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At Stonebank Farm, Doris Luke lays the table for Reg Cotterill.  He sits down and read his bible.
Barbara Brady tells Lloyd Munro that she needs a place to stay.
Steve Cater finds out the Diane has invited the Blake's to dinner.  When he asks Diane the reason why, she tells him that it is the Blake's wedding anniversary.  The doorbell rings and Steve Cater answers the door to find Patricia Blake on her own. 
At the motel Superintendant Blake has a drink on his own.  He talks to David Hunter and says he heard the other say that Diane is his daughter in law.  He asks David if his son is in the hotel business and David says no.
Diane Hunter asks Steve Cater what he would do if he had to choose between her and the police force.
Alison Cotterill returns to Stonebank Farm with her new hairstyle.  Doris Luke tells her it's very nice.  Alison asks her uncle what he thinks.  "It's very nice," he tells her.  Alison says she has bought herself a mirror.  "Where shall I hang it?" she asks.  "Not in here," says Reg.  "Don't be silly uncle.  I've got nothing to be afraid of now," says Alison. 
Glenda Brownlow see's Florence Baker in the staff room and tells her that she isn't looking forward to Christmas much because her family don't celebrate.
Arthur Brownlow goes to the doctor's surgery and Doctor Butterworth asks him if he has told his wife yet.  Arthur says no, he wants to get Christmas over with first and not spoil things for them.  He says he wants to make this Christmas special.  "You shouldn't have told me doctor," says Arthur.  Doctor Butterworth reminds Arthur that he wanted to know.  "You should have known better.  You had no right," says Arthur. 
Doris Luke asks Reg Cotterill when he and Alison last had a holiday and Reg says he doesn't believe in holidays.  Doris says she would like to go to Austria, and has wanted to go ever since she saw the Sound of Music at the cinema.  Alison says she heard Florence Baker saying that the film was on in Heathbury.  Doris looks in the newspaper and says if she hurries she might be able to see the film.  "Why don't you come Alison?" asks Doris.  "Oh I'd love to," says Alison.  She asks Reg Cotterill if she can go and he consents. 
Barbara Brady looks through some wallpaper books.  She asks Lloyd Munro how John Farnham is and Lloyd asks her if she is still interested.  Barbara says no, but she didn't treat him very well.
Florence Baker goes to Stonebank Farm and asks Reg Cotterill if Alison is home.  Reg tells her that Alison has gone to the cinema with Doris Luke, and says Alison makes her own decisions now.  Florence tells him that she has never seen Alison looking so happy.  "What has happiness got to do with it.  I tell you, no good will come of it," says Reg. 
Doctor Butterworth and Lloyd Munro have a drink together at the motel.  Lloyd tells Doctor Butterworth that he was glad to get out of the house because Barbara Brady is decorating.
At Lloyd Munro's cottage Barbara Brady is up a step ladder scraping the paint from the ceiling.  There is a knock at the door and David Hunter comes in.  He looks at Barbara Brady up on the step ladder.  "Miss Brady!" he says, pleasantly surprised.  Barbara begins to come down the ladder and David puts his hands around her waist to help her down.  Some dust from the ceiling falls onto David's head, and he brushes it off.  He asks her what she is doing and Barbara tells him that she is decorating Lloyds cottage.  David says she needs help.  "And I happen to be an expert," he says.  "Watch me," says David.  Barbara Brady puts the ceiling scraper into David's hand.  "You'll need something to cover yourself," says Barbara and wanders off.  David removes his coat.  "Catch," says Barbara and throws him an overall.
Doris Luke and Alison Cotterill return from the cinema.  Alison tells Doris that the film was beautiful.  "How did that song go?" she asks, and they start singing a song together.  Reg Cotterill comes downstairs and hears them.  He tells Alison to go up to her room.  Doris tells Reg that Alison is a normal girl and he can't keep her here against her will.  Doris tells Reg Cotterill that she knows all about Alison's parents.  She tells Reg that he was jealous because Reg's brother took Alison's mother away from him.  "I bought her up.  I gave her everything," says Reg Cotterill.  "You gave her guilt," Doris tells him.
At Lloyd's cottage Barbara Brady watches David, who is up the step ladder scraping the ceiling.  "I'm enjoying this," she says.  "You sure you're not tired?" she asks David.  "No," he answers.  "Not even a little bit?" asks Barbara.  David comes down the ladder.  "Not even a little bit," she says.
Lloyd Munro returns to the cottage.  He stops underneath the step ladder and gazes upwards.  "Is that who I think it is?" he asks Barbara.  David comes down the ladder.  "Did she talk you into this?" Lloyd asks David.  Barbara tells him that David talked himself into it.  "Well, you know.  A damsel in distress..." says David and climbs back up the step ladder.  A shower of dust falls onto Lloyds head.  "Cut that out!" says Lloyd.

1979 Episodes continued

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