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Lloyd Munro asks Sandy where Meg is and Sandy tells him that he has hardly seen her, she is busy fixing up tickets and everything else.  Sandy receives a phone call from Tish Hope.  When he has put the phone down Sandy tells Lloyd that Tish Hope has got to go travelling around all the antique sales and she can't come and help out at the motel in Meg and David's absence.
Adam Chance tells Sandy that Miranda Pollard turned up at Chimney's the other evening just as Jill was preparing a cosy candlelit meal.  He says Miranda got the wrong idea and he is afraid of what she might tell J. Henry Pollard.
Lloyd Munro joins David and Barbara at the hospital and Barbara notices that Lloyd is preoccupied.  She asks him what's on his mind and Lloyd tells them that Tish Hope ca't help out at the motel whilst Meg is away.  David says maybe he should cancel his holiday, but Barbara tells him it isn't just his holiday but part of his convalescence.
Sandy suggest to Lloyd Munro that they pretend to Meg that Tish Hope will be at the motel full time whilst she is away on holiday.  He says as long as they make sure Tish is at the motel when Meg leaves then she won't know different.
Diane Hunter goes upstairs at Chimney's to have a bath, leaving Adam Chance downstairs.  The doorbell rings and Adam answers it.  Miranda Pollard comes in and asks Adam where Jill is.  Adam says she is out.  He asks Miranda if she has made up her mind about whether there is anything going on between him and Jill.  He asks if he is forgiven and assures her again that he and Jill are just friends.  He moves closer to kiss her.  "Adam!  Are you going to have a bath first?  There's not an awful lot of room for two!" shouts Diane Hunter from upstairs.  Miranda stares at Adam.  Diane Hunter comes downstairs and assures Miranda Pollard that it was a joke.  "Don't be too long love, the water will be cold," says Diane, giggling as she leaves the room.
Adam Chance admits to Miranda Pollard that he has been telling her some white lies.  "The Motel.  I'm in it for 10%.  They made a success of that without me," he says.  "Who cares," says Miranda.  "Your father might," says Adam.  "Who's going to tell him," says Miranda.   
Lloyd Munro tells Jill that Tish Hope can only help out part time and that Meg must carry on believing that Tish will be at the motel all the time otherwise she will cancel her holiday.
Meg tells Jill that she will be going to visit Anthony Mortimer and Jill and Anthony's son Matthew.
Miranda Pollard asks J. Henry Pollard if he has reached a decision about Adam Chance, and J. Henry says he hasn't come to a decision yet.  Miranda asks her father to try and make up his mind quickly.
Doris Luke asks Glenda Brownlow how her father is and Glenda says he is fine.  She says she doesn't understand him, one minute he's down in the dumps and the next he's on cloud nine.
Miranda Pollard tells Adam Chance that he should expect a decision from J. Henry Pollard soon.  She asks him what his plans are and Adam says with meg and David going away he has to stay on and help look after the motel.  J. Henry Pollard joins Adam and Miranda in the office and asks Adam if he can talk to him later on.  They fix a time for four o'clock.
Tish Hope joins Lloyd Munro in reception and he asks her when she will be able to come and help out at the motel.  Tish tells him that she can only manage a few days next week.  Lloyd tells Tish that Meg thinks she is working full time and she must carry on believing that.
Tish and Meg have afternoon tea in the sitting room and Meg thanks Tish for helping out.  She says if she wasn't sure that Tish was here she would cancel her holiday.  J. Henry Pollard comes into the sitting room and Tish leaves him and Meg together. 
J. Henry Pollard tells Meg that he has almost completed his work and will rpobably be leaving soon.  He tells Meg that he is very impressed with the motel.  "Adam's done quite well setting up this place," says J. Henry, and Meg nods in agreement.  J. Henry Pollard asks Meg how long she has been here.  "it's been a motel for seventeen years," says Meg.  "That would make Adam Chance quite a boy genius," says J. Henry Pollard.         
J. Henry Pollard asks Meg exactly how long Adam Chance has been involved with the motel.  "Would 18 months be far off the mark?" he asks and Meg says nothing.
At the hospital David packs his belongings into a bag, then sits down exhausted on the bed.  Barbara Brady comes into his room.  "Hello," she says, cheerfully.  "Hello my love," replies David.  "You know, all I've done is pack and I'm tired," he says.  "Perhaps we should put off our holiday for a while," suggests Barbara, but David says no, if they wait any longer then they'll never get to the West Indies.  Barbara puts her hand on David's arm and he takes her hand.
J. Henry Pollard talks business with Adam Chance. 
Meg is on duty at the reception desk when she looks up as the main doors open and Barbara Brady comes in with David.  Meg rushes towards them and hugs David.  "How are you?" she asks.  "Fine," replies David, and asks Meg how she is.  Meg tells him that she is flying off on holiday this evening and has just been doing last minute checks on her passport.  "That reminds me.  I haven't checked my passprt to see if it needs renewing," says David.  "Don't fuss," Barbara tells him.  "Anyway, it's good for another three years," she adds, and David looks at her.  "How do you know?" he asks.  "I looked at it one day.  I wanted to find out how old you really are," says Barbara and David grins.
Doris Luke comes into reception.  "Mr Hunter.  It's nice to have you back," she says.  "It's good to be back," replies David.  Meg tells Doris that David isn't really back, he is going to the West Indies for convalescence.  Doris Luke tells them that when she had her accident she went to Weston Supermare for convalescence.  "Maybe we should go to Weston instead of the West Indies," says David, grinning.        

1980 Episodes continued

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