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Diane Hunter asks Doris Luke how Alison Cotterill is because she heard she wasn't well.  "Who told you?" asks Doris, guessing that Diane knows about Alison's predicament.  Diane says she put two and two together.
Meg goes to the Coach House with Barbara Hunter.  Barbara tells her that she won't be going to Algiers because David said it wouldn't be a good idea.  Barbara asks Meg how Lloyd Munro is and Meg says she is fine except that he is a little worried because he had a burglary at the cottage.  She tells Barbara that the only things stolen were a few tapes but she gets the impression that what is on those tapes is very confidential. 
Barbara tells Meg that she must see Alison Cotterill and Meg asks why.  Barbara tells Meg that Chris seduced Alison whilst she was staying at the Coach House.  "She's pregnant," says Barbara. 
Benny joins Diane in the motel staff room and Diane tells Benny that she knows about Alison, and she wants to help.  "Do you know who the father is?  Is it somebody local?" Diane asks him. 
Reg Cotterill tells Alison that there is a letter from Chris Hunter for her.  Alison rips the letter open and sits reading it.
Meg talks to Lloyd Munro and tells him that Barbara is back.  Lloyd tells Meg that the tapes which were taken from his cottage were of his conversations with Rosemary Hunter before she shot David.  He tells Meg that Rosemary spoke about her fellings for David, very personal things that no-one should hear. 
Benny arrives at Stonebank Farm and notices that Alison has been crying.  He asks what's wrong and then notices the letter in her hands.  "I thought it might be about that.  What did he say?" Benny asks Alison.  "Well, I thought he'd come back, but he said I musn't have the babay.  I must get rid of it.  He sent me the money for it," says Alison and shows Benny a cheque.  "Kill a baby," says Benny horrified.  "It's not right," he says.  Benny tells Alison to talk to Chris first and tell him that she won't get rid of the baby.
Shughie McFee goes to see his mother, who isn't well, in her chalet.  He tells her that he has sent for the doctor.  There is a knock on the chalet door and Lloyd Munro comes in.  Shughie McFee leaves, and lloyd sits on the edge of the bed.  He takes Mrs McFee's pulse and after a short examination he tells her that it's indigestion.
Barbara Hunter goes to the Brownlow's home and asks Kath Brownlow if she would help out in the motel kitchen whilst Doris Luke is away.  Kath tells her that she is housekeeping for Lloyd Munro.  Barbara tells Kath that she has spoken to Lloyd and it is okay for her to leave his cottage for two weeks. 
Lloyd Munro finds Shughie McFee in the motel kitchen and tells him that his mother needs more exercise and he suggests he takes his mother for a walk.  Shughie tells Lloyd that his mother is inclined to try it on a little and it's all part of her plan to get hom to go back home.
Alison Cotterill goes to the Coach House to see Barbara Hunter.  Alison asks if Mr Hunter is with her but Barbara tells her that David is in Algiers with Chris.  Barbara tells Alison that she knows about the baby.  Alison tells her that she had a letter from Chris and he said she should get rid of the baby.  She says she will be able to talk to him when he comes back, but Barbara tells her that Chris is in trouble with the Algerian police and he can't come back even if he wanted to.  "But I need him.  I can't go through this without him," sobs Alison.  Barbara hugs her.  "Don't worry, I'm here.  I'll help you," she says.   
Mrs McFee packs her bags but Shughie tries to persuade her not to leave.  Mrs McFee says she won't stay where she isn't wanted.
Iris Scott sits in her room and listens to the cassette tape of Rosemary Hunter's conversation with Dr Munro.  "I'm bored with my dreary life.  Bored," says Rosemary Hunter's voice from the tape.  Glenda Brownlow comes into the room and tells Iris to switch off the tape, but Iris says no.  Glenda says this is her room.  "And don't I know it," says Iris, and Glenda storms out.
Iris Scott switches back on the tape recorder.  "Aren't you curious?  Aren't you dying to know.  My terrible secret.  I told you I'd done a terrible thing to David.  No, this is wrong...you're a friend...I was married when I met David," says Rosemary's voice from the tape.  "And the worst thing is not to be loved," sobs Rosemary.  Iris sits listening to the tape, close to tears.  Glenda Brownlow comes back into the room and see's her.  "Are you alright?" she asks Iris.  "Get out!" sobs Iris.
The following morning Glenda Brownlow finds Iris in the motel staff room and tells her to stop day dreaming.
Agnes Bickley takes a telephone call for Shughie McFee.  Shortly after, Shughie McFee tells the other kitchen staff that his mother has been taken straight to hospital in Scotland.
Iris Scott cleans the motel sitting room whilst Meg and Sandy are in the room.  Meg tells Sandy that she wonders if Rosemary has been told that Chris Hunter is in trouble.  Iris Scott listens to their conversation, and then stops and stares.  Meg turns to look at her.  "Are you alright?" she asks Iris.  "Well I feel a bit sick," says Iris.  "Excuse me," she says and leaves the room.
Shughie McFee finds Sandy and Meg in the sitting room and tells them that his mother has been taken ill in Scotland, and he would like to go to Scotland for the weekend just to make sure she is alright.
Diane Hunter goes to Stonebank Farm to see Alison Cotterill.  She tells Allison that she knows about the baby and wants to help her.  "Do you see the father?" asks Diane.  Alison tells her that she had a letter from him.  "He doesn't live locally then?" asks Diane.  Diane asks her how it happened and Alison tells her it happened at the Coach House whilst Mr and Mrs Hunter were away.  "You let him stay at the Coach House.  You said he's abroad.  It's Chris Hunter isn't it?" asks Diane.
Doris Luke tells Kath Brownlow to come to the motel and she will show her the job.
Lloyd Munro tells Meg that he is worried about the missing tapes.  Meg says if he was going to be blackmailed then he would have been contacted by now.  Lloyd says they might contact Rosemary and in her present condition this could set her off again.
Reg Cotterill overhears Diane arranging to meet Alison the next day.  When Diane has left Reg asks Alison about this meeting and Alison tells him that they are going into shopping in Birmingham.  Benny tells Alison to leave the dishes.  "You have a rest," he says.  Reg Cotterill asks Alison whay everyone is so concerned about her.
Iris Scott tells Glenda Brownlow that she is going to take the tapes back to lloyd Munro's cottage.
Reg Cotterill tells Alison that he wants a proper talk with her.  He says he knows what's behind thei.  "It's Chris Hunter isn't it?" he asks.  Reg reminds Alison that Chris Hunter is a married man, but Alison tells him that Chris and Diane weren't married in the proper sense.  Reg tells her that she should write to him and end it all.  Alison tells Reg that Chris won't be coming back for a long time and he isn't interested in her anyway. 

1980 Episodes continued

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