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Jill Harvey goes to Diane Hunter's flat for dinner.  Diane receives a phone call from Frank.  After she has finished speaking to him Diane tells Jill that Frank and his wife are going through with their divorce.  Jill tells Diane that she is Nicky's mother and asks Diane if she could bring Nicky to England.  Diane says Frank and his wife adopted Nicky when they got married so Franks wife is Nickey's mother in the eyes of the law.
Meg tells Marion Owen that Glenda Brownlow has decided not to hold her and Kevin's wedding reception at the motel, and says she thinks it might be because of the cost.  Meg asks Marion to tell Kath and Arthur Brownlow that they can pay so much a month if they prefer.
Marion Owen goes to the Brownlow's house and Glenda tells her that they have decided to have the reception at home because it's too expensive to have it at the motel.  Marion Owen tells her that she heard that you could pay so much a month, but Glenda says her father wouldn't want that, he likes to pay for everything up front. 
Johnny Keller meets Chris Hunter and Becky Foster in the motel reception and tells them that a singer, Kate Loring, is appearing at a night club in Birmingham.  He says he is interested in signing her.
At the night club Becky Foster, Chris Hunter and Johnny Keller watch Kate Loring perform.  She finishes her act with a song called 'More than in Love.'  When she comes offstage Kate joins Johnny Keller, Chris Hunter and Becky Foster, and says she heard they wanted to talk to her.  She tells them that she will go and get changed and will see them afterwards.  "Don't be too long," says Chris, following her with his eyes.  Becky Foster looks at him.  "When she comes back, remember you're with me," she tells Chris.  "Yeah of course.  Don't worry Becky," says Chris.
Becky Foster, Chris Hunter and Johnny Keller sit down at one of the tables in the night club and Kate Loring joins them.  Johnny Keller tells Kate Loring that he would like to record the song 'More than in Love.' 
Later, Chris Hunter and Becky Foster return to Diane's flat.  Chris tells Diane that El Dorado records have signed their first contract, Kate Loring.  Chris Hunter leaves.  Diane asks Becky Foster if it is true about Kate Loring and Becky says yes.  She tells Diane that Kate Loring is very nice.  "I hope she's not too nice," says Diane.  Becky asks her what she means.  "Well if you don't know Chris by now you never will," says Diane.
Gilbert latham helps Kath Brownlow clean some brass at the Brownlow home.  There is a ring at the door and Kath looks out of the window to see who it is.  She tells Gilbert Latham that it's the Banks'.  She says she will have to go and change.  Gilbert Latham answers the door and takes Oliver and Sally Banks into the living room.  They put the wedding presents on the table.
Sally Banks asks Gilbert Latham if the Brownlow's are in and Gilbert tells her that Kath is, but Arthur isn't.  Oliver Banks looks at the frilly overall Gilbert Latham is wearing.  Gilbert looks down and laughs.  Kath Brownlow comes baack downstairs and Oliver Banks asks Gilbert Latham where he lives.  Gilbert tells him that he lives with the Brownlow's.
Benny returns to Stonebank Farm and calls out for Reg Cotterill.  Doris Luke comes downstairs and Benny asks her where everyone is.  Doris tells him that Alison has gone on a nursing course and Reg Cotterill has gone to be with her. 
Kath Brownlow tells Oliver and Sally Banks that they are having the wedding reception at home.  The telephone rings and Kath answers it.  After she puts the phone down, Kath tells Oliver and Sally Banks that was Iris Scott, her niece, phoning from London.  Kath leaves the room to make the tea.  Oliver Banks asks Gilbert Latham if Iris Scott is the one who was staying at Marion Owen's house, and Gilbert says yes he thinks so.  He tells the Banks' that he has only heard talk of Iris Scott.  "Who hasn't heard of Iris," says Gilbert Latham, jokingly.  Oliver Banks looks at him and then at Sally.
Gilbert Latham asks Kath Brownlow if he can take a photo of her in her wedding outfit.  The photo session is in full swing when Arthur Brownlow arrives home.  "Hello Arthur.  Didn't hear you come in," says Kath.  "No I'm sure," says Arthur.  Kath tells Arthur that Iris Scott telephoned and she is due to appear in court two days before Glenda and Kevin's wedding.  She tells him that Iris asked if they could write a letter to the court saying that she insn't all bad.  Arthur says he will never forget what she did to him and he won't write any letter of recommendation.
Doris Luke arrives at the motel and talks to Glenda Brownlow.  Doris tells her that Benny turned up at Stonebank Farm and thought his old job would be waiting for him.  She says she is going to talk to Mrs Mortimer about an idea she has.
Meg joins Barbara Hunter in the office and tells Barbara that David is in the cellar.  Meg tells Barbara that it couldn't have been easy for her over the last couple of weeks with Chris staying at the Coach House.  Meg tells Barbara that sometimes the best thing to do is count to ten and not say anything.  Barbara tells Meg that she is way past ten and about to explode.  David, coming into the adjoining office, overhears their conversation.  Meg leaves the office.  David tells Barbara that he knew Chris's name could have to come into the conversation.  He tells her that she is complicating an already complicated matter and she is hardly in a position to criticise. 
Doris Luke goes to see Meg and tells her that Benny is back at Stonebank Farm.  She tells Meg that Benny could keep the farm running, and Meg says it would be good for the motel if he could.  Doris says Meg would obviously want to speak to Mr Hunter first, and Meg says she thinks she can talk for Mr Hunter.
Sally and Oliver Banks sit in the motel reception.  Oliver tells Sally that Arthur Brownlow and his family are going to be more of a social handicap then he thought.  He tells Sally that Arthur has been in court on a charge of indecent assault.  Sally looks at him.  Oliver tells her that Arthur was charged with assault on his niece Iris Scott.  "The whole family is rotten to the core if you ask me," says Oliver.
Marion Owen joins Sally and Oliver Banks in the motel reception and Oliver asks her about the assault charge against Arthur Brownlow.  Marion tells him them that Arthur was innocent and it was all a fabrication on Iris Scott's part.

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