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Doris Luke goes to Stonebank Farm and says goodbye to Benny.
Meg tells Rita Hughes what her duties will be as secretary.  Jill asks Rita how her typing is and Rita tells her it's fairly good.  Jill tells her that with the typewriter they have you need a touch as light as a feather.  "You type?" Rita Hughes asks Jill.  "Oh yes.  Jill's a fully trained secretary," Meg tells her. 
Meg shows Rita Hughes what to do on reception duty.  Tom Peterson comes into reception and Rita Hughes gives him his chalet key.  Tom Peterson goes into the office and asks Jill Harvey whose idea it was to give Rita a job.  Jill tells her it was Adam Chance's idea.
Alison Cotterill goes to the convent and rings the bell.  A nun comes to the door and Alison introduces herself.  Sister Celestine takes her into the waiting area and asks her to sit down, while she goes to fetch the Mother Superior.
Jill Harvey asks Tom Peterson to dinner at Chimney's and also asks Rita Hughes.
The Mother Superior meets Alison Cotterill and tells her that most of the girls that join the convent come from Catholic homes.  Sister Celestine arrives to take Alison to prayers in the chapel.
After dinner at Chimney's Jill leaves Tom and Rita alone whilst she goes upstairs.  Tom Peterson tells Rita Hughes that he thinks her taking the job at the motel is a mistake.  Rita tells him that she will do what she wants, it's her life.  She leaves.  Jill Harvey comes downstairs and asks Tom what happened, and Tom tells her that he and Rita had another argument.  Tom Peterson tells Jill that he thinks he loves her.
Mother Mary Peter tells Alison Cotterill that she should look at other orders before she decides.
Jill Harvey joins Rita Hughes in the motel office and Rita apologises to her for leaving suddenly the previous evening.  She asks if Tom stayed long after she had left and Jill says a little while.  Rita Hughes asks Jill if Tom made a pass at her and Jill tells her it's none of her business.  Rita tells Jill that she is just warning her because Tom always comes back to her.  "Well, don't hold your breath," Jill tells her. 
In the office Jill takes out some tablets and swallows them.  Meg looks at her, concerned.  Meg asks Jill how she is and says she noticed she was taking some pills.  Jill tells Meg that she takes them to calm her down. 
Alison Cotterill tells Doris Luke all about her day at the convent. 
Meg receives a phone call from J. Henry Pollard who tells her that a man named Walter Fallon will be arriving at the motel soon.  J. Henry tells Meg that Walter Fallon works for him and he would like Meg to teach him a few things. 
Marion Owen arrives at the motel to collect some items for the Christmas bazaar.  She asks Meg how everyone is and Meg tells her that she is a little worried about Jill because she is taking pills.
Reg Cotterill goes to the motel and asks Sandy if anyone has been asking for him.  Sandy says no.  Reg asks if he can wait in reception.
Mother Mary Peter asks Sister Celestine for a book to give to Alison Cotterill.  "She'll be coming back won't she?" asks Sister Celestine.  "You like her don't you?" asks Mother Mary Peter.  Sister Celestine says Alison's ideas about life in the convent are unrealistic.
Leonard Hobson arrives at the motel and meets Reg Cotterill in reception.  Reg Cotterill asks Leonard Hobson why he ran out on Alison and Leonard says it was just too much responsibility.  Reg tells him that Alison is about to make a big mistake and explains that Alison is thinking of joining a convent.
Walter Fallon arrives at the motel and receives a cool welcome from Doris Luke who remembers him from the last time he was at the motel under the name of Raymond Hillyer.  Walter Fallon asks Rita Hughes, who is on reception duty, if Meg Mortimer is available.  Rita tells him that Meg is unavailable but Mr Chance will see him.  "Would that be Adam Chance?" asks Walter Fallon.  "yes," replies Rita Hughes.  "This Mr Chance.  Would he be tall, well built, atheletic?" asks Fallon.  "I think you have the wrong person," says Rita Hughes.  "Mr Hunter perhaps.  he was big," says Walter Fallon.
Doris Luke see's Leonard Hibson in the motel reception and tells him that she is surprised that he has the cheek to turn up here again.  Leonard Hobson tells her that he has come to see Alison.  Doris Luke asks him if it was Reg Cotterill's idea and Leonard says it was.
Walter Fallon goes into the office and meets Adam Chance, who asks him how J. Henry Pollard is.  Walter Fallon tells Adam that he knows a lot about him from various sources, and Adam says he knows J. Henry Pollard had him checked out.  "Does the name Hillyer mean anything to you?" asks Walter Fallon.  Adam says no, why should it.  Walter Fallon tells him that Hillyer was the person who checked up on him.  "When I'm honest I go under my real name, which just happens to be Walter Fallon," says Walter Fallon.  Walter Fallon tells Adam that he was under strict orders to find out everything about him, and Adam asks him where he got his information from.  Fallon says from Jill Harvey.
Later Jill Harvey see's Walter Fallon in reception and she asks him who he is this time.  She says he took her for a ride last time and made her betray confidences. 
Leonard Hobson goes to Stonebank Farm where Alison Cotterill is surprised and happy to see him.  Leonard tells her that he was in the area so he thought he would come and see her.  He tells Alison that he knows he treated her very badly.  Reg Cotterill comes into the room and pretends to be surprised to see Leonard Hobson.  He asks him to stay for dinner.
Jill Harvey phones Marion Owen and asks her for a prescription for her tranquillisers.  Marion Owen tells Jill that only the doctor can make out the prescription, and he isn't here.  "Well break the rules for once," says Jill.  "It's more than my jobs worth," says Marion Owen.  "Thank you, for nothing," says Jill and slams the phone down.
Later Marion Owen telephones Jill Harvey and tells her that her prescriptio is ready and she can collect it as soon as she wants.  "That will be very soon," Jill tells her.

1980 Episodes continued

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