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Jill tells Sandy that she is thinking about getting another job.  Raymond Hillyer, stading nearby, interupts and says he couldn't help overhearing.  Sandy introduces Jill to Raymond Hillyer.  "Has Miss Crowther been bothering you?" Sandy asks Raymond Hillyer.  "Oh Lorna," says Raymond Hillyer.  He tells Sandy and Jill that Lorna Crwother is on his staff.  "She's a nice girl, but she isn't very good at her job," he says. 
Rosemary Hunter goes to see David in his private quarters at the motel and she tells David that she is trying to get used to the idea of losing him.  "I wish you well David.  Barbara's a lucky woman," says Rosemary.  There is a knock on the door and David says come in.  Barbara Brady comes in.  Rosemary tells them that she was just thinking how much like Chris David looked.  "Jeans and a jumper.  You must be trying to recapture your youth," she says and leaves.  David laughs.  "What did she mean?" asks Barbara.  "It means that she has accepted the situation," David tells her.  "And what is the situation?" asks Barbara.  "I've been meaning to talk to you about that," says David.
Jill Harvey talks with Raymond Hillyer in reception and he asks Jill if she would like to help him in an unofficial capacity.
David and Barbara relax on the settee in David's private quarters.  "Our situation is a permanent one," says David.  "Will you marry me?" he asks.  Barbara smiles.  "Yes, I will," she answers.
Meg asks Raymond Hillyer how his work is going, and asks if there wil be any photographs.  Raymond Hillyer says yes.
Later, Raymond Hillyer asks Lorna Crowther if she has her camera with her.  "Well, yes.  Why?" asks Lorna Crowther.  "You've just become a photographer," he says.  He tells Lorna that he has made an inside contact, Jill Harvey, who has all the information they need. 
Ron Brownlow looks at some leaflets he got from work about giving blood, and he asks Kath Brownlow to come with him.  Ron asks Glenda to come and although she refuses at first, she later changes her mind and agrees to come. 
Raymond Hillyer looks around the office whilst Lorna Crowther keeps a look out.  Doris Luke interupts them but Ray,ond Hillyer quickly picks up the camera and pretends to be taking photos.
Arthur Brownlow returns from work and notices the blood donating leaflets on the dining room table.  Ron tells him that he, Kath and Glenda are going to give blood.  He asks Arthur to come as well but arthur says no, not this time.  "I think he's scared," teases Glenda.  "The very thought of it's made him go quite pale," she says.  "I've already said no, so for goodness sake let that be an end to it!" shouts Arthur.  "I was only joking," says Glenda.
John Farnham joins Rosemary Hunter in the motel reception.  She tells him that she won't be coming on holiday with him.  John Farnham asks her if she will be going back to Geneva and Rosemary says not yet.  Rosemary says she has to first prove that she can live without David.
Steve Cater talks to Diane in her flat and he tells her that he had to do what he did.  "I've been thinking and I've come to certain conclusions.  I can't forget what's happened, but this has shown me things I can;t overlook.  I can't be trusted one minute and used the next," says Diane.  "So what are you saying.  Is it over?" asks Steve.
Ron and Glenda Brownlow go out to the pictures leaving Arthur and Kath alone together.  "Now you've driven them out of the house.  What's wrong?" asks Kath.  "I can't volunteer as a blood donor.  Now leave it at that," says Arthur.  Kath says he never told her the results of the tests he had at the hospital.  "Now come on love.  If there's something wrong I want to know," says Kath.  "I wasn't going to say anything," says Arthur.  "Is it an operation?" asks Kath.  "No, there wouldn't be any point you see," says Arthur.  "Surely it isn't that serious," says Kath.  "I've got about six months," Arthur tells her.  "There's nothing they can do," he adds.  "It can't be true Arthur.  They've made a mistake," says kath.  "No, there's no mistake," says Arthur.  "You should have told me," says Kath.  Arthur tells her that he meant to but could never find the right words.  He says he would prefer that the children didn't know until they have to.
Jill Harvey talks to Raymond Hillyer in reception and she asks him how his work is going.  Raymond Hillyer tells her that everyone has been very helpful, but he is interested in some people who aren't here at the moment.  "Oh.  Who do you mean?" asks Jill.  "Adam Chance," says Raymond Hillyer.  "Oh Adam Chance," says Jill Harvey with a little laugh in her voice.  "Why do you say it like that?" asks Raymond Hillyer.  Jill tells him that her and Adam Chance crossed swords.  "Want to tell me about it?" asks Raymond Hillyer, and Jill begins to tell him about Adam Chance ,iving at Chimney's.
Lloyd Munro listens to a tape recording of one of his therapy sessions with Rosemary Hunter.  "When David found out I'd been unfaithful I remember the hurt on his face.  Seeing in his eyes how much he loved me," says Rosemary's voice on the tape.  Lloyd hears Barbara Brady calling his name from upstairs at the cottage and he goes to the living room. 
Barbara Brady comes down the stairs with a gun in her hand.  "I found this in a cupbaord upstairs," she says, holding the gun out to Lloyd.  Lloyd tells her that it must belong to his daughter Kathryn Fisher.  he says Kathryn is used to having a gun in America.  "It's loaded," Barbara tells him.  Lloyd says he will take it to the police later that day.  He takes the gun carefully from Barbara and places it in the top drawer of his desk in the living room.             
David Hunter tells Barbara Brady that he has been to the estate agents about a house, and Barbara tells him that there is a cottage for sale about two miles from Lloyd Munro's cottage.  She says she is dying to tell Lloyd about them.  David says he wants Meg to know but he will tell Rosemary himself.  He reaches for her hand.  Meg Mortimer comes into the office.  "Meg, I want you to be the first to know," says David, with his arm around Barbara's shoulder.  "we're getting married," he says.  "That's marvellous," says Meg.
Rosemary Hunter tells Lloyd Munro that she would like to finish her therapy sessions with him.  She tells him that she has learnt to let go of David.  "I know what I have to do," she says, and leaves the cottage.  Lloyd Munro opens the top drawer of his desk and puts the recorder in.  He shuts the drawer, and walks away.  He turns and goes back to the desk.  He opens the drawer again.
Barbara Brady arrives at the cottage and tells Lloyd that she has something to tell him.  "David and I are going to be married," she tells him.  "That's great," says Lloyd.  Later, Lloyd goes to his desk drawer and opens it.  "Barbara.  You know that gun I was going to take to the police?  Look, I know you don't trust me, but where have you put it?" he saks.  Barbara tells him that she hasn't moved the gun.  "Well who else has been here this afternoon?" she asks.  "Well, the electrician came, the milkman.  Then Rosemary..." he says and stops.  He looks at Barbara.  "Rosemary?" asks Barbara anxiously. 
Barbara and Lloyd search the desk drawers for the gun.  "Are you sure it was Rosemary?" asks Barbara, and Lloyd says he can't be sure.  He tells Barbara that he is going to the motel.  "She thinks she's found a way of keeping David and I apart.  Well it could work.  David could never live with that guilt and neither could I," says Barbara.

1980 Episodes continued

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