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Arthur Brownlow arrives home and says he didn't go looking for Arnold Jennings because he didn't have his address.
Lloyd Munro talks to Rosemary Hunter and asks her what she would do if she lost David.  Rosemary tells Lloyd that she can't imagine life without David.  Lloyd asks Rosemary if she ever worried about David's health or safety.  "What I really want to know is how much of Rosemary Hunter minus her ex-husband, remains," says Lloyd.  "Not much," Rosemary tells him.  Lloyd tells her that she is still very attractive.  "If David loved me..." says Rosemary.  "Go on," prompts Lloyd.  "No, it's silly," says Rosemary.  Lloyd asks her what she was going to say.  "If David loved me I wouldn't let him die," says Rosemary.
Later, Rosemary Hunter has a drink with John Farnham at the motel.  "Let's have coffee in my chalet.  It's still quite early," says Rosemary, and they leave reception together.
The following day Rosemary comes into reception and tells Meg and Sandy that she is meeting someone. 
Raymond Hillyer sits in reception and reads some files containing details and photos of the Motel management.  
John Farnham comes into reception and tells Sandy and Meg that he is meeting someone here.  "And there she is," he says as he see's Rosemary Hunter waiting in reception.  Meg looks at Sandy.
John Farnham and Rosemary Hunter sit in reception and John tells her that he is going on holiday soon.  He asks Rosemary if she would like to come with him.  "I'll think about it David," she says.  John Farnham looks at her.
Sandy joins Doris Luke in the staff room and Doris tells him that Raymond Hillyer has been asking questions about him, and Mrs Mortimer and Mr Hunter.  David Hunter comes into the staff room to pin something on the noticeboard and Sandy tells him that they are being investigated by Raymond Hillyer.   
Barbara Brady tells Lloyd Munro that she can't stay on at the cottage indifinitely.  Lloyd says he thought her and David were getting on well.  Barbara says she didn't say she was leaving.  "Live together?" asks Lloyd.  "He hasn't asked me," Barbara tells him. 
David see's Raymond Hillyer sitting in reception, goes over to him and sits down at the table.  David asks him if he is settling in alright and if he got his car sorted out.  "Will you be using it?  Driving around?" asks David.  Raymond Hillyer says no, he will be doing research.  "Into what?" asks David.  "Statistics," answers Hillyer.  David stands up to leave.  Raymond Hillyer stands to leave at the same time and drops the files he was holding.  The papers and photos of the Motel management spill onto the floor.  David bends to pick them up, looks at them quickly and asks Raymond Hillyer what is going on. 
Raymond Hillyer explains that he is a journalist, writing a column on cookery for a magazine.  "Now you know all about it, perhaps you would help me?" asks Raymond Hillyer, and David says he would be gald to help.  Raymond Hillyer tells David that it would help if he was given the free run of the motel, and David says what he needs is a guided tour.
Later David tells Sandy that Raymond Hillyer is a journalist and he is doing an article on them. 
A woman named Lorna Crowther books into the motel, and sits in reception at the same table as Raymond Hillyer.  "What are you doing here?  I said I could handle this on my own," Raymond Hillyer whispers to her.
David Hunter see's John Farnham in reception and asks him if he can talk to him.  They go over to one of the tables in reception and sit down.  "You've been seeing a lot of Rosemary lately," says David.  "Sorry, was that a question?" asks John Farnham.  "Was that an answer?" asks David.  He tells John Farnham that Rosemary is going through a bad time and asks John to be careful with her.  John tells David that he has asked Rosemary to go on holiday with him.  David looks surprised.  "I don't think she'll go," says David. 
Episode 3254 January 1980
See Dvd Volume 3
Lorna Crowther asks Raymond Hillyer what he has found out about Adam Chance and Raymond Hillyer tells her that Adam Chance used to live at a house called Chimney's which was owned by Meg Mortimer's daughter. 
Diane talks to David Hunter in the office and tells him that Superintendant Blake was at her flat the other evening and would have arrested Simons Clavell there and then if Simone hadn't gone out.  David tells Diane was the one who tipped off the police about Simone.  "It couldn't have been.  She couldn't have said anything that Blake hadn't already heard," says Diane.  "Are you sure about that?" asks David, and Diane says yes because it almost caused a row between her and Steve. 
Raymond Hillyer makes a telephone call and then walks through reception.  He bumps into Jill Harvey who is walking across reception carrying some parcles.  Jill drops the parcels and Raymond Hillyer apologises and helps her pick them up.  Meg and Sandy greet Jill and Jill gives Doris a cuddly toy which she has made.  Jill gives Glenda Brownlow a home made waistcoat.  Jill tells Meg that it's her way of making some extra money.
John Farnham arrives at Lloyd Munro's cottage and Lloyd tells him that he is expecting Rosemary Hunter any moment now for one of her sessions.  He asks John Farnham to stay but John says he doesn't really see the point.  They hear a car pull up in the driveway.  Lloyd Munro lets Rosemary Hunter in, and she says hello to John Farnham.  Lloyd asks Rosemary to sit down and he will go and make tea, but Rosemary says she will do it.  Rosemary leaves the room, leaving John Farnham and Lloyd Munro together.  "Well, you've seen us together.  What do you think?" asks John.  "She's interested in you John, but she just can't show it," says Lloyd.

1980 Episodes continued

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