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Rosemary Hunter talks to Superintendant Blake about Simone Clavell.  Steve Cater comes into the motel and Blake asks him if there have been any developments.  Steve Cater tells him that they picked Simone Clavell up at the airport.
Raymond Hillyer goes into the office and tells Meg that he is a little worried about leaving his car out in the open.  Meg goes into the adjoining office to fecth something and whilst she is out of the office Raymond Hillyer begins looking in the files on the desk. 
Later, Meg takes over from David on reception duty and David tells her that the police have arrested Simone Clavell.  He says someone tipped the police off.
Raymond Hillyer goes back into the now empty office and starts looking in the filing cabinets.  He finds a piece of paper and puts it in his pocket.  Rosemary Hunter comes into the office and asks Raymond Hillyer if she can help him.  He tells her that he is waiting for mrs Mortimer.  Rosemary tells Raymond Hillyer that she will phone through to reception and get Meg but Raymond Hillyer tells her there is no need.  He goes to the door just as David Hunter comes into the office.  David asks him if he can help but Raymond Hillyer says no, and leaves quickly.  David asks Rosemary if she knows who Raymond Hillyer is but Rosemary says she doesn't know. 
Rosemary Hunter asks David if they can talk.  "I think that would be a good idea," says David.  He says he wants to leave Chris do what he wants.  "Did it occur to you that Simone meant something to Chris," says David. 
Rosemary Hunter goes to Lloyd Munro's cottage.
Meg goes into a darkened office and finds David there alone.  She switches on the light and guesses that David is worrying about Rosemary.  David tells Meg that it was Rosemary who tipped off the police about Simons Clavell because she wanted to stop Simone from seeing Chris.  David says Chris will blame him.
David phones the cottage and asks Lloyd Munro if Barbara Brady is there.  Lloyd tells him that she isn't here, but is careful not to mention David's name as Rosemary Hunter is in the same room.  David guesses something is wrong and asks Lloyd if Rosemary is with him.  "Yes," says Lloyd.
Rosemary tells Lloyd Munro that Barbara Brady is David away from her.  "And if you should lose him?" asks Lloyd.  "I'll never lose him," says Rosemary firmly.  They hear a car pull up outside the cottage.  "It'll be John.  He's taking me out," Rosemary tells Lloyd.
Steve Cater joins Diane in her flat.  Diane tells him that Simone told her she would phone her when she got to the airport but she hasn't.  Steve asks her to sit down and tells her that Simone Clavell has been arrested.
David Hunter relaxes off duty in his private quarters at the motel.  There is a knock on the door and he opens it to Barbara Brady.  David tells her that he wanted to see her, and holds her close.  Barbara says she wants to see him for as long as she stays in King's Oak.  They kiss. 
At the cottage Lloyd Munro leaves Rosemary Hunter and John Farnham downstairs whilst he takes a phone call upstairs.  "You're the only one who truly understands," Rosemary tells John, and hugs him.  Lloyd Munro comes back into the room and they quickly separate.  Lloyd tells John that he is needed at the surgery,
Diane tells Steve Cater that she wonders who tipped off the police about Simone.  "Rosemary Hunter?  It must have been her," says Diane.  "No Diane, it was me.  All of it.  Well it's part of the job isn't it," says Steve.  "That's great. Marvellous.  Is that the stuff heroes are made of," says Diane.  Steve tells her that he didn't have any choice, that it had to be done.  Diane says Simone trusted them and now Simone will probably blame her.
Glenda Brownlow arrives home and asks Kath where Ron is.  Kath tells her that Ron has gone to see about his eye.  She says it makes her sick to think that Arnold Jennings is scot free and laughing about it.  Kath goes out of the room to see to the dinner.  Arthur Brownlow tells Glenda that her mother is right, that Arnold Jennings should be sorted out.  "Not a word to your mother, where I've gone," says Arthur, and leaves.
Steve Cater tells Diane that the peoplpe Simone Clavell was mixed up with are criminals and had to be stopped.  He suggests they go out for a meal and forget all this but Diane says she wants to be left alone.  "Alright if that's the way you want it," says Steve.
Ron Brownlow arrives home and asks Glenda where their father is.  Glenda tells him that Arthur has gone to the pub.  "Well that's what he told me to tell Mum.  he's gone round to sort Arnold Jennings out," Glenda tells Ron.  Ron says it's going to make him look as if he can't fight his own battles, and says he is going to stop Arthur before he gets himself into trouble.
Barbara Brady asks David if he has ever been serious about anyone else, and David tells her there was someone.  "She was a journalist," he tells Barbara.  "Who was she?  Don't tell me, she hasn't got a name," laughs Barbara.  "Kelly," David tells her.  David asks Barbara why she kept him at a distance.  "You must have known I was interested," he says.

1980 Episodes continued

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