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At the Brownlow's house Gilbert Latham sets up his camera equipment.  Kath, dressed in her wedding outfit, sits on the settee, and Gilbert takes some photos.  He tells Kath that he wishes he could make her cry, because that's the classic pose for the mother of the bride.  Kath tells Gilbert Latham that she has some smelling salts, and they always make her cry.  She goes to fetch them and takes a good sniff.  Gilbert Latham takes some photos of Kath dabbing her eyes with a handkerchief. 

Arthur Brownlow comes into the room and asks Kath why she is crying.  Kath explains that Gilbert Latham wants some photos of her crying and she thought the smelling salts would work.  "We're going to miss you Gilbert," says Arthur.  "What?" asks Kath.  "When you go," says Arthur.  Arthur says Glenda and Kevin haven't found anywhere to live so if they move in they will be a bit pushed for room.  Gilbert Latham says he understands.  He packs up his camera equipment and goes upstairs.

Once Gilbert Latham has left the room Kath Brownlow asks Arthur what he had to go and do that for.  She says Gilbert is considerate and interesting.  "You're jealous," says Kath.  "Well I never thought I'd see the day," she adds.

Pat Grogan and Seamus Flynn arrive at Stoonebank Farm and Benny tries to get rid of them before Doris Luke arrives.  Benny looks out the door and tells Seamus and Pat that Doris Luke is coming down the path.  He pushes Pat and Seamus upstairs and tells them not to come downstairs until Doris has left. 

Doris Luke tells benny that Mrs Mortimer has allowed him to stay and Stonebank Farm and work the farm. 

Oliver Banks tells Kevin that he should have told them about Arthur Brownlow being charged with assault.  Kevin says Arthur was innocent.  He tells Oliver that he saw the way Glenda and Kath stood by Arthur and he was prode to be on their side.

Barbara Hunter joins David in the motel office.  David tells Barbara that he going to the recording studio to check on something.  Barbara reminds him of the time and David says she can occupy herself for fifteen minutes.  Barbara tells David that she thought they might round the evening off with one of her Iris coffees.  She tells David that she gets the impression that he is happier at work then he is at home.  David says he has a lot of work to do.  "And I don't want one of your Iris coffees," shouts David.  Meg comes into the office and apologises for interupting.

Benny goes to see Diane Hunter at her flat and tells her that Seamus Flynn and Pat Grogan have turned up at Stonebank Farm.

Doris Luke asks Diane Hunter if there is anything she should know about benny because he is acting very strangely.  Diane tells Doris that Seamus Flynn and Pat Grogan have turned up at Stonebank Farm and are making a nuisance of themselves.

Doris Luke goes to Stonebank Farm and asks Seamus Flynn and Pat Grogan how long they have been here.  Seamus tells her it's none of her business. 

David Hunter tells Meg about the alterations to the cellar.  He says there is also the matter of Johnny Keller's bill.  Meg suggests that Chris moves into the same chalet as Chris.  David asks Meg if Barbara suggested this and Meg says no, it is her idea and she thinks he should act on it.  Meg says the other evening when she came into the office he and Barbara were having an argument, and it wasn't the first.  She tells David that Chris is the cause.  "I know, it's none of my business but you're my friend," says Meg.  "You're absolutely right," says David.  "It is none of your business," shouts David.  "And I'd be obliged if you'd remember that," he says and walks out.

Later David listens to some music in the office, and Barbara comes in.  David asks her if Meg spoke to her about Chris moving in with Johnny Keller.  Barbara says she hadn't thought of that.  David says he doesn't like their affairs being public knowledge.  Barbara tells David that she thinks it would be better if she didn't work at the motel for a while.

Diane Hunter telephones Frank and asks him if it had to occur to him that they might get married, after all they are Nicky's natural parents.

Kate Loring comes into reception.  Adam Chance who is on duty at the reception desk, recognises her.  Kate Loring tells Adam that she has an appointment to see Johnny Keller, so Adam directs her to the recording studio.

In the studio Kate Loring sings 'More than in Love.' 

Becky Foster comes into reception dressed in a smart outfit and Chris Hunter asks her where she is going.  Becky tells him that she is going to Glenda and Kevin's wedding reception.

Later Chris see's Diane and asks him if he could borrow a key to her flat because he wants to borrow some records.  Diane gives him a key.

Chris telephones Kate Loring and tells her that he has to talk to her about publicity.  Kate asks him where he wants to meet her and Chris gives her the address of Becky and Diane's flat.

Kevin Banks gets ready for his wedding.

At the Brownlow's home Glenda comes into the living room in her wedding dress.  Arthur looks at her with pride, and tells her that she has been very precious to them.

Kate Loring arrives at Becky and Daine's flat and finds Chris Hunter there.  Chris sits next to her on the settee and tells her that he thinks she is lovely.  Kate Loring tells Chris that he is all ego, 100% pure pig.  She kisses him.

At the village church the car carrying Glenda and Arthur Brownlow arrive.  Gilbert Latham sets up his camera equipment.  Once inside the church Glenda walks down the aisle on her father's arm.

Following the wedding service Glibert Latham takes photos of all the family. 

The guests arrive at the Brownlow's house where Arthur Brownlow makes a speech.  He says he has never seen Glenda so happy and says Kevin will make a good husband.  He says he is proud to welcome Kevin into the family, and that also goes for Mr and Mrs Banks. 

At Becky and Diane's flat Chris and Kate Loring kiss.  Becky Foster opens the door and see's them.  Kate Loring notices Becky standing at the door and breaks away from Chris.  She says she thinks she had better be going.  She says goodbye to becky on the way out.

Chris Hunter tells Becky Foster that it didn't mean anything.  He puts a hand on Becky's shoulder but Becky brushes it off.   





1981 Episodes continued

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