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Steve Cater tells Diane that Pamela Willis, the lady who lives in the flat below Diane, gave him 5.  Diane tells him that Pam Willis is moving to Bournemouth to live with her sister.  "So what's going to happen to the flat?" asks Steve, and Diane says she doesn't know.  Steve tells Diane that he can't keep the money so Diane suggests he buys Pam Willis a present. 
Alison Cotterill goes to see Doctor Butterworth at his surgery and he examines her scar.  He tells her the operation was a success, and asks Alison what she is going to do now.  Alison says she isn't sure.  She says Mrs Mortimer talked to her about her getting a job.  "I could, couldn't I?" says Alison.  "I could get a job.  Meet new people.  I could even get married," she says.
Kath Brownlow shows Glenda some curtains she bought for Glenda's room, and Glenda says she doesn't like them, they are not the sort of thing she would have chosen.  Arthur Brownlow arrives home and notices the curtains.  "They're nice," he says.  Kath tells him that she bought them for Glenda's room but she doesn't like them.  "Well she's having them anyway," says Kath Brownlow.  "Oh let the girl have what she wants," says Arthur Brownlow.  "Thanks Dad," says Glenda.  Arthur tells Glenda to asks some of her friends from the motel round for dinner.  Glenda is very surprised and says she will ask Alison Cotterill and Doris Luke.
Diane asks David Hunter if he has contacted Chris and David says no.  Diane says she and Steve Cater would like to get married and the divorce is holding them up.  
Steve Cater arrives at the motel and tells Diane that a man has moved into the flat below her and he is a bit nasty.  Diane realises that Steve is talking about himself and Steve says he is moving in tomorrow.
David Hunter goes to Lloyd Munro's cottage and tells Lloyd that he has come to do some decorating.  Lloyd tells him that Barbara Brady has gone into Birmingham for lunch.  David looks disappointed.  Lloyd asks him if he wants some overalls but David says no, he dressed for the occassion. 
Superintendant Blake joins his wife in the motel reception and Patricia Blake tells him that he has just missed Steve Cater.  Blake says he saw Steve Cater outside and he was grinning all over his face.  Patricia Blake says he was probably glad to get out of the police digs.  "He's moving in with Diane," she says.  "Is he now.  There's no way that's going to last," says Superintendant Blake. 
David and Lloyd do some work at the cottage.  Barbara Brady returns to the cottage and see's them hard at work.  Lloyd says he must be going because he has an appointment, and he prepares to leave.  Barbara asks David if he has eaten and David says no.  "Goodnight," says Lloyd as he is about to leave.  "Er...enjoy your evening," says David, staring intently at Barbara Brady.  "Enjoy your evening," says Lloyd, looking at them both.
Steve Cater puts all his belongings in Diane's flat.
Barbara makes an omlette for David.  He tells her that she has got some whitewash on her nose, and picking up a serviette, he gently wipes the white from her nose. 
Glenda Brownlow asks Doris Luke to come to dinner at her house.  "My dad said I could invite some friends.  You haven't met my dad yet, have you?" asks Glenda.  "No," replies Doris.
Lloyd Munro and John Farnham arrive at the cottage.  Barbara Brady comes into the living room in a bath robe.  "You left the shower running," Lloyd tells her.  "No, David's taking a shower," says Barbara.  "I took my shpwer first and David, being the gentleman he is, is taking his now," she explains as she see's the expressions on their faces.  "Oh," says Lloyd.  At that moment David comes into the room rubbing his hair dry with a towel.
Glenda Brownlow see's her father Arthur in the motel reception and she introduces him to Sandy.  Sandy tells Arthur Brownlow that he must bring his wife to dinner at the motel.  "Huh, you and Mum haven't been out for ages," Glenda tells her father.  "All the more reason to bring her," says Arthur Brownlow.
Superintendant Blake goes to Diane's flat and asks for Steve Cater.  He tells Diane that he heard that Steve was moving in, and warns that he could get into serious trouble.  Steve Cater arrives at the flat and Superintendant asks him about his moving into Diane's flat.  Steve tells his superior office that he is moving into the flat below.  "Oh," says Superintendant Blake.  "We'll have to talk about that," he says and leaves.

1979 Episodes continued

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