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Miranda Pollard asks Jill if Adam Chance has mentioned anything to her about them getting married.  "Oh that," says Jill, offhandedly.  She says it's obvious they aren't suited.

Chris Hunter finds Barbara Brady alone in the sitting room.  Barbara tells him that David loves him and if he opened his eyes he would see that.  "My father isn't capable of love," says Chris.  Barbara says she knows different.  She tells Chris that there is something he doesn't know that David asked her not to tell him.  "Alright.  Amaze me," says Chris.  "Your mother didn't try to kill herself, Chris.  She tried to kill David," says Barbara.  Chris stares at her, and asks her whay David didn't tell him.  Barbara says David didn't owe him an explanation.  "Thank you for telling me.  Thank you for treating me like an adult," says Chris and leaves the room.  "Yes, but when are you going to act liek one," says Barbara out aloud to herself.

Alison Cotterill prepares for her second interview at the drapers hop and asks Benny if he would walk her there.

Miranda Pollard goes to Chimney's and asks Jill how long she has know Adam Chance, and Jill says a few years.  Adam Chance arrives at Chimney's and is surprised to find Miranda there.  He tells her that he has booked a table for them at a restaurant but Miranda says she is sorry she can't make it.  Miranda suggests to Adam that he takes Jill instead but Jill says she isn't free.  When Miranda has left Adam asks Jill to change her mind but Jill says she doesn;t like standing in for someone else.  Adam telephones the restaurant to cancel the booking but gets an engaged tone.  he slams the phone down. 

Diane Hunter arrives home at Chimney's after work and begins complaining about her day.  Adam Chance asks her if she would like to have dinner with him.  At first Diane stares at him, then she realises he is serious and accepts the invitation.

David and Barbara move into the new house.  David says they have got a lot of work to do around the house and Barbara says she isn't very good at keeping house.  David says they'll get someone in to help.  David tells Barbara that he saw Chris today and he just stood there staring at him.  Barbara tells David that she and Chris talked yesterday and she told him what really happened.  She asks David if he is angry at her for telling Chris but David says no.

Benny arrives at Stonebank Farm before Alison Cotterill and tells Reg and Doris Luke that Alison didn't get the job at the drapers shop, so she is a bit upset.  Alison Cotterill arrives home and tells them that someone else was offered the job.  Doris Luke tries to comfort her and tells her that there will be other jobs.  Alison excuses herself to go upstairs.

Adam Chance and Diane Hunter arrive back at Chimney's after their eveing out together.  Jill asks them if they had a nice time, then announces that she is going to bed.  She goes out slamming the door.

David Hunter and Barbara Brady arrive at the motel and they go to the office.  David opens the door and see's Chris sitting down looked dejected.  "I'll see you later," says Barbara as she see's Chris.  David goes into the office alone and pours Chris a drink.  David asks Chris if he is angry at him for not telling him what really happened, and Chris says he is angry at being treated like a child.  "Why did you let me go on at you.  You could have shut me up," says Chris.  "It's love.  For you," says David.  Chris looks at his father with affection.

Benny asks Alison Cotterill what really happened at the job interview and asks if they were nasty to her.  Alison says the man who interviewed her was really kind and she got the impression that he was trying to let her down gently.  She tells Benny that she was so nervous that she could hardly answer his questions.

J. Henry Pollard talks to Adam Chance and asks him how things are between him and Miranda.  J. Henry tells Adam that the deal will be going through very soon.

Marion Owen goes to the motel and talks to Tish Hope in the sitting room.  Marion tells Tish that she has been thinking about the housekeeping job and she would like to apply for the job if it's still open.  Tish tells her that the motel needs a housekeeper urgently.  Marion Owne tells Tish that she would have to work a months notice at the surgery.

Doris Luke asks Benny how Alison Cotterill is and Benny tells her that Alison is still a bit upset.  He asks Doris Luke if there might be a job going at the motel, and Doris says she will ask but not to build up Alison's hopes.

Tish Hope asks Jill Harvey if she would check up on the linen and Jill isn't too happy about doing this.  Tish tells her that the motel will have a housekeeper in a month's time.  Jill looks at her puzzled, and Tish tells her that Marion Owen would like the job.

Doris Luke asks Tish Hope if there would be any chance of a job at the motel for Alison Cotterill, and Tish asks her what Alison can do.  Doris tells her that Alison is used to keeping house for her uncle Reg Cotterill.

Miranda Pollard joins Adam Chance in the motel office.  Adam shows her a diamond ring and asks her to wear it.  He slips it on her finger.

Doctor John Farnham has an argument on the phone with one of Doctor Butterworth's patients.  John Farnham tells Marion Owen that some of Doctor Butterworth's patients resent having to have another doctor, and asks Marion if she could have a word with them.  Marion Owen tells him that she might not be able to.  "What do you mean?" asks John Farnham.  "I've been meaning to give you this," says Marion and hands him an envelope.  "It's my month's notice," she explains.  "Marion, no," says John Farnham.  Marion Owen says that when the new doctor arrives his wife, who is a pharmacist, will take over her job and she won't be needed.  John Farnham says he refuses to accept the resignation and tears up the letter.

Miranda Pollard shows J. Henry the ring Adam gave her.  J. Henry Pollard asks her when the big day is but Miranda says they haven't talked about it.

Jill Harvey has a chance to talk to Diane Hunter alone and tells her that Adam Chance is quite mixed up enought as it is without her making it worse.  Diane says she doesn't know what she means and Jill says she is talking about her having dinner with Adam the other night.  "You're so cross eyed with jealousy you can't even see straight," says Diane.  "I think you'd better go," says Jill.  "Do you know something.  That's the best idea you've had all week," says Diane.

Chris Hunter joins David in the office and tells him that he is going to see his mother.  He tells David that Rosemary talks about the accident.

Marion Owen waits until after surgery to talk to John Farnham.  John Farnham asks Marion Owen to have dinner with him at the motel and they can talk things over, but Marion says it won't change her mind.  John Farnham says he knows but he would be gald of the company.











1980 Episodes continued

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