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Barbara Brady finds Alison Cotterill sitting in the reception area and sits down with her.  Barbara asks her if she feels better now and Alison says yes.  She says she went for a job but she obviously wasn't the person they were looking for. Barbara says she and Mr Hunter have just moved into a new house and they will need someone to help out.  She asks Alison if she would like the job and Alison accepts.   

Doris Luke goes to Stonebank Farm and asks Benny where Alison is and Benny says she hasn't come back from the motel yet.  Alison returns home at that moment and Doris and Benny ask her how she got on.  Alison tells them that she didn't get the job she went for but she got another job, working for Miss Brady and Mr Hunter.

John Farnham goes to the motel and speaks with David Hunter.  He says he has come about Marion Owen.  He says he knows Marion has already agreed to work at the motel but he thinks she is making the wrong decision.  David tells him that he hardly thinks it's their decision.  "I knew I was wasting my time!" says John Farnham loudly, and storms off.

John Farnham stops in reception to speak to Jill Harvey.  he asks who it was who put the idea of a job at the motel into Marion Owen's head.  "Could it have been one of David Hunter's brainwaves?" he asks.  Jill tells him that it was actually Tish Hope's idea.  "Why?  Does it make any difference?" asks Jill.  "Yes, I'm afraid it does," says John Farnham.  "I'm afraid I may have jumped to a few conclusions," he adds.

Shortly after John Farnham has left Marion Owen comes into reception and tells Jill Harvey that she would like to arrange to come to the motel to find out exactly what the job entails.  "Was that Doctor Farnham's car I saw outside?" asks Marion Owen.  Jill tells her it was and that John was visiting a patient at the motel.  Marion says she didn't know he had any patients at the motel.

Doris Luke comes through into reception from the kitchen and greets Marion Owen.  Doris asks her if she is waiting for Doctor Farnham and Marion says no.  Doris says it's just as well judging by the look on the doctors face when he left.  "So it wasn't a patient," asks Marion.  Jill admits that it wasn't and that John Farnham went to see David Hunter.  "To try and stop me getting the job," guesses Marion Owen.

Reg Cotterill goes to David and Barbara's house and finds Barbara Brady on her own.  He introduces himself as Alison's uncle.  "I've been expecting you," says Barbara.  Reg looks a little surprised.  Barbara says it's obvious that he wants to make sure of them before he lets Alison come and work for them.  Reg Cotterill asks Barbara why she chose Alison and Barbara says Alsion's a nice girl.  She assures Reg Cotterill that her and David will look after Alison.  "So stop worrying," she says.

Reg Cotterill goes back to Stonebank Farm and tells Alison that he went to see Miss Brady.  "Oh uncle!" exclaims Alison.  Benny says Miss Brady is very nice.  "Yes, a bit unusual.  Even alittle eccentric, but she can't be that bad if she's going to marry Mr Hunter," says Reg.  "I was quite taken with her myself," he adds and Alison smiles at him.  "Then you won't mind me going to work there," says Alison.  Reg says he doesn't mind.  He asks Alison how she is going to get to Woodbury and Alisons ays she'll get her old bike out.

Marion Owen goes to Doctor Farnham's surgery and tells him that she knows he went to see David Hunter.  "How dare you go behind my back and try and arrange my life," she says angrily.  "Just who do you think you are doctor Farnham.  If ever I had any lingering doubts about leaving then your behaviour this afternoon has pushed them all away," she says.  John Farnham tells her that David Hunter shares his views about her throwing away her qualifications.  Marion Owen tells him that even if David Hunter withdrew the offer of the job she would have to find someone to replace her.  "Because I wouldn't work for you now for anything," says Marion.

David and Barbara go over the list of people to invite to their forthcoming wedding.  David asks her if she is going to invite her brother, but Barbara says he is in Italy and he would probably make fun of her.  David says he is the only family she has.  Barbara tells David that her father would have approved of him.  "And your mother?" asks David. Barbara says he mother warned her never to trust handsome men.

David shows Barbara the service of blessing, she reads it and says it's beautiful.  David says he's sorry it can't be a church wedding, after all it is him that's divorced. 

At the sanitorium Chris Hunter talks with Rosemary's doctor.  Rosemary sits knitting and Chris sits opposite her.  Chris gives her a make up kit and she says she will use it on special occasions.  Rosemary asks Chris how David is.  "He's alright," replies Chris.  "Does he ask about me?" asks Rosemary.  She says she feels guilty about the accident.  She says David tried to save her from hurting herself.  "Your father's a very brave man," says Rosemary.  Rosemary asks Chris when David will come and visit her but Chris says he thinks it would upset her. 

Later at the motel Chris tells David that he spoke to Rosemary's doctor and she doesn't think it's a good idea for David to visit Rosemary.  He tells David that Rosemary feels guilty about the accident.  "Can you forgive her?" asks Chris.  David says he didn't love her ebough.  "You loved her dad," says Chris.  "Not enough," repeats David.  "Do you love Barbara enough?" asks Chris.  "Yes," replies David.

Chris Hunter goes to Diane's flat.  He tells her that he see's Rosemary every day and he can't believe it's her.  "That was one heck of a thing she did you know," says Diane.  "And she's paying a heck of a price," says Chris.  There is a knock at the door at Diane Hunter's flat and Diane opens it to Adam Chance.  Chris stares at Diane, open-mouthed.  "This world's full of little surprises," he says and leaves.  Adam Chance asks Diane what is wrong and Diane says that Chris Hunter thinks there is something going on between her and Adam.  Adam tells Diane that he feels bad about the way she left Chimney's.  Diane asks Adam if he realises what all this business with Miranda Pollard is doing to Jill.  "She cares about you.  She cares a lot," Diane tells him.





1980 Episodes continued

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