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Adam Chance meets Jill Harvey in the motel sitting room and she is surprised and pleased to see him.  He tells Jill that the reception from Meg was cool.  "I'm glad you don't mind me being back," says Adam.  "On the contrary.  We need you," says Jill. 
Sister Catherine arrives at Stonebank Farm and tells Reg Cotterill that she has a message for Alison.  Reg tells her that Alison isn't in.  Benny comes into the room and Sister Catherine asks him if he would pass a mesaage onto Alison.  "Now wait a minute," says Reg, and warns Sister Catherine not to take advantage of Benny.  Sister Catherine leaves. 
Benny asks Reg Cotterill what he meant by telling the Sister not to take advantage of him.  Reg tells him that it's just he is good natured.  "You mean I'm not as clever as everyone else," says Benny.  Benny says it isn't going to be the same if Alison leaves, that Reg will be shouting at him all the time.  Benny tells Reg that he would like to go and see his gran.  "Are you quitting?" asks Reg.  "Yes," replies Benny.
Tom Peterson asks Rita Hughes to dinner and then leaves the reception area to get changed.  Jill Harvey, on duty at reception, receives a phone call for Tom Peterson and asks Rita if she should put it through to Tom's chalet.  Rita says no, she will take the call.  Rita Hughes takes the phone from Jill.  "No I'm afraid he won't be able to do that Mr Jackson.  He has a prior engagement tonight," says Rita Hughes, and puts the phone down. 
Shortly after Tom Peterson returns to reception and tells Rita that he has to make a phone call to Mr Jackson.  Rita tells him that Mr jackson rang half an hour ago and she told him he was busy.  Tom tells Rita that she has no right to do that.  "There's only one thing I want.  Get the hell out of my life!" shouts Tom Peterson, and walks out.
Kath Brownlow receives a phone call from the welfare officer to say that they have found Iris Scott, but they will have to hold an enquiry.
Reg Cotterill tells Benny that he has been a good friend to Alison and she might listen to him if he talks to her.  Benny tells Reg Cotterill that it won't make any difference.  Benny says he wonders if Alison will think of Leonard Hobson when she is in the convent and Reg says Leonard Hobson wasn't up to much.  "But she loved him didn't she," says Benny.  Reg remembers that Leonard Hobson went to work at a hospital in Devon and there can't be that many hospital's in Devon.  Benny tells Reg Cotterill that he will stay and try and make Alison change her mind. 
Arthur Brownlow tells Kath that he doesn't like the thought of an enquiry.  Iris Scott returns to the Brownlow's house.  Glenda tells Iris that she is glad to see her.  "You were wishing me dead a week ago," says Iris.  Glenda says that's not true.
At Chimney's Jill Harvey, Adam Chance and Rita Hughes have dinner.  Rita Hughes tells Jill and Adam that she is a shorthand typist.  "Are you good?" asks Adam.  "Very good," replies Rita Hughes.  "You know all I've been getting from Sandy is complaints about the bad secretaries the motel gets," says Adam. 
Kevin Banks arrives at the Brownlow's house and asks Iris Scott how she is.  Kevin asks Glenda to come out for a drink but Glenda refuses.  Iris Scott tells Glenda to stop being silly and go, so Glenda gets her coat.
Adam Chance takes Rita Hughes into the motel sitting room and tells Sandy that he has found the answer to the mote's secretarial problems.  He tells Sandy that Rita Hughes is an excellent secretary.
Kath Brownlow talks to Iris Scott and Iris tells her that she didn't want to cause them any trouble.  Kath says she imagined all sorts of things.  Iris tells her that she will just wait and see what happens, and kath asks her what she means.  "Something will happen soo," says Iris. 
At the pub, Glenda Brownlow and Kevin Banks have a drink.  Kevin says now that Iris Scott is back they should talk properly.  Kevin tells Glenda that it doesn't change the way he feels about her.  Glenda says she can't accept what happened, she has tried but she can't stop thinking about it.
Alison Cotterill arrives home to Stonebank and Reg tells her that Sister Catherine called earlier and she has fixed an appointment for Alison to see the Mother Superior.  Reg tells Alison that Benny is leaving.  Alison calls Benny and says her uncle said he was leaving.  She tells Benny that she will miss him, and kisses Benny on the cheek. 
Iris Scott eagerly opens a letter which arrives for her at the Brownlow's house.  Glenda asks her if she is going into work at the motel and Iris says no.  Kath Brownlow tells Iris that she will talk to Mrs Mortimer and tell her that Iris is taking some time off.  Iris tells Kath that she is never going back to work at the motel, that she has something else in mind. 
Marion Owen goes to see Iris Scott and Iris tells her that it's her birthday.  She tells Marion Owen that she is going away and tells her that she saw an advert asking for someone to look after children and do some housework for a family living in London.  She tells Marion that she has just received a letter offering her the job on a month's trial.  She says her grandmother left her 140 and that will be enough to get her to London.
Kath Brownlow gives Iris 5 and wishes her a happy birthday.  She bids goodbye to Iris and tells her that there will always be a home for her here.  Arthur Brownlow hoots the car horn from outside the house.  "Okay, hold on," says Iris.

1980 Episodes continued

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