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Tish Hope and Sandy have tea in the sitting room and Lloyd Munro joins them.  Lloyd thanks Tish for not saying anything to Meg about her not being able to help out at the motel.  Tish says she didn't lie to Meg she just didn't tell her the whole truth.
Jill Harvey comes into reception and see's David.  "David"" she shouts and hugs David emphatically.  Suddenly she lets go and looks at him anxiously.  "Let him down gently, he's still fragile," says Barbara.  Barbara tells Jill that they are going to the West Indies in the morning.  "Tall, dark and suntanned eh.  Lucky you,"  Jill tells Barbara.
David tells Barbara that he wants to check something and excuses himself.  He wanders across reception.  Jill tells Barbara that it's time something nice happened to David.  "I'm very happy for you both," she tells Barbara.
David joins Meg at the reception desk.  "I remember something about a booking.  Did they ever ..." he begins.  "David," says Meg, interupting.  "What?" asks David.  "Shut up," says Meg and they both laugh.
David and Barbara go into the sitting room and Lloyd, Tish and Sandy welcome David back.  David tells Tish that he is grateful to her for helping out.
Later, Meg and Lloyd wait in reception for a taxi to take them both to the airport.  Tish, Sandy and Jill wish them both a good holiday.
J. Henry Pollard tells Adam Chance that he has been checking up on him and he knows he has only been involved with the Motel for about 18 months.  Adam says he never said he owned the motel, he assumed it.  Adam tells J.Henry that he can make the project work and J. Henry Pollard says he is willing to give him a chance, on one condition, that he marries Miranda.
Adam Chance goes into the sitting room where he finds Sandy and Jill.  Sandy asks him what happened and Adam tells him that he is in on J.Henry Pollard's project but he has to marry Miranda.
Tish Hope is on duty at the reception desk when she looks up and see's Chris Hunter walking into the motel.  Tish asks him if he wants her to let his father know that he is here, or does he want to surprise him.  "You'd better tell him.  I think he's got quite a few surprises in store," says Chris. 
Tish goes to find David Hunter whilst Chris waits in reception.  David comes out from the kitchen and goes over to Chris, smiling.  "Chris.  It's good to see you," he says, walking towards his son with his hand extended to shake Chris's hand.  Chris keeps both hands in his pockets.  "What's the matter?" asks David.  "You stand there and ask what's the matter.  I want to talk to you right away.  You've got a hell of a lot to answer for," says Chris.
David and Chris go into the office.  Chris says his mother wanted to die because of him.  ""Mum said you were having a ding dong with someone called Barbara," says Chris.  "It's the most important thing that's happened to me," says David.  "For how long?" asks Chris.  "For good," answers David.  There is a knock at the door and Barbara comes in, but on seeing David with Chris she says she'll come back later.  David tells her to come in.  "I'd like you to meet my son," says David.  "Hello Chris," says Barbara.  Chris doesn't answer.  "We're getting married," says David.  "When?" asks Chris.  "In the summer," replies David.  "Congratulations," says Chris sarcastically.  
David tells Chris that he and Barbara are going to the West Indies tomorrow.  "Have a good time," says Chris and walks out.  "Good looking boy, your son," says Barbara.  ""With a bit of encouragment I could grow to hate him," she says, and David stares at her.
Jill asks Adam if he is seriously considering marrying Miranda Pollard just to secure a business deal.  Adam says it's the biggest business deal of his life and he can't just dismiss it.  Jill says surely it can't be that important.
At Chimney's Jill tells Diane Hunter about Adam's predicament, and Diane asks her what she feels about Adam.  Jill says she is fond of him, and doesn't want to see him make a fool of himself.  "It's nothing to me really," she says, but Diane is not convinced.
Chris tells David that Rosemary wants to see him, but David says he doesn't think it's a good idea. 
Tish Hope tells David that a woman in one of the chalets has been complaining about the linen in her chalet.  She says what they need is a housekeeper to take care of things like that.  David says if she thinks so they'll advertise for someone. 
Barbara Brady joins David in the office and tells him off for working when he should be taking things easy.  David tells her that he has had a row with Chris.  He tells Barbara that Chris thinks Rosemary tried to kill herself because of him.  "You told him the turht didn't you?" asks Barbara.  David looks down and Barbara tells him that it's time he stopped protecting Chris.   
David tells Barbara that he is going to have to cancel their holiday for the time being.  "Because of Chris?" asks Barbara.  David says Chris is his son and he can't leave right now.  "I think you're backing out," says Barbara, turning her back on David.  David walks up to her.  "April the 9th," he says.  Barbara turns to face him.  "It is open.  I've checked.  Will an easter wedding suit you?" asks David.  Barbara hugs him.  "So April the 9th it is then," says David.
Barbara tells David that if he won't tell Chris what really happened then why aren't they going on holiday.  David says he will tell Chris but he has to find the right moment.  David says Chris needs him more than he realises.  "You're a good father," says Barbara.  "Chris wouldn't agree with you," says David.  "he's an ungrateful son," says Barbara. 
Sandy tells Jill that Chris Hunter has arrived at the motel and he dodn't give a date of departure.  "Chris and Rosemary.  You know if David's not careful he's going to lose his future, chasing after his past," says Jill. 
Sandy goes into the office where David is working.  Sandy advances towards the desk on his crutches and David gets up from behind the desk to help him.  Sandy sits in the chair and hands his crutches to David, who stands looking uncomfortable.  David asks him if he has any advice for him.  "Like take it easy," says David, with irony.  Sandy tells David that he might think about Barbara, she is worried about him.  "She needs a holiday," Sandy tells him.  "She'll get one, in four weeks, after the wedding," says David.  "You've set the date then?" asks Sandy."Yes, didn't Barbara tells you?" asks David.  "No, it must have slipped her mind," says Sandy, pointedly.
Barbara Brady goes to the doctors surgery and the receptionist Marion Owen asks how she can help.  Barbara tells her that she hasn't got an appointment but was wondering if she could see Doctor Butterworth.  Marion Owen tells her that Doctor Butterworth isn't on surgery.  At that moment Doctor John Farnham arrives at the surgery and is surprised to see Barbara Brady.  He says he heard she was going on holiday and Barbara tells him that the holiday has been put off for a while.  She says she would like his advice and they go into the doctor's consulting room.    

1980 Episodes continued

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