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At the Coach House David Hunter waits impatiently for Chris to arrive.  He hears the screech of tyres outside and Chris rushes in.  "Dad.  I'm sorry.  We'll be on time don't worry," he says.  "Burning rubber," says David.  "Look I'm here right," says Chris.  "I did hope you wouldn't be quite so casual about this," says David, looking at Chris's dishevelled appearance.
"Comedy of errors right," says Chris.  "There's something on your collar," David tells him.  "I caught myself shaving," says Chris.  "I'll get you a clean one," says David.  "We're in a hurry.  Don't fuss.  Just forget it ok," says Chris.  "This is my wedding day.  You manage to look as scruffy as you do in denims," says David.  "What do you want me to do, apologise for not inheriting your sartorial prettiness," says Chris.  "I know it's difficult, but try not to be quite so offensive," says David, angrily.  "Why don't you take your own advice," says Chris.  "Now look Chris, I'm warning you," shouts David.  "Why don't you spank me huh.  I want a bit of a punch up," says Chris.
"This is rediculous," says David.  "Yeah, you're absolutely right.  So you just go get yourself another witcness.  Any passer-by, a clerk maybe.  They'll do it in their tea break for a bit of a laugh," says Chris and opens the door to leave.  "Chris!" shouts David but the door slams as Chris leaves.
Reg Cotterill asks Benny why Alison isn't back yet and Benny tells him that she wanted to get ecerything ready for Miss Brady.  Reg says Alison is out more than she is home these days, and Miss Brady is taking advantage.  There is a knock on the door at Stonebank Farm and Benny answers it to Ivy Pruett.  Reg Cotterill asks Ivy Pruett to stay for tea.
Chris Hunter goes to the sanitorium to see his mother but finds out from the staff that she is missing.  "She's a sick woman.  Look, I want her found, and quickly!" he shouts. 
Doris Luke tells Tish Hope that she has left everything ready for David and Barbara's reception.  Doris and Diane prepare to go to the wedding together.  "Funny sort of a do when you come to think of it," Doris tells Diane.  "I'd have expected much more of a fuss," she adds.  "Oh I know, red carpet, brass band," says Diane.  "Oh well they wanted it quiet, they've got it quiet," says Doris Luke.
Ivy Pruett tells Reg Cotterill that she doesn't know why she came to King's Oak.  "Do well her do you?" she asks.  "Well you must with the motel and that place Fairlawns," she says.  "Oh we don't have anything to do with Fairlawns," says Reg Cotterill.  Ivy Pruett tells him that he should approach Fairlawns.
Doris Luke goes to Stonebank Farm and Reg Cotterill intorduces her to Ivy Pruett.  "This is the lady we met at the doctors, " Benny tells Doris.  "Well I believe in being neighbourly," says Ivy Pruett.  "Yes within reason.  It seems rather a long walk.  No need to put yourself out to that extent," Doris tells Ivy Pruett.  Reg Cotterill asks Ivy Pruett to stay a while longer so that she can meet Alison.  He offers to show Ivy around the farm if she wants to see it and Ivy says she would love to.
At the church David and Barbara stand together at the altar.  "Good people, we are gathered here in the presence of God to ask for his blessing on the union into which these two persons David and Barbara have entered.  This blessing is sought as a pledge to their intention to live together in love and faithfulness all their lives," says the priest.  At the rear of the church the door opens and Chris Hunter, hands in pockets, makes his way noisily up the aisle. 
"And in recognition of the sacredness of marriage, as ordained by God to make holy the union of man and woman, so that their natural instincts of love and affection may be directed aright in true purity and honour one for the other," continues the priest.
Outside the church a taxi pulls up.  Rosemary Hunter gets out and walks towards the church.  At the doors she listens to the words of the priest, then quietly goes into the church.  "...that the companionshp and help and comfort which husband and wife can find in one another, and for the continued well-being of human society which is strengthened and perfected in so far as the marriage bond is held in reverence and honour."  The congregation sing a hymn. 
"David and Barbara.  Do you sincerely desire to dedicate your lives afresh to God and to one another in the faith of Jesus Christ, and in dependence upon the Holy Spirit," asks the priest.  "We do," answer David and Barbara in unison.  "Let us pray," says the priest.  David and Barbara bow their heads.  "Lord have mercy upon us," continues the priest.  "Lord have mercy upson us," the congregation repeats.  At the rear of the church Rosemary sits alone in a pew.  "Lord have mercy upon us," she murmers.
