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Meg asks Shughie McFee to come and see her in the sitting room and tells him that she heard about Agnes Bickley's fall in the kitchen.  She asks Shughie how it happened and Shughie tells her that Agnes Bickley slipped on some grease and it looks as if the grease was put there deliberately.  Shughie tells Meg that he thinks someone has a grudge against the motel.
Meg and Shughie go into the kitchen and suddenly there is a loud scream.  Glenda Brownlow comes running into the kitchen carrying a dessert.  She tells Shughie and Meg that the woman is screaming her head off because there is a spider in her dessert.
Barbara Hunter goes to see Alison Cotterill at Stonebank Farm and Alison tells her that she isn't going to get rid of the baby.  "Chris won't be pleased," says Alison.  "His father will.  It's his first grandchild," says Barbara.  Barbara tells Alison that she and David will see to it that she and the baby get the best, it's their responsibility.  Barbara tells Alison that her and David want to help her and that she is the nearest thing they have to a daughter.
Shughie McFee joins Meg and Sandy in the office and Sandy tells them that if word gets around about the spider in the dessert it will ruin the motel's reputation.  Meg asks Shughie if he has any idea who could be doing these things .  Meg asks if he thinks it could be Iris Scott but Shughie says he doesn't think so because Iris is straightforward in her likes and dislikes and if she doesn't like something or someone then she will tell you to your face.
Mr Harrington, from the Environmental Health Department arrives at the motel and asks Sandy if he could speak to the manager.  Sandy telephones through to Meg and Meg comes into reception shortly after,  Sandy tells Meg that the man from the Environmental Health Department is investigating a complaint and he sould like to look around the kitchen.
Meg takes Mr Harrington into the kitchen and Meg calls Shughie McFee over.  She introduces Mr Harrington to Shughie McFee and tells him that Mr Harrington would like to inspect the kitchen. 
Meg talks to J.Henry Pollard and he asks her to go to Scotland with him to give him some advice on a hotel he has bought. 
Shughie McFee comes into the office and tells Meg that the Environmental Health Inspector said they have nothing to worry about.
Archie Gibbs goes to the kitchen for his meal and Shughie tells him that he can't eat in here.  Glenda Brownlow comes into the kitchen and tells Shughie about a phone booking she took for four people in the name of Johnstone which she wrote on the board.  Shughie tells her there is nothing written on the board now.  Glenda tells Shughie that the Johnstone's are here now and there isn't a table free for them.  Shughie tells her to give them a drink and get one of the tables to hurry up and finish their meal. 
Kath Brownlow comes into the kitchen and tells Shughie McFee that the freezer has been switched off.  Shughie goes to the freezer and looks at the meat and says that some of it has begun to thaw.  He says it will have to be thrown out. 
Glenda Brownlow comes into the staff room and asks Iris Scott if she took the booking slio from the kitchen  Iris asks whay she would need a booking slip and says she wouldn't be surprised if Glenda had lost the booking slip on purpose just to make trouble.  Kath Brownlow comes into the kitchen and asks them what's going on.  She tells them that they are both needed in the kitchen.
Iris Scott and Glenda Brownlow go into the kitchen and Shughie McFee tells them that the freezer has been switched off.  "Now look, if you're looking at me..." says Archie Gibbs.  Shughie says a freexer doesn't switch itself off.  He says they are useless, all of them.  Agnes Bickley tries to say something.  "Stay out of this or you'll be out of a job!" says Shughie.  Agnes Bickley calmly takes her overall off and walks towards Shughie.  "And you know what you can do with your job, and I hope it hurts," she says.
Benny tells Alison Cotterill that he wants to marry her.  He says it would be best for the baby but Alison says she doesn't love her.  Benny tells her that he likes her a lot.
Kevin Banks, arrives at the motel and tells Sandy that he is here to do the painitng.  Sandy asks him if he is staying locally and Kevin Banks tells him that he is staying with his aunt Marion Owen.  Marion Owen comes into the motel reception and sits with Kevin Banks in the reception area.  Kevin asks Marion Owen what the girls in the area are like and Marion warns him to behave himself.
Alison Cotterill agrees to marry Benny.  Reg Cotterill joins Alison and benny in the kitchen at Stonebank Farm.  "Uncle, we've got something to tell you.  Benny and I are going to be married," says Alison.  Reg stares at her and tells Benny to leave the room.  Benny goes.  "Have you taken leave of your senses girl.  You can't marry someone like that," says Reg Cotterill.  Alison says Benny is honest and kind, and she is very fond of him.  Reg says he forbids it.  "You can't forbid it," says Alison.  "Why girl?  Why?" asks Reg.  "Because I want to," says Alison.
Glenda Brownlow bumps into Kevin Banks in the motel staff room and she offers to make him a cup of tea, then promises she won't get in his way.  Kevin says a pretty girl never gets in his way.  Kevin introduces himself to Glenda and they shake hands.  Kevin keeps hold of her hand.  He asks Glenda where they go for some action and Glenda tells him that there is a disco in Heathbury.  Kevin asks her if she would like to go with him.  He asks her what time she finishes work and Glenda tells him four o'clock.  Kevin tells her that he will meet her at seven o'clock.
That evening Glenda gets ready to go out and Arthur Brownlow asks her where she is going.  Glenda tells him that she is meeting a boy, and Arthur asks her what she knows about him.  Glenda tells Arthur that she only met him today.
Benny asks Alison Cotterill what Reg said and Alison tells him that her uncle isn't very pleased.  Reg Cotterill comes into the room and tells Benny to get on with his work.  Alison Cotterill leaves the room.  Reg asks Benny whay he is marrying Alison if he doesn't love her.  Benny says he likes Alison a lot.  "I wouldn't have let Alison within ten miles of you if I'd known something like this was going to happen," says Reg.  Reg tells Benny that he is going to stop this marriage if it's the last thing he does.  "And I don't want you around here anymore.  I want you out of Stonebank for good.  I'll see Mr Richardson tomorrow and tell him you're to be sacked," Reg tells Benny.

1980 Episodes continued

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