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Doris Luke goes to Stonebank Farm and is pleased to see Alison Cotterill looking so happy.  Doris asks her when she is going to come to the motel and Alison says she and Benny can go tonight. 
Barbara Brady tells John Farnham that David is looking very tired and he is working when he should be taking things easy.  "I'm just afriad he's going to have a relapse," says Barbara.  John Farnham tells her that she must look out for any warning signs such as loss of appetite.  John Farnham tells Barbara that he has hardly seen her, and Barbara tells him that she has been very busy with the wedding arrangements.  "I understood it wasn't until the summer," says John, and Barbara tells him that they have set a date for easter.
Marion Owen comes into the consulting room and gently reminds John Farnham that he has a room full of patients waiting to see him.  Barbara Brady leaves the surgery.  Marion Owen tells John Farnham that she has saved him a bit of time by making out some of the prescriptions as most of them are repeat prescriptions, so all he has to do is sign them.  John Farnham looks at Marion and says he won't sign anything without examining the patient first.  Marion Owen tells him that she used to do it for Doctor Butterworth.  "Well, not whilst I'm taking over," says John Farnham loudly.
Doctor John Farnham apologises to Marion Owen for shouting at her, and tells her that he is a bit worried about Doctor Butterworth.  He explains that Doctor Butterworth is thinking of retiring.  "I can't imagine King's Oak without Doctor Butterworth," says Marion Owen.
Adam Chance asks Diane Hunter what she thinks about him marrying Miranda Pollard, and Diane says it seems to her that he would be marrying Miranda for all the wrong reasons.  She says she knows all about that.  Adam Chance asks Diane if she has seen Chris since he arrived.  "Arrived?" asks Diane.  "Yes, he's back at the motel," Adam tells her.  "Nobody told me,"says Diane.
Chris Hunter goes into the office where he finds David.  Chris says he thought he was going on holiday and David tells him that's been put off for a while.  "You know you're the only person who hasn't asked me how I am," says David.  "No, you don't look well," says Chris. 
Chris asks who gave Simone away to the police and David says he doesn't know.  "You shouldn't have sent her to do your dirty work," says David.  "Who does your dirty work.  That blond bit?" asks Chris, snidely.  "Miss Brady," David reminds him firmly.  Chris asks David if he is really going to marry Barbara and David says yes.  Chris tells David that he can help Rosemary by visiting her at the sanitorium.  "I can't," says David.  "You can't.  Well I'm just off to the nursing home now.  I'll give mum your regards shall I," says Chris sarcastically, and walks out.
Marion Owen goes to the motel where she talks with Tish Hope.  Tish notices that Marion is distratced and asks her what's on her mind.  Marion Owen tells her that Doctor Butterworth is going to retire and she doesn't like the idea much.
Diane see's Chris Hunter in reception.  "Did you hear about your mum.  Is that why you came back?" she asks.  Diane tells him that she is sorry about what happened.  Chris tells Diane that his mother talks about her fondly.
Jill Harvey arrives home at Chimney's and finds Adam Chance working on his business project.  Jill tells him it's a bit premature considering he hasn't decided what to do about Miranda Pollard.  "How is Miranda going to feel?" asks Jill.  Jill asks Adam if it has occured to him that Miranda might not know anything about the planned marriage at all and it might be something that J. Henry Pollard cooked up by himself.  Adam says he didn't think about that. 
Diane Hunter takes David his lunch tray in the office and tells him that she has just seen Chris.  David says Chris has taken it badly.  "Well it must be a bit of a shock to find your mother's shot your father," says Diane.  David tells her that Chris doesn't know what happened, he thinks Rosemary tried to shoot herself.  Diane stares in disbelief.  "I'm not going to tell him and neither are you," says David firmly. 
Adam Chance talks with Miranda Pollard in the motel sitting room and tells her that her father has asked him to marry her as part of the deal.  "Marriage!  You and me!  Who the hell wants to get married!" exclaims Miranda.
Barbara Brady finds Chris in the office and Chris apologises to her for the things he said about her.  He tells her that he has just spent the afternoon at the sanitorium with his mother.  "She tried to kill herself because of you!" he says, angrily.  "Chris, I want you to listen to what I have to say," says Barbara.  "I don't want to hear it," says Chris and walks out.
Doris Luke goes to see Reg Cotterill at Stonebank Farm and Doris says she can't get over the way Alison has changed.  She asks him if he has ever thought that Alison might want to get a job, and Reg says a firm no.  "Alison belongs here," he says. 
David joins Barbara in the office and she tells him that Chris was here earlier.  David tells Barbara not to listen to Chris as he is only trying to spoil their relationship.  Barbara says Chris should know the truth.  "It might be the best thing for him, and us," says Barbara.
Alison Cotterill and Benny arrive back at Stonebank Farm after an evening out at the motel.  Reg Cotterill tells Alison that he knows she sent Doris Luke to soften him up to the idea of her getting a job.  Alison tells Reg that she would like to pay him back for all the years he has looked after her.
Diane talks to Chris in reception and he tells her that he saw his mother today.  He says she was so drugged up that she didn't even know what was going on.  "Spare a thought for your dad," says Diane.  "Why?" asks Chris.  "Because I think it's important that you and he get on," says Diane.  "It's not important for me," replies Chris. 
Benny tells Reg Cotterill that Alison doesn't like having to ask him for money all the time.
Miranda Pollard tells J. Henry that she knows all about him planning to marry her off to Adam Chance.  J. Henry says he thought that was what she wanted, but Miranda says it isn't. 
Later, J. Henry Pollard has a drink with Adam and he says he wants Miranda to be happy.  Adam tells him that he is genuinely fond of Miranda, and that in time he thinks it could develop into something more.  J. Henry tells him that if he doesn't intend marrying Miranda then he won't include him in the deal.  Adam asks him to give him more time.
Alison Cotterill tells Benny that whilst she was in the village she saw a job advertised in a drapers shop.  She says she is going to talk to her uncle about it.  Later, when Reg Cotterill comes into the farm kitchen for a cup of tea, Alison tells him about the job and he tells her that he will think about it.
Tish Hope goes to the doctor's surgery and asks Doctor John Farnham how Doctor Butterworth is.  She says she heard that Doctor Butterworth was thinking of retiring.  "May I ask who told you?" asks John Farnham.  Tish tells him that she heard some talk in the village.  "Isn't it true then?" she asks, and John Farnham tells her that nothing has been decided.
Reg Cotterill joins Benny and Alison in the farm kitchen.  Reg tells Alison that he called in at the drapers shop in the village and it seems like a nice place.  "So if you're still set on the idea you can go after the job," Reg tells Alison.  She hugs him.  Reg says that if Alison is at work all day then it will mean they will have to get extra help in.  "And extra help means Miss Luke," he says. 
Doctor John Farnham asks Marion Owen into his consulting room and tells her that he had a visit from Tish Hope earlier and she was asking how Doctor Butterworth is.  He says no-one knew about the possibility of Doctor Butterworth retiring except him and herself.  Marion Owen admits that she told Tish Hope.  Doctor Farnham tells her that everything that is said in the surgery is confidential.  "Don't let it happen again," he warns Marion Owen.

1980 Episodes continued

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