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Barbara Brady joins Lloyd Munro in the motel reception and they drink coffee.  Barbara tells Lloyd that David won't talk about what happened that night.  "I'm sure he loves me, but he protects her," says Barbara.  "Do you think he will ever be free of her?" she asks.  "He's marrying you," says Lloyd.  "You haven't answered my question," says Barbara.
Glenda Brownlow and Doris Luke dust the sitting room and Glenda tells Doris that she thinks her father is ill but her mother doesn't seem to care.  Doris says of course she cares but if she is really concerned then she will talk to Kath.
Adam Chance and Miranda Pollard sit in reception and Miranda tells Adam that she has hardly seen him.  Adam says he has been very busy.  Miranda says they can go to Adam's house and be alone but Adam says that wouldn't be a good idea as the family would be there because he lets them use it.
Diane Hunter goes to Rosemary Hunter's chalet and finds her sitting in the dark.  "Have you been trying to cut your hair?" asks Diane.  "Yes.  Does it matter?" asks Rosemary.  "Your hair does need doing.  I'll see to it," says Diane.  "Thank you.  Thank you for caring," says Rosemary.
Miranda Pollard and her father J. Henry Pollard have dinner at the motel and Miranda asks him what he thinks of the motel.  "You must admit Adam's done a good job," says Miranda.  Sandy Richardson comes up to the table to give J. Henry Pollard his car keys.  "And there's his house too, a big place.  Chimney's.  He lets the family use it.  I think that's very kind of him," says Miranda.  Sandy overhears their conversation.
Barbara Brady visits David in hospital.  "Hello my love," she says kissing him lightly on the forehead.  "I've brought you some goodies," she says, and hands him a jar.  "The marmalade you asked for," says Barbara, handing David the jar.  "The only way to start the day," says David, taking the jar and turning to put it on the bedside table.  He winces and screws up his face in pain, clutching at his chest.  Barbara takes the jar from him and places it on the bedside table. 
Barbara gives David a book to read.  "I haven't finished the other one you gave me.  I keep forgetting who the  characters are," David tells her.  "I saw the specialist today," says David.  "What did he say?" asks Barbara.  "I should be out of here soon but there's a snag.  I have to take a long convalescence," he says.  "Where's the snag in that?" asks Barbara.  "I was thinking of the Motel," says David.
Sandy tells Meg about the conversation he overheard between J. Henry Pollard and Miranda and says that J. Henry  thinks Adam Chance built the motel up from nothing. 
Meg and Sandy are in the sitting room when Meg receives a phone call from David.  "David!  How are you?" she asks.  "Everything's fine here," she tells David.  Adam Chance comes into the sitting room carrying a lot of papers and drops them on the floor.  Meg bends down to help him pick them up.  "Look David, I've got to go now.  I'll be in to see you," says Meg.
Meg tells Adam that she has heard about some of the things he has been telling J. Henry Pollard.  Adam says he never told Miranda that he owned the motel, she just assumed.  Meg tells Adam that she won't let on anthing.  "But no lies," she says firmly.  "All I'm asking is that for the next few days you just don't tell the truth," says Adam.  "And when I become a rich man you can have anything you want.  Just name it." he adds.  "Can we have our motel back," says Sandy.
Meg visits David in hospital and finds him sitting up in bed writing a letter.  "How are you?" she asks.  "Fine.  I was just writing you a letter, but as you're here I can tear it up," he says.  David tells her that it was going to be a thank you letter.  He says she is right, he does worry about work too much.  "So it's time I stopped worrying and started living for a change," he says.
Doris Luke visits Kath Brownlow at home and tells her that Glenda is really worried about Arthur and suspects that something is wrong.  She says Glenda said something about going to see Doctor Butterworth herself to find out what is wrong.
Meg joins Sandy in the sitting room and Sandy asks her how David is.  Meg says he is looking a lot better.  She says she feels so relieved now that she knows David is going to be alright, she feels a great weight has been lifted off her shoulders. 
Ron Brownlow returns home from work and asks Arthur how he is.  Arthur says he is fine.
Sandy goes into reception and finds the reception desk deserted.  Doris Luke comes into reception from the kitchen and Sandy asks her who should be on reception duty.  Doris tells him that Mrs Mortimer should be on duty at the reception desk.  "It's not like Mrs Mortimer to be late," says Doris.  Just then Meg walsk into reception with her coat on.  Sandy asks her where she is going and Meg tells him that she is going shopping in Birmingham.  Sandy reminds her that she is supposed to be in duty.  "Oh," says Meg vacantly.  Meg asks Sandy if he would mind taking over her duty.
Diane Hunter helps Rosemary to pack her things before Lloyd Munro takes her to a sanitorium.  Rosemary thanks Diane for caring.
Ron Brownlow tells Arthur that he doesn't look well and he should go and see the doctor, but Arthur says it's just a cold.  "Are you alright, or is there something you haven't told us?" asks Ron.  
Rosemary Hunter and Diane have coffee in reception whilst they wait for Lloyd Munro to arrive.  "Diane, why have you been so kind to me?" asks Rosemary.  "Because I know what it's like to be alone," answers Diane.  "I have nothing to give you in return except the truth.  If I tell you the truth you'll find you were wrong about me.  You see, I wanted to kill David.  I shot him deliberately," admits Rosemary.  "That's what I thought," says Diane. 
Lloyd Munro arrives and prepares to leave with him.  She turns to Diane and asks her if she would come and stay with her when she gets back to Switzerland.  "I'd love to," says Diane.  Rosemary hugs her.  Rosemary says goodbye to Sandy and leaves with Lloyd Munro. 
Later, Lloyd talks to Sandy at reception and Sandy asks how Rosemary settled in.  Lloyd says she was very quiet and asks him to thank Meg for being so patient.  Sandy tells Lloyd that he hasn't see his mother since noon when she went in Birmingham shopping, and that was six hours ago.
Miranda Pollard comes into reception and hovers around the desk.  Lloyd tells Sandy that Meg might have stopped off at Chimney's.  Miranda Pollard interupts and tells Lloyd that she couldn't help overhearing him mention Chimney's.  She tells him that she has been invited to Chimney's and asks Lloyd if he could give her directions on how to get there.  Lloyd says he is the worst person to give her directions and suggests that she asks Sandy.
Miranda asks Lloyd if Adam stays at Chimney's a lot and Lloyd says only when he is in the area.  Miranda says she doesn't understand why Adam doesn't sell the house.  Lloyd looks at her, puzzled.  "He doesn't own it," Lloyd tells Miranda.

1980 Episodes continued

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