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J. Henry Pollard arrives and books into the motel.
Kath Brownlow tells Glenda and Ron that Arthur is retiring early.
Jill Harvey joins Adam Chance in the office and tells him that J. Henry Pollard seems very impressed with him.  "Does he think you own the place?" asks Jill.  Jill points out that Miranda Pollard is very attractive.
Barbara visits David at the hospital and says she doesn't understand why he is protecting Rosemary after what she did.  "Don't hate her," says David, gently.  "She tried to take you away from me.  And I have to accept that?" asks Barbara.  "If you accept me," says David.  Barbara kisses him on the forehead. 
Miranda and J. Henry Pollard book a table for dinner at the motel.  Jill Harvey introduces them to Sandy, and she tells the Pollard's that Sandy is the assistant manager.  J. Henry Pollard says Adam has done very well to put this business together.  Sandy looks at him.  "It's team work, but he just happens to be the leader," says J. Henry Pollard.
Archie Gibbs joins Doris Like in the staff room and she notices that the cardigan he has on is full of holes.  She offers to mend it for him.  Archie tells her it's his birthday tomorrow and asks Doris to join him in reception tomorrow for a drink, and he's paying.
Adam Chance tells Jill that he has to string Miranda Pollard along until he gets what he wants from J. Henry Pollard.
Diane Hunter joins Doris Luke in the staff room and Doris tells her that it is Archie Gibb's birthday tomorrow and he has invited her for a drink in reception tomorrow.  Doris tells Diane that she doesn't think she will go but Diane tells her she must because it'll shock Archie.  Diane passes Archie Gibb's invitation on to Sandy and tells all the kitchen staff to be in reception tomorrow evening.  
Meg takes Rosemary Hunter into the sitting room where Lloyd Munro joins them.  "Lloyd said you said it was alright for me to stay," says Rosemary.  "They know.  Everyone know's.  The police..."  says Rosemary.  "But they didn't charge you," says Meg.  "It was David.  He refused to tell them what happened.  But he'll still marry her.  I can't change that.  I'll go, but I have to see him first," says Rosemary.  Lloyd says he doesn't think that's a good idea.  "I won't go away until I do.  I have to see him just once more," says Rosemary. 
Diane Hunter and Doris Luke make out a list of guests for Archie Gibb's party
Glenda Brownlow returns home just as Kath is about to go out.  Kath tells Glenda that Arthur has gone to the pub but he should be back soon.  She tells Glenda that Arthur gave in his notice at work today so he is feeling a bit low. 
Lloyd Munro goes to see David and asks him if he will see Rosemary.  David says he can't forgive her but he can stop her from going to prison.
Arthur Brownlow returns home from the pub, and sits on the settee.  Glenda tells him that his dinner will be ready soon.  "I hope you're hungry," she says.  She hears stifled sobs and looks at her father who is crying.  "Dad.  What's wrong?" she asks, kneeling next to her father.  "I've never seen you like this before," she says.  Arthur says he has made a mess of things. 
Everyone is in reception waiting for Archie Gibbs to turn up and buy them all drinks for his birthday, but he is nowhere to be seen.  Suddenly Archie Gibb's comes into reception and as soon as he see's everyone waiting he turns to leave.  Diane grabs him by the arm and drags him into reception.  Doris Luke tells Archie that there are more people still to come.  Diane tells him that he had better get the drinks.  At that moment Meg Mortimer comes into reception and wishes Archie a happy birthday.  She says they will have to move his party into the staff room and tells Archie that just for tonight the drinks are on the motel.  Archie suddenly feels much better.
Glenda Brownlow asks Arthur if he is upset because he gave in his notice at work.  Arthut tells her that he should have done better by her, given her a better education.  Glenda says she is the one who has failed, and he shouldn't blame himself.
Lloyd Munro takes Rosemary to see David in hospital.  She sits by his bedside.  "I didn't have anything to bring you," she says.  Rosemary asks Lloyd if she could speak to David alone and Lloyd leaves the room.  "You'll be alright," Rosemary tells David.  She tells him that she is going to a hospital  "I'm sick you see.  This isn't me.  I thought I was just jealous, but it was more than that.  I loved you.  I still love you.  I do!" says Rosemary.  "No," says David.  "Always, that's what it says in the marriage vows," says Rosemary.  "No," says David.  "Always, that's what it says in thr marriage vows," says Rosemary.  "If only you would admit it, it would make it so much easier.  Please admit it," says David.
Later, Barbara goes to see David in the hospital and says Lloyd mentioned that he had seen Rosemary.
Arthur Brownlow apologises to Glenda for being silly.  Kath Brownlow arrives home and notices that Glenda has been crying.  She asks Arthur what has happened and Arthur says nothing.
Diane Hunter takes some sandwiches into Rosemary in her chalet and Rosemary tells her that she will be having all her meals in her chalet from now on because she doesn't want to cause any more trouble.
Arthur goes upstairs and leaves Glenda and Kath alone.  Glenda tells her mother that there is something wrong because when she came home her father started crying.  Kath tells her that it's probably his cold and the fact that he gave in his notice at work.  Shortly after Ron arrives home and asks Glenda what is wrong, and Glenda tells him that she is sure there is something wrong with their father.
Lloyd Munro joins Rosemary in her chalet and Rosemary says David refused to give evidence against her.  "Doesn't that show there's still something between us," she says.  "Yes.  Forgiveness," replies Lloyd. 

1980 Episodes continued

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