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Episode 3359 September 1980
See Dvd Volume 3
Archie Gibbs goes to the office and Sandy tells him that the night porter is ill, and could he do the night duty.  Archie tells Sandy that he has to eat in the staff room now because Shughie McFee banned him from eating in the kitchen.  Archie tells Sandy that if he takes over as night porter he can't watch the reception area if he has to eat in the staff room.  Sandy tells him that he can eat in the kitchen.
Archie Gibbs goes into the kitchen and says hello to Shughie McFee.  Archie says he is hungry and sits down to eat.  Shughie tells him not to eat in the kitchen, and Archie tells him that he has Mr Richardson's permission.
Reg Cotterill comes to the motel and speaks to Barbara Hunter.  He thanks her for being such a good friend to Alison, and tells her that Alison wants to marry Benny.  "She can't do that.  The lad's a half-wit," he says.  Reg asks Barbara if she could talk to Alison, but Barbara tells him that in the end it's Alison's decision.  Reg says no, it is his decision and he is going to sack Benny.  Barbara tells him that if he does that he might lose Alison for good.
Archie Gibbs sits in the kitchen eating his meal.  Suddenly Kath Brownlow lets out a yell and tells everyone that she has lost her wedding ring.  Archie Gibbs searches through some peelings and finds Kath's ring.  Kath says she'll leave her ring off incase she loses it again.
Barbara Hunter goes to Stonebank Farm and talks with Alison Cotterill.  Barbara tells her that it isn't a good idea to marry Benny, but Alison says Benny would be marvellous with the baby.  Barbara tells Alison that her and David will help her.
Kath Brownlow arrives home and Arthur tells her that Glenda has gone to a disco with a boy she met.  He says he doesn't like not knowing anything about this boy.  Arthur notices that Kath hasn't got her wedding ring on and Kath tells him that she lost it at the motel so she didn't put it back on because she was frightened to lose it.  She says she must have left it in the kitchen and she must go and get it.
In the motel kitchen Shughie turns the gas full on.  He empties the tins of coffee and flour onto the floor.
Kath Brownlow comes into reception and tells Archie Gibbs, who is on night duty at the reception desk, that she has left her wedding ring in the kitchen.  She tells him that she'll just go into the kitchen and get the ring.
Kath goes through the sliding door leading from reception to the kitchen and turns the kitchen lights on.  She stops when she notices the mess all over the floor.  She see's Shughie McFee holding a tin in his hands.  "Go home Kath.  Forget you ever saw it," says Shughie.  "I can't do that Shughie.  You know I can't," says Kath.  Kath asks Shughie why he has done this.  "Reasons.  The best of reasons," says Shughie.
Archie Gibbs joins Kath and Shughie in the kitchen.  Archie and Kath tells Shughie that he shouldn't have kept all this bottled up.  Shughie says he couldn't bare having all the blame on himself so he had to shift some of it onto someone else.  Archie Gibbs tells him that there is no reason why anyone else should know about this.
Marion Owen and Kevin Banks come into the motel and Kevin tells his aunt that he doesn't know if he will be home for dinner this evening because he might take Glenda out.  "Glenda Brownlow?" asks Marion Owen.  "Yeah, do you know her?" asks Kevin.  Marion tells Kevin that the Brownlow's are friends of hers and if he upsets them she willl never forgive him.
Iris Scott finds Kevin Banks working in the motel staffroom.  She guesses who he is and says she heard all about him from Glenda. 
Barbara Hunter talsk to Benny in the sitting room and tells him that she doesn't think it's a good idea for him to marry Alison Cotterill.  She asks him to think about it. 
Barbara Hunter goes to the Coach House and finds Alison Cotterill there.  Alison says Benny told her she tries to make him change his mind about marrying her.  Alison tells Barbara that she shouldn't have gone behind her back.  Barbara accuses her of using Benny and Alison says she knows but she wants the baby to have a name.
A television repair man named Eric Collins arrives at Jill Harvey's house Chimney's to fix her television. 
Barbara Hunter asks Alison when she is going to get married and Alison says she wants to get married before the baby starts to show.  Barbara asks Alison if her uncle Reg will be at the wedding and Alison says her uncle thinks it's a marriage unfit for the eyes of God.  Barbara tells Alison that she will be a witness and Alison says she would like that.  "Friends," says Barbara.  "Not mother and daughter, but friends," she adds.     
Iris Scott goes to the motel staff room and asks Kevin Banks if he wants a cup of tea.  Iris cuts her hand and Kevin takes it.  He says she has very interesting hands.  Kevin asks Iris if she has ever been to the disco in Heathbury.  At that moment Glenda Brownlow comes into the room and Kevin Banks leaves the room.  Glenda tells Iris that she knew she would try and take Kevin away from her.
Barbara Hunter receives a phone call from David in Algiers, and she tells him that she is going to come out there next week.  "No, not duty.  Pure desire actually.  Well, not so pure," she tells him.  Alison Cotterill comes into the sitting room at that moment and hears Barbara saying her goodbye's to David.  Barbara tells Alison that Chris Hunter is in prison for currency offences and David is trying to help him.
Kevin Banks and Glenda Brownlow have coffee in the motel staff room.  She says she hasn't had a chance to thank him for taking her out last night.  Kevin tells her that he would like to take her out again.

1980 Episodes continued

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