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Chris Hunter admires Miranda Pollard from a distance and Sandy tells him that she is already spoken for, by Adam Chance.  "I'll give you a progress report," says Chris.  "There won't be any," says Sandy.  "How much d'you want to bet," says Chris, confidently.

Diane Hunter arrives for work at the motel and talks to Sandy at the reception desk.  She tells him that his sister Jill can be a pain in the neck sometimes.  She tells Sandy that she is moving out of Chimney's and back to her flat.  Diane goes to the kitchen.  "Back to her little nest eh.  Interesting," says Chris Hunter who has overheard their conversation.

At Chimney's Adam Chance and Jill Harvey have dinner.  Adam tells Jill that he heard her and Diane arguing and asks what it was about.  Jill says it was nothing, and tells Adam that Diane is moving back to her flat.

Doctor John Farnham and Marion Owen have an after dinner coffee in the reception area of the motel.  John Farnham tells Marion that he knows she is unhappy about Doctor Butterworth leaving.  Marion Owen says Doctor Butterworth is a good doctor and had a good relationship with his patients.  John Farnham tells Marion Owen that she would be wasting her qualifications working at the motel.

Diane Hunter goes to Chimney's to pick up her belongings.  Jill asks her to stay but Diane says no.

Sandy takes a telephone call for David Hunter.  He see's David crossing the reception area and calls him over.  Sandy tells David that someone wants to talk to him but David says he is too busy.  Sandy says he will be glad when Mrs Owen joins the staff.  "Mrs Owen?" asks David, and Sandy tells him that Marion Owen is going to join the staff as housekeeper.  Sandy tells David that Marion Owen is Doctor John Farnham's receptionist and he isn't too pleased about her leaving.

At David and Barbara's new home they do some spring cleaning.  Barbara notices that David is distracted and asks him what he has on his mind.  David tells her that Chris wants him to go and see Rosemary.  "You're not seriously considering it, are you?" asks Barbara.

Miranda Pollard comes into the motel reception and orders coffee from Sandy.  Chris Hunter is standing by the reception desk and he orders coffee too.  He asks Miranda if she would mind if he joined her.  "Feel free," says Miranda and walks to one of the tables in reception.  Chris follows her and the waitress brings their coffee.  Chris Hunter pours his coffee and tells Miranda that he needs coffee because he had a bad night at the disco last night.  "You should try it," he tells Miranda. 

Adam Chance comes into reception and notices Chris and Miranda.  He goes over to them and asks Miranda if she and Chris have been introduced.  "No, we haven't," says Miranda.  "Chris Hunter, Miranda Pollard," says Adam and Chris holds out his hand.  Miranda Pollard takes it.  "Enchanted," she says as she shakes Chris's hand. 

Later, Chris Hunter relaxes in David's motel quarters.  David and Barbara come in and Chris asks them how their day off was.  David tells him it was very busy.  Barbara asks Chris about his day and Chris tells them that he went to see Rosemary.  He tells David that Rosemary asked about him and said she would like to see him.  David tells Chris to talk to Rosemary's doctor and see what he says.

Doris Luke helps Alison Cotterill with the housework at Stonebank Farm.  Doris tells Alison that she knows about a job vacancy at the Crossroads Motel, and asks Alison if she thinks she would like working at the motel.  Doris tells her that if she wants the job she must go and see Sandy Richardson.  Alison tells Doris that she will talk to her uncle.

Chris Hunter asks Barbara and David about the house she and David have rented and Barbara tells him that he must come round to the house and see it.  Barbara leaves the room.  "You're lucky dad," Chris tells his father.  "I know.  You approve?" asks David.  "Not that it matters whether I approve or not," says Chris.  "I'm glad you do," says David. 

Alison Cotterill arrives at the motel with Doris Luke.  Doris tells Jill Harvey, who is on duty at reception, that Alison has come to see Sandy about a job.  Jill telephones through to the office and talks to David.  David tells Jill that Sandy has gone into Birmingham.  Jill explains that Alison Cotterill has come to see Sandy about a job, but David says he can't interview her.  Jill tells Alison that Sandy seems to have forgotten about her appointment.  At that moment Adam Chance comes into reception and Jill asks him if he would speak to Alison about a job.

Chris Hunter goes to David and Barbara's new home and David shows him around.

Adam Chance takes Alison Cotterill into the office and asks her if she has had any experience in catering.  Alison says no.  He asks her for details of her previous jobs and whether she has any references, and Alison says she wasn't told that she needed references.  Alison tells Adam that she has been keeping house for her uncle Reg Cotterill.  Adam tells her that they need references to make sure that she will fit in.  "Oh so I'm not good enough," says Alison, standing up.  "I didn't say that," says Adam.  Alison says she would only be peeling vegetables and they need references.  "I didn't want the job anyway," she says and leaves the office in tears.

Outside the office door Alison waits, trying to compose herself.  Barbara Brady comes along the corridor and see's her.  Barbara asks her what's wrong.  "Nothing," Alison tells her, and walks back towards reception.  Barbara Brady follows her.

Barbara Brady tells Jill that she just saw a young girl in the corridor by the office and Jill tells her that was Alison Cotterill.  Alison comes through into reception and tells Jill Harvey that she will be going now.  Jill apologises to her for the mix up and offers Alison some tea which Alison accepts.  Barbara tells Jill that she will have some tea as well.




1980 Episodes continued

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