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At Stonebank Farm Benny packs his few belongings in a bag under the watchful eye of Reg Cotterill.  Alison Cotterill comes in and asks what is going on, and Reg tells her that Benny isn't staying here.  Benny tells Alison that it's alright, he can stay in the barn.
Kath Brownlow tells Arthur that Benny and Alison Cotterill are getting married.  Arthur says he didn't think Benny was the marrying kind.  Kath says it only confirms what she suspected, that Alison is pregnant.  She says Benny and Alison have been living together at Stonebank Farm for a long time.  "Benny's the father?" asks Arthur.  "Must be," replies Kath.
Marion Owen goes to see Jill Harvey at Chimney's and tells Jill that she is trying to recruit people to help with the Christmas bazaar.  Jill tells Marion that it's not really her thing. 
Eric Collin, the television repair man, arrives at Chimney's as Marion Owen is leaving.  Jill offers Eric Collins a drink and Eric accepts.
Reg Cotterill asks Benny why he and Alison have suddenly decided to get married.  He says one reason crossed his mind.  "You haven't been interfering with her?" asks Reg.  "No," Benny tells him.  "Would you swear on that?" asks Reg.  "Yes," replies Benny.  Reg Cotterill gets the bible and asks Benny to put his hand on the bible.  "Do you swear you haven't committed a sin?" asks Reg.  Benny places his hand on the Bible.  "I swear," he says.
Eric Collins tells Jill Harvey that he knows Stan Harvey, and he has seen Jill and Stan's daughter.  "She looks like you," Eric tells her.  Jill begins sobbing.  "I'm sorry.  I just wasn't thinking," he says. 
Glenda Brownlow receives a phone call from her mother and Kath tells Glenda to invite Kevin to dinner before they go to the pictures.  Glenda asks Kevin if he would like to come and Kevin tells her that he loves home cooking and he would love to.
Marion Owen goes to see Barbara Hunter at the Coach House and asks her if she would like to help out with the Christmas bazaar.  Barbara asks her when she would need the help and Marion Owen tells her in two weeks time.  Barbara tells Marion that she will be in Algiers in two weeks.  Barbara asks Marion what sort of help is available for unmarried mothers, and Marion tells her there is quite a lot of help available.  Marion Owen asks Barbara if she is talking about Alison Cotterill and Barbara says yes, but says it's not common knowledge.  Barbara tells Marion that Alison wants to enter into a marriage of convenience and she doesn't think it's a good idea.
Kevin Banks arrives at the Brownlow's home for dinner with the family, and Glenda introduces him to her parents.  Arthur Brownlow tells Kevin that he doesn't like Glenda going out with someone he doesn't know and Kevin says he understands perfectly, he would feel the same way.  Arthur Brownlow smiles his approval.
Iris Scott joins the Brownlow family in the living room and meets Kevin Banks again.  "I didn't know you were one of the family," says Iris.  Kevin tells Kath and Arthur Brownlow that he is staying with his aunt in the village.  "Oh who might that be?" asks Arthur.  "Mrs Owen.  You might know her," says Kevin.  Arthur says yes, he knows Marion Owen, she is a very nice lady.  "Yes, any relative of Mrs Owen is very welcome here," says Arthur.    
Reg Cotterill visits the Brownlow's home and tells Kath and Arthur that Alison has decided to marry Benny.  "It's some consolation that he wants to do the right thing," says Kath Brownlow.  Arthur glares at her and tells Kath to go and make a cup of tea.  Kath leaves the room quickly.  Reg Cotterill asks Arthur if he and Kath know what's wrong with Alison, and tells Arthur that he had guessed.  "It's not the end of the world," says Arthur.  "Mine it is," replies Reg. 
Kevin Banks and Glenda Brownlow go to the motel for drinks.  Kevin suggests they go to his place but Glenda says Marion Owen will be there.  Kevin says his aunt won't hear them if they're quiet.
Episode 3364 October 1980
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Late that evening Reg Cotterill drags Benny from his bed, takes him into the kitchen at Stonebank Farm and orders him to sit down.  Reg tells Benny that he knows Alison has been visiting the clinic in Heathbury.  "Is Alison with child?" he asks.  Benny nods.  "You swore on this Bible that you never touched her.  You lied to me!" shouts Reg.  "I ought to tear you to pieces!" shouts Reg.  Benny says he didn't touch Alison.  Reg Cotterill raises his hand to hit Benny just as Alison comes downstairs.  "No Uncle, No!" she shouts.  Reg lowers his hand and orders Benny to get out.
Kevin Banks and Glenda Brownlow go to Marion Owen's home.  Kevin sits on the settee and tells Glenda to sit down.  Glenda sits down at the opposite end of the settee.  Kevin tells her that he isn't going to make a grab for her.
In the early hours of the morning Glenda Brownlow creeps back into her house.  She goes into the bedroom she is sharing with Iris Scott and bangs the door into Iris's camp bed.  Iris screams, and Glenda tells her to be quiet.  Glenda tells iris that she was doing hee best to be quiet and the font door slammed.  Iris Scott asks her what time it is and Glenda tells her it's about three o'clock.  Iris asks her where she has been until this time.  "Wouldn't you like to know," says Glenda.  Kath Brownlow comes into the bedrrom and says she heard a bang and someone scream.  Iris tells her it was the window.  Kath Brownlow goes over to the window but Iris tells her not to touch it because she jammed it shut.
The following morning Eric Collins comes downstairs at Chimney's.  He finds Jill Harvey in the kitchen and goes to kiss her, but she turns away.  She tells Eric that she was drunk last night and doesn't remember what happened.  Eric says he remembers.  He gives Jill his business card and Jill tells him she doesn't need it.   

1980 Episodes continued

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