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Chris Hunter takes Rosemary back to the sanitorium.  "You go back to the motel, I'll be alright," she tells Chris.  "Do you want your knitting?" asks Chris.  "No," replies Rosemary.  "Do you want me to go?" Chris asks Rosemary.  "You've spent more than enough time with me already.  I expect there'll be a reception.  Champagne, dancing perhaps.  One thing.  You won't tell him will you...them, that I was there," says Rosemary.  "No I won't," promises Chris.  "I could see how happy they were.  I wouldn't want to upset them.  That's the truth," says Rosemary.   

Adam Chance joins Jill in the sitting room and Jill tells him that she talked to Chris Hunter earlier and he said it was all a mistake.  Jill apologises.  "Well, I thought  it all went off well, the wedding.  Didn't you," says Jill and Adam nods.  "They looked happy and radient and excited.  Everything you should look when you get married," says Jill.  "It's your turn next.  Have you fixed the date?" she asks Adam.  "No," replies Adam.  "I thought it had all been decided," says Jill.  "it's a big step Jill, and before I take it I've gor to be sure that everything is right, and at the moment there is a little bit of doubt," Adam tells Jill.  "What's that?" asks Jill.  "A thing called certainty," says Adam.

Doris Luke helps Alison Cotterill at Stonebank Farm, and they talk about David and Barbara's wedding.  "You missed a treat I can tell you," says Doris.  "I got there in time to see them come out of church, and when they drove away in that carriage and pair, well, it was just like something out of a story book," says Doris.  "Carriage and Pair.  Do you mean they had horses.  Oh," says Alison.  "Surprise for Mrs Hunter," Doris tells her.  "Oh," says Alison in amazement.

Reg Cotterill arrives back at Stonebank Farm from his bible class.  "Did you have a nice meeting?" asks Benny.  "First class," replies Reg.  "Well, you'll never guess who was there tonight.  It's a small world," continued Reg Cotterill.  "Who was that then?" asks Alison.  "Mrs Pruett.  Yes, she said I was in for a surprise and she was right to.  I never even knew she was a member of the chapel," says Reg.  "No, I don't suppose she did till half an hour ago," mutters Doris Luke.  "What was that?" asks Reg.  "I said what a coincidence," says Doris.  "Yes, and a very pleasant one to.  No doubt we shall be seeing her there reularly from now on," says Reg.  "Umm, I don't doubt it," says Doris.  "I don't doubt it at all," she says.  

David and Barbara Hunter prepare to leave their wedding reception.  "Home?" asks Adam.  "Horse drawn carriage?" he asks.  "I was hoping for something a little faster," says Barbara.  "I've arranged for that as well," David tells her.  They move towards the door to leave just as Chris Hunter walks in.  "Have I missed the celebration?" he asks.  "What kept you?" asks Barbara.  "Well you know how it is.  I stopped off at the pub and started drinking your health," says Chris.  "Anything wrong?" David asks him.  "No, of course not.  I've been running late since this morning," says Chris.  "Better late than never," says Barbara.  "Yes, and in time to kiss the bride," says Chris and kisses Barbara.  He turns to David.  "Congratulations Dad," he says and shakes David's hand.  "Thank you," says David.  "Good luck," says Chris.  David looks at his son, and then hugs him.  David and Barbara leave.

Chris Hunter wanders over to the reception desk.  "Well that's that," he says to Diane.  "You were missed you know.  Trust you to go missing for your fathers reception," says Diane.  "He didn't come to ours," says Chris.  "Ours was not a proper wedding," Diane reminds him.  "Yes it was.  Just that the wedding night didn't work out," says Chris. 

Episode 3295 April 1980

See Dvd Volume 3

Adam Chance takes Miranda into the sitting room.  "You know what daddy said earlier about us getting married.  You know we should have made it a double wedding.  Off on some blissful honeymoon, just you and me.  What we need to do is fix the date and then we've got something positive to work towards," says Miranda.  "No date, because it's not going to happen," says Adam.  "You mean no wedding," says Miranda.  "Yes, it's time to call the whole thing off," says Adam.  Adam tells Miranda that it would be a disaster.

The following morning at the Coach House Barbara Hunter, still in dressing gown, gets up and goes into the kitchen.  A few moments later David joins her.  Barbara prepares some coffee whilst David watches her from the other side of the kitchen.  "Come here," says Barbara and David walks over to her.  He puts his hands on his shoulders and she ruffles his hair.  Barbara turns around and switches on the coffee grinder which makes a loud noise.  "Oh gawd," says David.  "How about taking the coffee into the bedroom," he suggests.  Barbara tells him that he musn't expect to get breakfast in bed.  "Forget the coffee," says David and they walk out of the kitchen together.

Miranda Pollard joins Adam Chance in the motel reception.  She asks Adam if it will ruin everything for him if J. Henry pulls out of the deal, and Adam says yes.  Miranda tells Adam that they can wait until everything is signed before telling J. Henry that the wedding is off, but Adam says no, it's best to tell him and see what happens.  

J. Henry Pollard comes into reception and Adam Chance tells Miranda that he will see her later.  J. Henry and Miranda Pollars sit together in reception.  Miranda tells her father that the wedding is off.

David and Barbara have breakfast at the Coach House, and David tells her that he thinks he wil go into the motel later.  Barbara says surely not the day after his wedding.  She says everyone will make jokes about his wedding night and he will cringe with embarrassment.  There is a knock at the door and Barabara lets Alison Cotterill in.  "Good morning Mrs Hunter, Mr Hunter.  I hope you enjoyed your first night here," says Alison.  David laughs into his serviette whilst Barbara hurriedly takes Alison into the kitchen. 

J. Henry Pollard talks to Adam Chance about his reasons for calling off his wedding to Miranda.  Adam tells him that it would have been a mistake.  He asks J. Henry Pollard what will happen now with their business deal, and J. Henry says it might make a difference. 

David Hunter joins Adam Chance in the office and notices that Adam is preoccupied.  "Feeling a bit down?" asks David.  "Down.  I feel as if a big weight has been lifted," Adam tells him.

Alison Cotterill prepares dinner for David and Barbara Hunter.  Barbara wonders why David isn't home yet, and tells Alison that she might as well go home.  Barbara picks up the phone to phone the motel but then decides against making the call.  She begins to eat her meal alone.

At the motel David joins Chris in the sitting room.  He tells Chris that Adam told him that he found Chris and Miranda Pollard together, and tells him that Miranda and Adam's engagement is off. 


1980 Episodes continued

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