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Benny asks Alison Cotterill what is wrong as she hasn't been eating.  "Oh leave me alone Benny," says Alison.  Later Benny meets Florence Baker in the motel staff room and tells her about Alison.  Florence tells him that a doctor might be able to do something about Alison's scar.
David joins Meg in the office and tells her that he managed to get rid of the double glazing man.  He tells her that he didn't write a letter of acceptance asking them to do the job.  David tells Meg that the man said the co-manager of the motel phoned the company and told them to replace all the windows.  "Well, there's two of us," says Meg.  "No.  It was a man's voice," says David.  "Using your name?  Who could it be?" asks Meg.  "I can only guess but I can't prove it yet," says David.
Richard Lord is in the office dictating a letter to Joanne Dobie.  Florence Baker comes into the office and tells them that there are some men in reception who are about to hit Mr Bell because they think he is making all the noise that is keeping them awake.  Richard says he will sort it out.  "It's a good thing David Hunter isn't here this afternoon.  He wouldn't be able to cope with a situation like this in his state," says Richard Lord.
Benny tells Reg Cotterill that Florence Baker thinks a doctor could help Alison with her scar.  Reg Cotterill makes Benny promise not to tell anyone what he is about to tell him.  Benny promises and Reg tells him that God marked Alison because her parents weren't married when Alison was born.  "I know.  Alison told me," says Benny.  Reg stares at him.  Benny says his parents never got married.  "I haven't got a mark," says Benny.
Richard Lord tries to sort things out at reception.  Anna Drew asks Richard Lord if she can have a word with Giles Best, but Richard says no.  Giles Bell tells Richard that he thought Mr Hunter would sort everything out.  "You must understand that Mr Hunter is under a lot of strain at the moment," says Richard Lord. 
Anna Drew goes into Joanne Dobie's office and asks Joanne where David Hunter is.  "At his doctors?" asks Anna.  "What?" asks Joanne.  "Well Richard Lord seems to think that Mr Hunter's under a lot of strain," Anna tells her. 
Richard Lord moves Giles Bell into another chalet away from the other guests. 
Anna Drew catches up with Giles Bell in reception and says she knows what he is up to.  "You're using your pottery wheel on the motels electricity," she says. 
Benny tells Florence Baker that he is worried about Alison Cotterill.  Florence tells him that he must see Doctor Butterworth.
Richard Lord see's Joanne Dobie packing away her work.  "Finished for the day?" he asks her.  "Finished for good as far as you're concerned," says Joanne.  "It is true then.  You seduced a fifteen year old schoolgirl," says Joanne.  "No that's not true," says Richard Lord.  Joanne looks at him.  Richard Lord smiles.  "She was sixteen," he says. 
Benny see's Doctor Butterworth sitting in reception and goes over to him.  Doctor Butterworth asks him what is wrong.  Benny tells him that a friend of his is ill.  The doctor tells Benny to make an appointment for his friend but Benny tells him that she won't go to the doctors.
Richard Lord tells Joanne Dobie that she needn't get upset.  "Hunter got me the sack from the only job I know.  I'll run this motel like it's never been run until I get rid of Hunter.  Oh yes, David Hunter's going to lose very badly," says Richard.  He moves closer to Joanne.  "I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for you.  I'm in love with you Joanne," he says. 
Florence Baker joins Benny and Dcotor Butterworth in reception and tells the doctor about Alison Cotterill.  She tells him that hse has got a scar on her face which her uncle says is the mark of shame.  "The mark of shame?" asks Doctor Butterworth.  "There may be something that can be done.  Mark of shame.  Good grief," exclaims Doctor Butterworth. 
Giles Bell asks Anna Drew for the address of her flat but she refuses to give it to him. 
Richard Lord looks through the book containing the motel bookings.  "Oh no," he says, and Meg asks him what is wrong.  Richard tells her that they have two bookings on the same day.  "Oh I told David to be careful with the bookings," says Meg.  "It could have been my mistake," says Richard.  "You know the more you cover up for David the more I'll chase him," Meg tells him. 
Sandy explains to Giles Bell that there is nothing going on between him and Anna Drew.  He tells Giles that he was trying to contact Anna's flatmate but Anna kept answering the phone.  Giles says he understands. 
David goes into the office and finds Meg alone.  She tells him that Richard has spent the last few minutes trying to cover up for his mistake.  She tells him that he made a double booking.  "I told you you should have left the bookings to me," says Meg.  "I'm perfectly capable of doing the bookings," says David.  He says he will phone up one of the people who have made a booking and explain.  He dial the phone number and asks the person on the phone if he would recognise the voice of the man who spoke to him last week when he made the booking.  David listens and then puts the phone down.  He tells Meg that the man had a call from someone calling himself David Hunter.  Meg tells David that it doesn't matter, that he had a slight lapse of memory.
Later, Sandy joins David in the office and finds him looking unhappy.  David says someone made a double booking and Meg thinks it was him.  "Richard Lord?" asks Sandy.  David nods, and Sandy asks him why he didn't accuse Richard Lord in front of Meg.  David says Lord doesn't leave any evidence.  "But he'll slip up and I'll be waiting," says David. 
Jill joins her mother in the motel sitting room and says she went to the hospital to see Sarah Jane and Stan came in whilst she was there.  She says they just talked.  "It was all so ordinary," she says. 
Anna Drew answers a knock on the door of her flat.  Giles Bell walks in and says he has to talk to her.  "You can't give me up," he says.  "I can and I have," answers Anna.  Giles gives her some flowers and tells her that he will get a job.

1979 Episodes continued

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