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Outside the Brownlow's home Arthur, Kath, Oliver, Sally and the other guests see Glenda and Kevin off on their honeymoon.  Arthur Browlow points to the GB on the back of the car.  "It's even got her initials, Glenda Brownlow," jokes Arthur.  "Banks," Oliver Banks reminds him.
Benny returns to Stonebank Farm and finds Seamus Flynn and Pat Grogan moving furniture into the farm.  He asks them what they are doing and Seamus tells him they are protecting their rights.  "Rights?" questions Benny.  "Squatters rights," answers Seamus. 
Adam Chance notices Kate Loring in reception, looking a bit down.  He says it's his afternoon off and asks her if she would like to come for a trip on his boat.  Kate Loring accepts his invitation.
Chris Hunter see's Meg on reception and asks her if there are any messages for him, and Meg says no.  Chris tells Meg that he was supposed to be meeting Kate Loring here.  Meg tells him that Kate Loring left a short while ago.  "Was she on her own?" asks Chris.  "No actually she was with Adam.  Does that upset you?" asks Meg with a slight smile of satisfaction.  "No," says Chris.
Meg gives Diane Hunter a message from a Mr Segal.  Diane, puzzled, says she doesn't know anyone called Segal.  She suddenly remembers that he is the American lawyer who is sorting out Frank's divorce.
Doris Luke arrives at Stonebank Farm and Seamus tells her that he and Pat have taken up residence and they aren't moving.  Doris threatens to call the police.  Seamus Flynn tells Benny that he didn't think he would want to see the police so soon.  Doris Luke asks Benny what he has to fear from the police.  Seamus Flynn tells her that Benny was making a nuisance of himself in public.  Doris Luke asks Benny if the police took his name and Benny says no.
Diane Hunter tells Jill Harvey that Ray Segal is am American lawyer.
Johnny Keller tells Chris Hunter that he has a group called 'The Formen' coming tomorrow.  He asks Chris about the money, his half of the 10,000 which he is still waiting for.
Pat Grogan tells Benny that he hasn't got a rent book so he isn't a tenant and he hasn't got any more right to be at Stonebank Farm than they have.
Becky Foster meets Chris Hunter in reception and Chris tries to talk to her.  He tells her that he is sorry.  "I'll meet you later," says Chris.  "Oh no you won't," says Diane Hunter. coming into reception.  She tells Becky to go home.
Diane Hunter asks Chris for the key to her flat back, and warns him to stay away from the flat.
Kate Loring and Adam Chance come back to the motel after their outing.  Johnny Keller asks Kate Loring where she has been as he has been trying to contact her all day.  He reminds her that she is under sontract.
Doris Luke tells Meg that Seamus Flynn and Pat Grogan have taken up residence at Stonebank Farm and are refusing to move out.  Meg tells Doris that the trouble is they have certain rights.  Meg says if they had a tenant at Stonebank Farm then it would be different.  "You," says Meg, looking at Doris Luke.  Doris tells Meg that she already has a room.  Meg says they need someone reliable, so Doris Luke agrees to stay at Stonebank Farm. 
Johnny Keller tells Kate Loring that she will have to be in the studio the day after tomorrow.  Kate tells him that she has plans and Johnny Keller tells her that she will have to cancel them.  Kate tells Johnny Keller that she has some right to a private life.  "Work first, private life later," Johnny Keller tells her.  Kate Loring says alright.  "But you'd better tell your partner that," says Kate Loring, as she passes Chris Hunter on the way out.
Johnny Keller asks Chris Hunter what Kate Loring meant by that, and he guesses that Kate was with Chris today.  Chris tells Johnny Keller that he had to see Kate about publicity.  "We are in business to make money not to pull birds.  From now on it's work, work, work," says Johnny Keller.  "So I'm beautiful.  What can I do about it," says Chris.  "Grow up.  Grow up fast otherwise you're out," warns Johnny Keller.
Kath Brownlow tells Arthur that she promised Iris Scott that she would be in court.  Arthur says he missed out on promotion because of Iris.  He tells Kath that she can go but he doesn't want to hear another word about it.
Meg tells Diane Hunter that she is going to lie down because she can feel a migraine coming on.  She crosses the reception area but stops when she see's four punk rockers coming into the motel.  Meg goes over to them and one of them introduces himself as Danny Fielding.  He tells Meg that they are here to record a few songs.  Chris Hunter comes into reception and Meg tells him that she has got a migraine and is going to the office to lie down.      
Chris Hunter tells Danny Fielding that they will start the recording session pretty soon.  Danny Fielding see's a waitress walking across reception carrying a tray.  Chris tells the waitress that the tray is for Mrs Mortimer.  Danny Fielding takes the tray from the waitress and tells her that he will take the tray through to Mrs Mortimer.  "I want a word with her anyway," he says and walks off with the tray towards the private wing of the motel.
Meg is in the office sitting on the settee.  The door opens and Danny Fielding comes in carrying the tray.  "Where do you want your tea darlin'?" asks Danny Fielding.  Meg looks up at him, astonished.  "Shall I pour?" asks Danny Fielding, and pours Meg some tea.  He tells Meg that he happens to be an expert on migraines, his mother is a sufferer and he has a special recipe to help ease it.  Meg asks him what his mother does and Danny Fielding tells her that she is a head teacher.  Meg looks slightly surprised.  She asks Danny what his father does and Danny says he is a chartered surveyor.
Marion Owen and Kath Brownlow attend Iris Scott's trial.  Iris Scott wait anxiously for the verdict.  "Iris Scott.  You have been charged with wasting police time.  In your case this charge is very serious indeed," says the judge.  The judge tells Iris Scott that she blackened someone's character and it was premeditated.  He tells Iris that he is sending her to prison for three monehts.

1981 Episodes continued

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