Barbara tells him that she is very tempted.  David arrives at the Coach House and suggests that they eat out.  He tells her that Chris mentioned that the airline had called to confirm her flight to Tokyo and tells her that he is glad she isn't going.
Barbara kneels on the floor in front of David and tells him that something's come up.  She tells David that she has got the chance of an assignment in Japan, and journalism is something she has always wanted to do.  David reminds her that they made some promises when they married.  Barbara says she won't go and looks very disappointed.  She stands up and says they had better go if they are eating out.  David stands up and says that if she is going away then they had better spend as much time together as possible.  Barbara hugs him.  There is a knock at the door and David opens the door to Chris.  Chris asks if he is interupting anything.  David says yes and closes the door again.  "Oh let him in," says Barbara and David opens the door again.
Benny tells Reg Cotterilll that he is going to the Motel to talk to Doris Luke because she is very upset.  He tells Reg that he shouldn't have treated her like hid did, and Reg says he doesn't take orders from him.  Benny leaves and Ivy Pruett starts sobbing.  She says it's all her fault and she expects Reg wishes he had never set eyes on her.  Reg puts a hand on her shoulder and says he thinks nothing of the sort.
At the coach house David, Barbara and Chris drink wine.  Chris, a little worse for drink, says he had better call a taxi to get back to the Motel.  He stands up but then sits straight down again.  David tells him that he had better stay the night, and Barbara says she will get some blankets.  She asks David to get some pillows and they both leave the living room.  When David and Barbara return to the living room they find Chris lying across the settee, asleep, with his mouth open.  "Almost angelic isn't he," says Barbara, looking at Chris.  "That's how I used to like him as a child.  Mouth open but silent," says David.  
Ivy Pruett has a cup of tea at Stonebank Farm and apologises to Reg Cotterill for being silly. 
The following morning at the Coach House Chris Hunter joins David and Barbara in the living room wearing his father's dressing gown.  The arms overlap by about six inches.  David leaves for work.
Diane Hunter and Doris Luke have a cup of tea in the motel staff room.  benny joins them and tells Doris that Reg Cotterill is very sorry that he upset her.  Diane asks what's going on and Doris explains about Ivy Pruett.
Alison arrives at the Coach House and finds Chris Hunter there alone.  Chris apologises if he upset her the other day when they met.
Benny arrives back at Stonebank Farm and apologises to Reg Cotterill for being late but says that he was talking to Doris Luke.  He tells Reg that he apologises to her and Reg says if he apologises to anyone it should be to Ivy Pruett.  At that moment Ivy Pruett comes in and Reg nudges Benny, asking him if he has something to say to Mrs Pruett.  Benny mutters an apology.

1980 Episodes continued

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