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Rosemary joins David in the office.  "I have something to tell you.  Barbara and I are getting married," says David.  "I'm very pleased for you both," says Rosemary calmly.  David looks at her in surprise at how well she is taking the news.
Diane Hunter tells Jill Harvey that her and Steve Cater have broken up but it's going to be a little awkward because he is living in the flat downstairs.  She asks Jill if she could stay at Chimney's for a little while, and Jill says yes right away.  Jill say she will be glad of the company.
Lloyd Munro finds Rosemary alone in the office.  "Rosemary, I want the gun back," he says.  "What are you talking about Lloyd," says Rosemary.  She opens her handbag and empties the contents on the desk. 
Diane comes to the motel with some suitcases ready to move her belongings into Chimney's.  Jill tells Diane that Raymond Hillyer is coming to dinner this evening and it's important that she has some time alone with him.  She explains that Lorna Crowther is about to get the sack and Jill might be Raymond Hillyer's new assistant.
Lloyd Munro finds David Hunter and tells him that he thinks Rosemary has taken a gun.  "It may be just a threat.  There have been references to suicide," Lloyd tells him.  David says he will talk to Rosemary.  "Okay David, but please keep a close watch on her," says Lloyd.
Raymond Hillyer and Lorna Crowther arrive in the motel reception and Jill introduces them to Diane Hunter.  "So you're part of the family are you?" asks Raymond Hillyer when he hears the name Hunter.  "Sort of," replies Diane.  "Fascinating," says Lorna Crowther.  "I assure you it isn't," says Diane.
Rosemary finds David sitting in a darkened office, and says she suspects Lloyd has told him that rediculous story about her taking a gun.  "Is it true?" asks David.  "Of course it isn't," says Rosemary. 
During conversation over dinner Lorna Crowther calls Raymond Hillyer by his real name of Walter.  "Walter?" asks Jill.  Raymond Hillyer tells her it's a pet name.  Suddenly Diane takes Lorna Crowther by the arm.  "Come.  I'll show you the ladies," says Diane as she drags Lorna away.  Jill Harvey leans across the table towards Raymond Hillyer.  "Is it still on?  The job," she asks him.  Raymond Hillyer tells her that there are still a few missing details on Adam Chance.  "Isn't this going a bit far for a cookery article?" asks Jill.  Raymond Hillyer tells her that the article is for an award.  "Every year there's a theme.  This year it's the family run business.  And they have to have all the details," he says.  "So my dear Mrs Harvey.  Are you going to fill in all the gaps?  What do you say," says Raymond Hillyer.  "Ok," replies Jill.
Glenda Brownlow clears away a coffee tray in the office.  Raymond Hillyer bursts in.  "Where is she?" he asks.  Glenda asks him who he is looking for and Raymond Hillyer says he is looking for the typist.  Glenda tells him that she is off sick and Raymond Hillyer curses.  He says he gave her some papers to lock in the filing cabinet.  "I don't suppose you would know where the key is kept," he asks Glenda.  Glenda says she doesn't know but she will phone reception and ask.  "No! No, son't do that.  The truth is, those papers are on the management, and you know how it is, people always want to know what you've written about them," says Raymond Hillyer.  Glenda says she understands.  Raymond Hillyer tells her that there is 5 for whoever comes up with the key.  Glenda leaves the office and Raymond Hillyer phones Lorna Crowthers chalet.   
Doris Luke tells Tish Hope that Glenda Brownlow told her that Mr Hillyer offered her 5 if she would open a filing cabinet in the office.  Tish Hope remembers some magazines in the staff room, one of which is Carter's Gazette (the magazine Raymond Hillyer works for).  She asks Doris Luke if she would fetch the magazine from the staff room.  "There's something I want to check up on," says Tish. 
Jill shows Raymond Hillyer the file on Adam Chance.  "Oh I nearly forgot.  Miss Crowther wants to see you in her chalet," says Jill.  Jill leaves and as soon as she has left Raymond Hillyer takes out his camera and begins taking photos of the contects of Adam Chance's file.
Lloyd Munro tells Barbara Brady that he phoned the police about the missing gun but they can't do anything because they haven't got enough eveidence.  "David does consider himself responsible," says Barbara.  "He will fight for you," Lloyd tells her.  "Over Rosemary's dead body.  No, I don't think so," says Barbara.
Tish Hope see's Jill Harvey in reception and Jill tells her that she can't find Lorna Crowther.  "She booked out," Tish tells her.  "Oh I must have just missed her," says Jill.  "No, she left over an hour ago," says Tish.  "That's funny," says Jill.  Tish tells her that she found out a few things about Raymond Hillyer and tells Jill that he is not who he says he is. 
Tish Hope and Jill Harvey go into the office to confront Raymond Hillyer and find the office empty.  Tish finds an envelope on the desk addressed to Jill, and hands it to Jill.  Jill opens the envelope and finds a bundle of bank notes.  "Who's he checking up on?" asks Tish.  "I don't know but I think it's got something to do with Adam Chance," Jill tells her. 
Episode 3259 January 1980
See Dvd Volume 1
There is a cocktail party being held at the motel and during the party Meg is to officially announce David and Barbara's engagement. 
In her chalet Rosemary Hunter dresses for the party.  Lloyd Munro comes into her chalet and asks her where she has hidden the gun.  "You admit you took it," says Lloyd.  "If you're so certain why don't you call the police," Rosemary tells him.  "Oh I have," Lloyd tells her.  "But I haven't got any evidence," he adds.  Lloyd tells her that he has been thinking about her feelings towards David.  "i love him," says Rosemary.  "No Rosemary.  You don't love David, you hate him," says Lloyd.
Tish Hope, who is on reception duty, receives a phone call from Rosemary.  Tish calls Diane Hunter over and tells her that Rosemary would like to see her in her chalet.
Alone in her chalet, Rosemary Hunter loads the gun and hides it amongst her clothes in her suitcase.  There is a knock at the door and Rosemary calls "Come in."  Diane Hunter comes into the chalet.  "I'm going away.  I wanted to say goodbye," says Rosemary.  She says they have had their differences but she believes Diane was genuinely fond of Chris.
After Diane has left the chalet, Rosemary Hunter removes the gun from her suitcase and puts it into her handbag.

1980 Episodes continued

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