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John Farnham leaves the cottage at the same time as David.  As he leaves John Farnham tells Barbara Brady that he will be back to help her with the decorating.  After the doctor has left, Barbara tells Lloyd that John Farnham doesn't interest her.  Lloyd asks her if there is anything between her and David and Barbara says she thinks David is out of the habit of falling in love.  Lloyd asks Barbara if she is just flirting.  "Yes, I suppose I am," she says, but also says that David is flirting too.  "In fact he's quite good at it," she adds.
Steve Cater receives a phone call from a police colleague and hears the news that he is going to be transferred.  Steve Cater tells Diane the news and says it's obviously Blake's doing.  "I honestly didn't think he'd push me this far," says Steve.  "Now he has what are you going to do about it?" asks Diane.
At Stonebank Farm Doris Luke joins Alison Cotterill in the kitchen.  Alison tells Doris that she got her way with the mirror which is hanging over the fireplace.  Doris Luke tells Alison that they have both been invited to dinner with Glenda Brownlow and her parents, but Alison says she can't go because she doesn't know them.
Lloyd Munro joins David in the motel sitting room and thanks him for helping out with the decorating.  Lloyd asks him what happened when he drove John Farnham back to the surgery the other evening.  "You make it sound as if you expect me to lock him in the boot," says David.  He tells Lloyd that they had a perfectly civilised conversation.  The door opens and Rosemary Hunter enters the sitting room.  David walks towards her and welcomes her by kissing her on the cheek.  "Pleased to see me?" she asks David.  "Yes of course," replies David.
Doris Luke asks Reg Cotterill if he would let Alison go to the Brownlow's for dinner, and Reg says he can't stop her.  He tells Doris that Alison seems to be more concerned with her new friends than with him.
Kath Brownlow lays the table for their guests at the Brownlow home.
Lloyd Munro leaves Rosemary and David Hunter together in the sitting room.  David tells Rosemary that Diane wants a divorce or an annulment.
Glenda Brownlow tells her mother Kath that her father said he was going to take Kath out to dinner.  "That was supposed to be a surprise," says Arthur.  "You mean you meant it?" asks Glenda.  Kath Brownlow says she can't remember the last time they went out, and she'll believe it when the table is booked.
Diane Hunter joins Rosemary and David in the sitting room.  "Oh let me look at you," says Rosemary, fondly taking Diane by the arms.  "Oh you look positively peaky, doesn't she David," says Rosemary.  Diane asks Rosemary if she could contact Chris.  "I have a number," Rosemary tells her.  "Then I suggest you ring it," David tells Rosemary.  Rosemary tells him that she would like to phone Chris in private, so David and Diane leave the sitting room. 
Later, David joins Rosemary in the sitting room and asks her if she contacted Chris.  Rosemary tells him that she wants Diane and Chris to stay together because she doesn't want Simone Clavell getting her claws into Chris.
Doris Luke arrives at the Brownlow's house, and Kath Brownlow welcomes her.  When Kath calls Arthur into the room to introduce him to Doris he stops as he recognises Doris as the woman he talked to in reception.  "Well this is a surprise," he says.  "You two know each other then?" asks Glenda.  "Yes, as a matter of fact Miss Luke and I met at the motel," says Arthur Brownlow.  Glenda and Kath go into the kitchen, leaving Doris Luke and Arthur Brownlow alone.  Arthur tells Doris that he hasn't said anything to Glenda or his wife and he would appreciate it if she didn't say anything. 
After the meal Kath Brownlow shows Doris Luke the family photo album, and Doris doesn't show much interest.  Glenda asks Doris if she is alright and Doris says she doesn't feel very well, and she thinks she had better leave. 
Reg Cotterill gives Alison a letter which arrived for her, and Alison puts it in her pocket.  "Aren't you going to read it?" asks Reg.  "No.  I'll read it later.  I know who it's from.  One of the nurses at the hospital," says Alison.  Reg Cotterill leaves the house and as soon as he has gone Alison takes out the letter and tears it open eagerly.
The next day at work, Doris Luke apologises to Glenda Brownlow for leaving early the evening before, and spoiling the evening.
Steve Cater talks with Superintendant Blake at the motel and Steve says he knows he doesn't approve of his relationship with Diane but there isn't much he can do about it.  Superintendant Blake tells Steve that it will weigh heavily against him.  "Is that why you're having me transferred?" asks Steve.  Steve tells his superior officer that he isn't going anywhere, he would rather resign.   

1979 Episodes continued

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