"Almighty and most merciful Father, Lord of all life and origin and source of all true love, we ask you to surround and uphold these two persons with your gift of grace.  May they be given strength to keep their promise that in loyalty and faithfulness they may support one another throughout their life.  Help them to be honest and patient with each other, and loving and wise parents to any children in their care, that their life together may be a sure sign of thy blessing and that they may grow in love to the end of their days.  Through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen," says the priest.
"May the love of the Father enrich and uphold you.  May Christ, who blessed with his presence the wedding at Cana, be with you in all that you do.  May the Holy Spirit guide and guard you, and the blessing of God, eternal trinity be yours and always.  Amen," says the priest.  Rosemary murmurs "Amen."  David and Barbara walk down the aisle as husband and wife.
Outside the church, Doris Luke and Diane pat two horses pulling a carriage.  "Here they come," says Doris.  Barbara Hunter stares in amazement as she see's the horse-drawn carriage.  "Oh, was this your idea?" she asks David.  "No it was yours.  The last chapter of Love in June," answers David.  "You promised you'd never read any of my books.  They're too frivolous for you," says Barbara.  "It's research.  That's not frivolous.  Come on," says David and helps her into the carriage.  "Arr, you look beautiful.  Every happiness to you both," says Doris Luke.  "Thank you," says David and Barbara, as they begin their journey. 
Inside the church, Chris Hunter waits for his mother.  Rosemary Hunter steps out from the pew, her face wet with tears.  She walks unsteadily towards Chris and then collapses in his arms.
Alison Cotterill returns to Stonebank Farm with a pile of books which Barbara Brady has lent her.  Alison asks Benny who that lady with her uncle is.  Reg Cotterill introduces Alison to Ivy Pruett.  Shortly after Ivy Pruett tells Reg that she must be going.  "Pity you can't hang on for another hour I could have walked you home.  It's my bible class tonight.  I go right past your door," says Reg Cotterill.  "What, to the chapel on the corner of Bridge Street?" asks Ivy Pruett.  "That's right.  There's not many of us, but what we lack in numbers we make up for in service," says Reg.  "Well wonders will never cease," says Ivy Pruett.  "What do you mean?" asks Reg.  "Never you mind.  But I think you're in for a bit of a surprise," says Ivy Pruett.  
At the motel, Adam Chance joins J. Henry Pollard in reception, and they are joined by Miranda.  "You know you missed an opportunity.  You should have jumped on the band wagon and made it a double wedding," says J. Henry Pollard.  Adam Chance excuses himself and J. Henry and Miranda sit in reception.  Miranda tells her father that she doesn't know whether she should go to the wedding reception because Chris Hunter will be there.  "Adam knows about that does he," says J. Henry Pollard.  "Yes, " Miranda tells him.  "What did he do?" asks J. Henry.  "Cleared the air in a way I found impressive," Miranda tells him.  "I was under the impression that your interest in Mr Chance was on the wane," says J. Henry.  "What on earth gave you that idea," asks Miranda.  "Shall we say certain circumstances," says J. Henry. 
The wedding guests gather in the sitting room.  "I was never so surprised in my life.  I thought it was a figment of my imagination," says Barbara to Tish.  "Well it was.  I must read more of your novels.  I never realised they had such bizarre touches," says Tish.  "Bizarre?" asks Barbara.  "well it is 1980," says Tish.  "Love in June was set in 1914," David tells Tish.  "I suppose you're now the leading world authority on the works of Barbara Brady," laughs Tish.  "I am," replies David.  "No you're not.  Maybe you're an expert on the novels of Eleanor Ruskin but that part of my life has nothing to do with us.  Still, it was marvellous.  It was a lovely surprise," Barbara tells David.      
Adam Chance comes into the room.  "Isn't it getting to cake cutting time," he says.  Adam and Tish remove the cake decorations.  "Wish on the first cut," says Adam, as David and Barbara cut the cake.  "Now a kiss, come on," says Adam and David kisses Barbara to the cheers of all the guests.

1980 Episodes continued

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