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Reg Cotterill goes to the Brownlow's home and talks to Arthur Brownlow.  Reg tells him that Iris Scott has a dog which she keeps at Stonebank Farm and says it should be innoculated.  Arthur tells him it's none of his business, and if Iris had listened to him in the first place then there wouldn't have been a dog.  Arthur says women can be a problem and Reg agrees.  Reg tells Arthur that he is worried about Alison, and Arthur asks him what's wrong with her.  Reg says she won't tell him, she just says it's women's problems.  Arthur asks who Alison's doctor is and suggests that Reg talks to the doctor or Marion Owen who might be able to help him. 
Arhur Brownlow phones the doctor's surgery for Reg Cotterill and talks to Marion Owen and tells her that Reg is worried about his niece.  Reg Cotterill takes the phone from Arthur and apologises to Marion Owen for disturbing her, but he just wants to make sure that Alison is alright.  Marion Owen asks him which doctor Alison useually see's and Reg tells her Doctor Butterworth.  "Are you sure?" Reg asks.  He apologises again to Marion Owen for disturbing her and hangs up.  He tells Rthur Brownlow that Alison didn't see any of the doctors.  
Lloyd Munro visits Barbara Hunter at the Coach House and welcomes her back.  He asks Barbara for Rosemary Hunter's address in Switzerland.  Barbara asks him what is wrong and Lloyd tells her it's about some tapes which have gone missing.  He tells her that what was on those tapes is confidential and he wants to warn Rosemary.
Kath Brownlow meets Shughie McFee on her first day at work in the motel kitchen.  Agnes Bickley gives Shughie a letter addressed to him.  Shughie opens the letter, then asks Doris Luke if she would look after Kath Brownlow.  Shughie McFee goes into the staff room.  Agnes Bickley takes the letter out of the bin and reads it.  Doris Luke asks her what is written on the letter and Agnes tells her just two words "Begging you."
Lloyd Munro tells Barbara that he has to protect Rosemary Hunter's interests because the missing tapes could be used to blackmail her.  Barbara asks Lloyd if David might be approached and Lloyd tells her it's a possibility.  Barbara tells Lloyd that if Rosemary accused David of something then it isn't true, Rosemary always distorts things. 
Barbara Hunter goes to Stonebank Farm to see Reg Cotterill and he asks her how David is.  Barbara tells him that David is in Algiers at the moment with his son.  Reg tells Barbara that Chris Hunter wrote to Alison, and it was very kind of him to remember Alison.
Agnes Bickley takes a phone call in the kitchen and hands the phone to Archie Gibbs, telling him that it's the hospital where Shughie McFee's mother is.  When Archie Gibbs replaces the phone he tells them that Shughie's mother has died.
Reg Cotterill asks Doris Luke for the truth about Alison and says he wants to know what all this secrecy is about.  Reg says everyone keeps saying Alison is alright but he knows she isn't.  Doris tells him that the doctor gave Alison a clean billl of health.  "What doctor would this be?" asks Reg Cotterill.  He tells Doris Luke that he telephoned Marion Owen at the surgery and Alison hasn't been near the surgery in months. 
Everyone in the motel kitchen knows about Shughie McFee's mother.  Kath Brownlow asks who is going to tell Shughie the news, and Archie Gibbs says he will do it.  Shughie McFee comes into the kitchen and Archie tells him to sit down.  Archie tells him that he has some bad news about his mother.  "How bad is she?" asks Shughie.  "Gone," Archie tells him.  he tells Shughie that she went peacefully. 
Meg asks Barbara if she has spoken to David and Barbara says yes, but he doesn't know how long he will be in Algiers.  Meg tells Barbara that she is doing a good job filling in for David.  Barbara tells Meg that she talked to lloyd Munro and he wants to get in touch with Rosemary because of these missing tapes.  She says Lloyd is worried about the possibility of blackmail.
Alison Cotterill arrives home at Stonebank Farm.  Reg tells her that he checked with Doctor Butterworth's secretary and he knows that she hasn't been to see the doctor.  Reg grabs her and says he wants to know the truth.  "You're hurting me," says Alison, and then collapses in his arms.  Reg sits her down and asks her what is wrong.  "It's just tiredness," she tells him, but Reg says it's more than that.  Alison tells him that she did go and see a doctor but it was a different doctor, a woman doctor.  She tells Reg that she is well, except that she is anaemic and she has to take some iron tablets.
Barbara Hunter tells Meg that Shughie McFee has disappeared.  Meg apologises to Lloyd Munro and tells him that she won't be able to have dinner with him because she will have to help out in the kitchen.
Arthur Brownlow tells Iris Scott that is she has any problems then she can come to him.  Iris asks Glenda Brownlow if she has said anything to Arthur.  Glenda says no, but says that Iris looks guilty.  She tells Iris to hurry up and put the tapes back.  "I'll have to go in like I did the first time," says iris.  Glenda asks Iris how she is going to get into Lloyd Munro's cottage because Kath won't let her have the spare keys.  "Then I'll have to break in," Iris tells her. 
Reg Cotterill goes to see Sandy and asks him if it would be alright to take a couple of weeks off because he wants to take Alison on holiday as she is a bit under the weather. 
Lloyd Munro tells Meg that he has to talk to David.  He tells Meg that Rosemary might have mentioned the tapes to Chris Hunter and Chris has some very dangerous friends who might have got hold of the tapes.
There is a knock on the sitting room door and Shughie McFee comes in, mush to Meg's relief.
Alison Cotterill and Benny sit down to dinner at Stonebank Farm and Benny asks her what happened in Birmingham.  Alison tells him that she has got to go back to the clinic in a couple of weeks and they will terminate the pregnancy.  benny says he still doesn't like the idea.
Reg Cotterill joins Benny and Alison in the kitchen of Stonebank Farm and tells Alison that they are going away for a little holiday.  He says he needs someone to help Benny run the farm whilst he is away.  Alison tells her uncle that she can't go away, and Reg tells her that he has booked into a small guest house.  "I don't want to go away.  I want to stay here," says Alison and runs upstairs.

1980 Episodes continued

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