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Alison Cotterill arrives back at Stonebank Farm and Reg tells her that Ivy Pruett is coming to tea tomorrow.  He asks Alison if she could bake a cake, but Alison says she won't have time.
Barbara Hunter goes to the motel and finds Chris Hunter in the sittting room.  She asks him if he knows where David is and Chris says he isn't far.  Barbara asks Chris what he is doing this evening and asks him to come to dinner.  Chris thanks her and accepts. 
David Hunter joins Barbara and Chris in the sitting room.  "Barbara," he says in surprise.  "You remembered," says Barbara.  "I did try and phone you but there was a fault on the line," David tells her.  "Hummm," mutters Barbara.  "I did report it," says David.  Chris Hunter excuses himself.  "Now I want a good clean fight.  No sharp intruments and no hair pulling," says Chris and leaves the room.  "See you tonight," says Barbara as he leaves.  "Tonight?" asks David, and Barbara tells him that she has invited Chris to dinner.  "Did you have to ask him tonight?" asks David.  "Why not?" asks Barbara.  "Well it is our honeymoon," says David.  "You wouldn't know it," says Barbara, walking to the door.  "Just don't leave me on my own the morning after the night before.  What sort of wife do you think I am," says Barbara.
Adam Chance contacts his lawyers to check on a rival company, P.A.F. International.
Jill Harvey joins Adam Chance in the office and he tells her that he wedding to Miranda Pollard is off.  Jill says she is sorry but Adam says he knows she isn't really sorry.  Jill tells him that if he is in need of company he can join her at Chimeny's for dinner.  She tells him that he can move back to Chimney's if he wants.
Adam Chance receives some information about P.A.F. International and discovers that the company is run by Arnold Francome who is J. Henry Pollard's business partner.
Doris Luke arrives at Stonebank Farm and Reg Cotterill asks her if she could bake a cake because Ivy Pruett is coming to tea.  Doris says she will bake a sponge.  "Nothing but the best for Mrs Pruett," says Doris, and Reg nods in agreement.  A short time later, Ivy Pruett arrives at Stonebank.  Doris Luke takes her sponge cake out of the oven and places it on the window sill to cool. 
Adam Chance talks to J. Henry Pollard and tells him that he has found out who is behind P.A.F. International.  "Arnold Francome has been giving us the run ar ound," says Adam.  "Not us Adam, you," says J. Henry Pollard.  Adam tells J. Henry that he has put 60,000 into this project, and J. Henry offers to give him 45,000 back.  Adam tells him to make it 55,000, so J. Henry makes out a cheque 
At Stonebank Farm Benny, Reg Cotterill, Doris Luke and Ivy Pruett sit down at the table to eat dinner.  Benny looks up to see his goat munching away at Doris Luke's cake which is siiting on the window sill near the open window.  He tries unsuccessfully to catch Doris Luke's attention, so he excuses himself from the table telling everyone that he has a lot of work to do.  A few moments later Doris Luke goes to fetch her cake, but finds the cooling rack and no cake.  Doris excuses herself and says she is on duty at the Motel, and she leaves.  When she has gone Ivy Pruett tells Reg Cotterill that Doris works too hard.  She tells Reg Cotterill that she will come and help out for no payment.  "So why don't you give Miss Luke a rest and take me on instead," suggests Ivy.   
At the Coach House, Alison Cotterill helps Barbara with the housework.  There is a knock at the door and Barbara lets Chris Hunter in.  Barbara introduces Chris to Alison.  Barbara tells Alison that she can go now.  "Nice meeting you Mr Hunter," says Alison before leaving.  "Chris," says Chris, and Alison leaves.
Adam Chance says goodbye to Miranda Pollard before she leaves the motel with J. Henry. 
Alison Cotterill arrives home at Stonebank Farm and Benny tells her about his goat eating Doris Luke's cake.  Alison asks Benny if he knows Chris Hunter and Benny says not very well.  "I think he's nice," says Alison.
At the Coach House David, Barbara and Chris have a meal together.
Reg Cotterill asks Alison why she is later than usual and Alison tells him that David and Barbara had a guest, Mr Hunter's son Chris.  "Do you know him?" she asks, and Reg says he doesn't.  "He seems very nice," says Alison.  "Well he would be, being Mr Hunter's son.  Bought up like a gentleman," says Reg.  Reg tells Alison that Ivy Pruett said that Doris Luke was working too hard.  He says he reckons they can do without Miss Luke.  "Uncle!" exclaims Alison.
Chris Hunter prepares to leave the Coach House and Barbara tells him that he is welcome anytime.  "Well, back to your honeymoon," Chris tells her, and leaves.
Alison Cotterill tells Benny that Reg is thinking of telling Doris Luke not to come to help out at Stonebank anymore.  Benny says that isn't fair.  Reg Cotterill comes into the room and Alison tells him that she will give up her job if he wants.  Reg says he wouldn't want her to do that.  Alison asks Reg how they are going to cope, and Reg tells her that Ivy Pruett has offered to help them out for nothing.
Adam Chance goes to Chimney's to have dinner with Jill Harvey.  Jill tells him that she cares about what he thinks of her, and Adam says he appreciates her for being there.  "You just said some very nice things.  It's my turn to say thank you," says Jilll and kisses Adam on the cheek.  Jill pours him a drink but Adam says he shouldn't as he is driving.  Jill tells him there is no need for him to go and she will get his old room ready for him.  She says she will just go and heat the room.
As soon as Jill has left the room Adam takes a pen from his pocket and scribbles a note on the back of an envelope.  He then leaves the house.  Jill comes back downstairs a few moments later.  "Adam, I...," she says and stops when she see's the room empty.  She finds the note on the table.  "Sorry.  I couldn't trust myself, Adam," she reads.
At the Coach House David Hunter bends down to pick up the morning mail.  He picks up the letter and is about to walk away, when another single letter falls through the letter box.  He bends to pick that up and is just about to stand up when another letter falls through.  He bends and picks it up and this time he waits.  After a few moments he stands up and is about to walk away when another letter drops through the letter box.  He walks into the living room and sits on the settee. 
Barbara joins him in the living room and kisses him cheerfully.  David follows Barbara into the kitchen, opening a letter.  Barbara takes the letter from him.  "That's mine," says Barbara.  David tells her that he didn't sleep very well last night.  He says she got up in the middle of the night and woke him up.  Barbara tells him that she often gets the best ideas for her books in the middle of the night.  "You know, you really look terrible when you haven't had any sleep," Barbara tells him.  "Oh thank you," says David.
Jill Harvey phones Sandy from Chimney's and asks to speak to Adam Chance.  Sandy tells him that he hasn't seen him.
Alison Cotterill comes downstairs at Stonebank Farm wearing a lilac dress with a wide black belt and a split up the back of the dress.  "Alison.  You dress is torn," Benny tells her quietly.  "Don't be silly Benny.  It's supposed to be like that," laughs Alison.  Reg Cotterill looks at Alison and asks her what she is wearing.  "It's my new dress," she says.  "Do you like it uncle?" she asks.  Reg tells her that he doesn't like it and tells her to go and put on something decent.  Alison says it's the first thing she has been able to buy with her own money and she is wearing it.  She leaves the farm.  "Alison!" shouts Reg.

1980 Episodes continued

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