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Arthur Brownlow asks Kath if she is going to Lloyd Munro's cottage today and Kath says no.  She says Doctor Munro has got a meeting in Birmingham.  Iris Scott glances at Glenda. 
Lloyd Munro telephones David and asks him if Rosemary mentioned his taped sessions to Chris.
Iris Scott tells Glenda that she is going to put the tapes back.  Glenda asks her how she is going to get in and Iris says she will borrow Kath's spare keys to Lloyd Munro's cottage.  Glenda says her mother won't let her have the keys, and Iris says she isn't going to ask her.  Iris Scott goes to Kath Brownlow's handbag and takes out the keys.
Alison Cotterill tells Benny that she is going to keep the baby and Benny says he is glad.
Iris Scott goes to Lloyd Munro's cottage and opens the door using Kath Brownlow's keys.  She is startled when she finds Barbara Hunter inside.  Barbara asks her how she got in and Iris tells her she used Kath Brownlow's keys.  Iris telle Barbara that Kath does Lloyd Munro's cleaning and she came instead of her.  Barbara tells her to sit down. 
In the motel kitchen Glenda Brownlow brings back some potatoes which a guest ordered and says they have got sugar in them instead of salt.
Barbara Hunter asks Iris Scott if she has been to the cottage before on her own.  She asks her if her aunt really sent her to do the housework.  Iris tells Barbara that she wanted to return something she borrowed.  "The tapes?" asks Barbara.  Iris says she didn't really mean to take the, she thought they were music tapes.  "Do you realise how worried Doctor Munro has been?" asks Barbara.  Barbara tells Iris that she will give the tapes to Doctor Munro and explain, but Iris will still have to face him.  Iris asks if she can go and Barbara says yes.
Once Iris Scott has left the cottage Barbara takes one of the tapes and puts it into the recorder and switches it on.  "I was married when I met David.  He doesn't know, he's never known....bigamy..." says Rosemary's voice from the tape.
Lloyd Munro returns to the cottage and Barbara Hunter tells him to look in the tape recorder.  Lloyd looks and see's the tape.  Barbara tells him that Iris Scott brought them back.  Lloyd asks her if she listened to the tape.  "How much did you hear?" asks Lloyd.  "Enough," says Barbara.
Shughie McFee, Kath Brownlow and Sandy discuss the mishap with the potatoes.  Sandy says luckily the guest was very understanding about it.
Glenda Brownlow asks Iris Scott if she put the tapes back and Iris tells her that she went to Lloyd Munro's cottage but Mrs Hunter was there.  Iris tells Glenda that she has kept one of the tapes.  The phone at the Brownlow's house rings and Glenda answers it.  She tells Iris that Doctor Munro wants to speak to her.  Iris Scott takes the phone and Lloyd Munro tells her to return the missing tape tomorrow.
Agnes Bickley tells Shughie McFee that the keys to the store cupboard are missing and the cupboards are locked.  Shughie tells everyone to look for the keys. 
The following day Iris Scott goes to Lloyd Munro's cottage, and returns the one remaining tape to Lloyd Munro.  She apologises for taking the tapes and tells him that she thought they were music tapes.  Lloyd asks her if anyone else heard the tapes and Iris tells him that Glenda heard a little.  Lloyd Munro asks Iris Scott to promise not to tell anyone what she heard on the tapes.  Iris promises.
Everyone in the kitchen in still looking for the missing store cupboard keys.  Shughie McFee tells Archie Gibbs that he will have to break the door to the store cupboard.
Iris Scott arrives at the motel for work and Shughie McFee immediately suspects that she has got something to do with the missing cupboard keys.  He asks her if she has seen the keys and Iris tells him that she hasn't seen them.  Agnes Bickley comes to Shughie McFee and dangles the keys in front of him.  She tells him that they were in the mixer.  At that moment Archie Gibbs comes into the kitchen with the handle to the store cupboard in his hands and tells Shughie that it took him ages to get the handle off.  Shughie McFee walks away.  Agnes Bickley tells Archie that Shughie put the keys in the mixer and is trying to blame everyone else.
Kath Brownlow asks Shughie McFee if she could have a private word.  She says she knows Iris isn't to blame for putting the sugar instead of salt into the potatoes.  She says Iris isn't that type of girl.  She tells Shughie that she knows he is upset about his mother.  Shughie says it's the guilt.  "If I'd only been there at the end," he says. 
Meg Mortimer asks Iris Scott into the sitting room and tells her that everyone in the kitchen has to pull their weight.  Iris tells Meg that she does pull her weight and does as much work as anyone else.
Reg Cotterill goes to see Arthur Brownlow and gives him the bill for some treatment for iris Scott's dog.  Arthur asks Reg how the problems with Alison are.  He asks Reg if Alison has got any boyfriends and Reg tells him that Alison isn't interested in men, although there was someone not so long ago.
At Stonebank Farm Alison Cotterill tells Benny that she can't tell her uncle about the baby.  She tells Benny that she will go away and have the baby.  Benny tells Alison that she must tell her uncle something.  Reg Cotterill arrives at that moment and Alison tells him that she has got something to tell him.  Reg Cotterill says he understands that she is embarrassed to talk to him about her problems, and tells her that Kath Brownlow offered to come and have a chat with her.  "Now isn't that kind of her," says Reg.  "Yes it is," says Alison.  "Mr Cotterill.  Alison's got something to tell you," says Benny.  "Well, what is it?" asks Reg.  "It can wait," says Alison and goes upstairs. 
Barbara Hunter tells Meg that the tapes have been found and that she listened to them.  She tells Meg that Iris Scott took them accidently thinking that they were music sessions.  Barbara says now she knows why Lloyd was so worried. 
In the kitchen Agnes Bickley slips with an armful of plates, and Shughie McFee moans at her.
Lloyd Munro tells Barbara Hunter that he phoned David and told him that the tapes fell behind a desk and weren't really lost.  Barbara tells Lloyd that David must never find out that his marriage to Rosemary was bigamous.  "What David's been through on that woman's account," says Barbara.
Glenda Brownlow notices that there is some grease on the kitchen floor where Agnes Bickley slipped.  Archie Gibbs comes into the kitchen carrying a cloth covered in grease and tells Glenda that the grease was put there on purpose.
Iris Scott takes coffee to Barbara Hunter in the sitting room and Barbara asks her to sit down.  Barbara tells Iris that she knows what is on those tapes and tells her that David Hunter must never know.  "I don't want him to know," says Barbara.  "You don't?" asks Iris surprised.  "it would hurt him," says Barbara.  She says that when David comes back to the motel he may well give Iris orders and he might even have to sack her and she may want to get back at him.  Iris says no, she wouldn't.

1980 Episodes continued

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