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Arthur Brownlow goes into Glenda's bedroom and says Kath mentioned something about the window banging.  He examines the window and tells Glenda that two of the screws are missing.  He leaves the room.  Once he has gone Iris Scott shows Glenda two screws which she removed.

Jill Harvey goes to the motel and Sandy tells her jokingly that she is five minutes late.  Jill says she'll walk out again if he doesn't shut up.

Marion Owen finds Sandy in the office and asks him if Meg is back from Scotland yet and Sandy says she isn't.  Marion tells Sandy and Jill that she is still trying to recruit people to help with the Christmas bazaar.  Jill tells Marion that she will help out.  Marion, surprised at Jill's change of mind, says she would be grateful.

Glenda Banks finds Kevin Banks painting in the motel staff room, and he asks her where she went after she left his aunt's house last night.  Glenda tells him that she went home.  Kevin tells her that he went after her in the van but he couldn't see her anywhere.  Glenda tells Kevin that she took a short cut, and Kevin tells her that's dangerous.  Glenda says she thought he might have gone off her after last night but Kevin says no.

Later in the staff room Iris Scott talks to Kevin Banks and she tells him that she knows he is messing around with Glenda.  Kevin says Glenda mentioned something that happened to her when she was younger.  Iris tells him that when Glenda was younger she ran away from home and hitched a lift.  She says the lorry driver who picked her up made a grab for her and she has had a fear of men since.

Barbara Hunter tells Sandy that she thinks the motel will have to let Benny go because he doesn't want to stay at Stonebank Farm.  Sandy says he will talk to Benny.

Marion Owen sorts through some items for the Christmas bazaar with Jill at Chimney's.  The doorbell rings and Jill answers the door to Eric Collins.  Jill tells him that she has a visitor.  Eric Collins goes into the living room and tells Jill that he just wants to make sure that the television is working properly.  "We aim to please.  There's always someone wanting us to fix them up," he says.  Jill stares at him.

Marion Owen leaves Chimney's.  Jill tells Eric Collins that she told him that she didn't want to see him again.  "My father told me never to believe everything I hear," says Eric.  "I want you to get out," says Jill.  "And I don't believe you," says Eric, and sits down.  Jill tells him that last night was a mistake and she isn't that type of girl.  "You could have fooled me.  I'd have said you were desperate," says Eric Collins. 

Alison Cotterill lays the table at Stonebank Farm.  Reg Cotterill comes into the kitchen and asks where Benny is.  Alison tells him that Benny is at the motel.  Alison says if he hates Benny so much would he rather she didn't marry him.  Reg tells her that any father is better than none.

Barbara Hunter comes into reception as Tom Peterson books into the motel.  Barbara asks Doris Luke if she could look in the laundry for some shirts belonging to David.  Barbara sits at one of the tables in reception and Tom Peterson sits down at the same table.  Barbara asks him if he has come far and Tom Peterson tells her that he is a consultant engineer in Swansea.  Tom Peterson asks her if she is staying here and Barbara tells him that she lives nearby.  "That's nice," says Tom.  Barbara tells him that she is leaving King's Oak for a while and Tom Peterson asks her where she is going.  Barbara tells him that she is going to Algier's to see her husband.  "He's there on business," explains Barbara.  "Oh pity," says Tom Peterson.  "The business?" asks Barbara.  "I was thinking of the husband," says Tom.  "Oh I rather like him," says Barbara.

Barbara Hunter goes to see Alison Cotterill at Stonebank Farm and says she wishes she wasn't going away.  Alison says Mr Hunter needs her.  Barbara suggests that Alison joins them in Algiers but Alison says no.

Benny tells Alison that he doesn't want anyone to know it isn't his baby, but Alison says thay wouldn't be right.  Alison tells Benny that she must tell her uncle.  At that moment Reg Cotterill comes into the room and Alison says she has something to tell him.  Alison tells Reg Cotterill that Benny is not the father of her child, and that benny is marrying her to give the baby a name.  Reg Cotterill apologises to benny for accusing him wrongly.  "If it's not Hawkins, who?" asks Reg Cotterill.  Alison tells him that's not important.  "Who was it?  Who was it!" shouts Reg.  "Chris Hunter!" shouts Alison.  Reg leaves the room without a word.

At the Coach House there is a knock at the door and Barbara Hunter answers it to Reg Cotterill who pushes his way past her into the room.  He tells Barbara that she mocked him to his face.  "Is that why your husband left.  Ran away," says reg.  Barbara says David hasn't run away.  She tells reg Cotterill that she is going to join David in Algiers and she has a plane to catch.  Reg tells her that she isn't leaving.  "Your step son will marry Alison," says Reg.

Alison Cotterill arrives at the Coach House.  Barbara Hunter makes a move to leave and Reg grabs her arms to stop her.  "Uncle," pleads Alison.  Reg Cotterill turns around and pushes Alison who stumbles over some furniture and falls to the floor.

At Stonebank Farm Benny waits anxiously for Alison Cotterill to return.  Doris Luke arrives and asks Benny what the matter is.  Benny tells her that Reg Cotterill knows that he isn't the father of Alison's baby and he went off in a temper.

Alison and Reg Cotterill arrive back at Stonebank Farm with Alison pale and shaken.  Reg explains that Alison fell.

Meg Mortimer arrives back at the motel from her holiday in Scotland.

Reg Cotterill tells Benny that he doesn't understand a man like Hunter.  "Why can't he bring up his son according to the commandments," he says.





1980 Episodes continued

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