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Marion Owen goes to the motel and asks Barbara Brady if Tish Hope is available.  Barbara tells her that she has just missed her, and asks if there is anything she can do to help as she looks worried.  Marion Owen tells Barbara that there are going to be some changes at the surgery and she is worried about it.  "You're not happy about them?" asks Barbara.  "No, as a matter of fact I'm thinking of giving in my notice," says Marion.
David tells Barbara that he had a phone call from his old friend Bob Powell.  He says Bob has rented a house in the area and has invited them to dinner,so he has accepted the invitation for both of them.  He tells Barbara that Bob is a bit of a loner.  "A bit like me," he says.  "You won't have a chance to be a loner anymore," Barbara tells him.
Tish Hope tells Doris Luke that they are going to have to advertise for a motel housekeeper, and she would be grateful if Doris would cast an expert eye over the applicants. 
Reg Cotterill comes into the motel staff room and talks with Doris Luke.  He tells her that Alison is applying for a job and that means they will need some help at the farm.  He asks Doris if she would mind helping out and Doris says she would be happy to.
Tish Hope asks David if he has received any replies to the advertisement for the motel housekeeper's job, and David says no.  He suggest that they offer the job to Doris Luke.  "Now why didn't I think of that," says Tish.
Reg Cotterill tells Alison and Benny that Doris Luke has agreed to help them out at Stonebank Farm.  He tells Alison that if she wants that job then she had better go and see about it.
David and Barbara go to the house which Bob Powell has rented.  David notices a piece of paper wedged in the door knocker and reads it.  "If I'm late go in and make yourselves at home," he reads.  David and Barbara let themselves into the house and look around the living room.  Barbara Brady picks up a framed photo of Anne Powell.  David see's her looking at the photo and tells Barbara that the photo is of Bob's wife Anne.  He takes the photo from her and looks at it fondly.  He tells Barbara that Anne died about five years ago.  "I know about Kelly and now Anne.  How many more were there?" asks Barbara."I didn't count," david tells her.  Barbara says she didn't mean it to come out like that and David says he wasn't trying to hide anything from her.  "Do you really want to give up that freedom.  Being a loner?" asks Barbara.  "That wasn't goo for me but you are," says David.
Doctor John Farnham apologises to Marion Owen for the way he spoke to her.  he tells her that Doctor Sharp might be applying for the job as Doctor Butterworth's replacement.
At Bob Powell's house the telephone rings and Barbara Brady answers it.  "Yes, I'm Barbara Brady.  Oh I see," she says into the phone.  David asks her what is happening but Barbara continues her conversation over the phone.  ""Yes I'll talk to David about it," she says.  "When will you get the chance," says David.  When Barbara puts the phone down she tells David that that was Bob to says that he has been held up at a meeting and can't make it for dinner.  She tells David that Bob has been offered a research grant in America and he wondered if she and David would take over the lease on the house.  "Let's look," says David, and they set off the look over the house.
Alison Cotterill arrives back at Stonebank Farm following her interview for the job in the drapers shop, and Reg and benny ask her how she got on.  Alison tells them that she has to go back for another interview next week.
Tish Hope finds Doris Luke in the staff room and tells her that the motel are looking for a housekeeper and they thought she might like th job.  Tish tells her that she won't have to work shifts, just nine to five.  Doris tells her that she can't take it because she has promised Reg Cotterill that she would help him out at Stonebank Farm.
David and Barbara have finished looking over the house, and Barbara asks David if he wants the house.  "You do," says David..  He tells Barbara that leasing it will give them a chance to see if they like the house before they buy.  "I vote for the house," says Barbara.  "Motion carried.  Majority of two," says David and smiles.  "Good job we're going to get married.  Much harder to find a place for one," says Barbara.
J. Henry Pollard asks Adam Chance how he is getting on with Miranda, and Adam tells him that he was thinking of suggesting they get engaged.
Tish Hope finds Barbara Brady in the motel sitting room and tells her that she was looking for David.  Barbara tells Tish that she will be Mrs Hunter soon.  "Sooner than you think," she tells Tish.  Tish looks at her, puzzled and Barbara tells her that they have brought the wedding forward, to Easter week.  Tish says she is very happy for them both.  Barbara mentions that she saw Marion Owen earlier and she seemed really unhappy and said she was thinking of giving in her notice at the surgery.  "I wonder," mutters Tish.
Chris Hunter ambles into the staff room and finds Sandy there.  Sandy asks him how Rosemary is and Chris says she is very quiet.  "You nearly lost your father you know," says Sandy.  "Yes, it must have taken courage to take the gun away from her," says Chris.  Chris says he can't understand why his father won't go and see Rosemary, and Sandy tells him that if David got involved with Rosemary it could tear him and Barbara apart.  Chris says Barbara is just another in the long line of women his father picks up and gets rid of.  Sandy points out that they are getting married at Easter.  "How can I tell Mum that.  It'll kill her.  And Dad doesn't give a damn," says Chris.
David asks Adam Chance how his business deal with J. Henry Pollard is going, and about this wedding he keeps referring to.  Adam tells him that marriage to Miranda Pollard is part of the deal.
Tish Hope goes to the doctor's surgery and speaks to Marion Owen.  Tish says she heard Marion was thinking of giving in her notice and Marion tells her that is correct.  Tish tells Marion that the motel are looking for a housekeeper and asks her if she would be interested.
David joins Barbara in the motel sitting room.  Chris Hunter comes into the room and tells them that Sandy said they were getting married soomer than planned.  "What about Mum.  How am I going to tell her?" asks Chris.  He says Rosemary can't take it yet and perhaps they had better postpone the wedding.  David tells Chris that he has his own life and he wants to live it.  "Oh I thought it would come down to that.  Pay attention Miss Brady.  This is the man you've got to depend on.  My mother did and look what happened to her..." says Chris.  "Get out of her!" shouts David.  Chris goes to the door but turns back to Barbara.  "Good luck," he says sarcastically.  David gets up and goes to follow Chris.  "No David!" says Barbara.  Chris slams the door behind him.  "It won't do either of you any good," Barbara tells David.  "Can't I do anything right," says David.  "I won't let him talk to you like that and I won't let you hear him talk to me like that," David tells Barbara.

1980 Episodes continued

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