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Reg Cotterill and Benny go into the kitchen at Stonebank Farm after a hard days work and find the kitchen empty, and no meal prepared.  Alison Cotterill comes downstairs and apologises, saying she fell asleep.  Benny says he will take her her dinner upstairs but Reg Cotterill tells him he won't.  Reg sits down at the kitchen table, praying for Alison to get better.  There is a knock on the door and Reg opens it to Doctor Butterworth.  The doctor introduces himself and says he is here to see his niece Alison.  "You've been sent," says Reg convinced that it is a miracle.
Meg asks Richard for a copy of the estimate from Stop-a-draught.  Richard tells her that Joanne Dobie said she filed it but she can't seem to find it.  "Then it's Joanne's fault," says Meg.  Richard says he and Joanne don't get on very well and he can't really say it's her fault.  "David says he remembers putting the letter in his pocket," says Richard.  "Then it's David's fault," says Meg.  "I'm afraid so," says Richard.  Meg asks him what he knows about a phone call to the Stop-a-draught double glazing company because they say David phoned and accepted the estimate.  Richard says he knows nothing about it.  "David's done a lot of strange things lately," says Meg.  "He's trying to carry too much on his shoulders," says Richard.  Meg asks him if he could take some of the load from David.
Reg Cotterill tells Benny that the Lord answered his prayers by sending a doctor to see to Alison.  Doctor Butterworth comes downstairs and tells Reg that he has precribed something for Alison.  He says he will call again tomorrow.  "Oh Benny, you did well to fetch me," says Doctor Butterworth.
Joanne Dobie tells David, who is on duty at the reception desk, that there is a lorry outside delivering hay to Mr Bells' chalet.  Giles Bell comes into reception and asks David if he would like to buy some of his pots.  David plucks a bit of straw from Giles Bell's jacket and aks him why he is having hay delivered to his chalet.  Giles aays that now he can't do his pottery he is going to make straw dollies.  He walks out of reception.  David looks at Joanne in astonishment.  "Straw dollies!" he says. 
Reg Cotterill tells Benny that he let him go on thinking it was a miracle from God that the doctor came.  "You fool people with your simplicity," says Reg.  "You tell me that everything that happens in the world is God's work," says Benny.  Reg Cotterill looks at Benny.  "Thank you lad.  For bringing help," he says. 
David finds Richard Lord in the office sitting at his desk, and tells Ricahrd to do his work at his own desk.  Richard tells him that Meg has asked him to take some of the load off his shoulders.  "She asked me because of all the mistakes you've been making over the last few weeks," says Richard.  David asks him to leave the books he has in his hands on his desk.  "Let's see how many mistakes I can make," says David.  Richard asks David for the estimate of the bank overdraft which Meg has asked him to do.  David hands him a copy.  "I've kept the bottom copy incase it should mysteriously disappear," says David. 
Richard Lord goes into the sitting room and gives Meg the proposed sum for the overdraft.  Meg looks at it and says it's rather high, and asks Richard to take it back to David.  Richard tell her that that could be a little awkward.  "Couldn't you and David work amicably together again if I gave in my notice and left," asks Richard.  "No Richard.  He's not being fair, his usual understanding self," says Meg.  Richard Lord leaves the room with a smile on his face. 
The following morning David and Meg open the morning post.  Meg says she is glad that Jill is free of worry.  David says Jill should get more involved with the motel and suggests that she helps out in the office.  Meg says Richard Lord does a lot of work in the office.  She notices the change of expression on David's face and asks him what is wrong between him and Richard.  "Quite simple.  You trust him and I don't," says David, and leaves the office.       
David joins Jill in the sitting room and asks her if she would consider working in the office and Jill says she will think about it. 
Jill tells Meg that Stan is giving her full control of the house Chimney's which is some consolation.
In the office Joanne Dobie hands David Hunter some letter for his signature.  David comes across a letter that he doesn't remember dictating, and Joanne says Richard Lord dictated it.  "He used 'in the event of' when he could have used 'if'" says David.  "Well he was a schoolteacher," says Joanne.  "How do you know he was a schoolteacher.  He was a sales representative before he came here," says David.  "Yes, but he was a schoolteacher before that," says Joanne.
David asks Joanne Dobie about this office feud that is supposed to exist between her and Richard.  "It's just some of his habits that annoy.  It's like people using the Watergate scandal to describe any bit of intrigue," says Joanne.  She gives a small laugh.  "I remember it used to annoy Richard when...." she says and stops suddenly.  She looks at David who is looking at her.  "Watergate's quite a few years ago.  Well do I hear about it from you or from your lover?" asks David.
David joins Meg in the sitting room and tells her that he has proof that Richard Lord lied to her and involved a woman who has admitted to one thing.  "They were lovers for over two years before he got her to work here, pretending they were perfect strangers," says David.  "I'm sorry Meg.  Richard Lord is a common trickster.  He doesn't deserve your sympathy," he says. 
Meg asks Richard Lord to come into the sitting room and asks him to sit down.  David tells him that they know all about him and Joanne.  "Oh," says Richard.  "Then it's true?" asks Meg.  Richard says it is true and he talked Joanne Dobie into coming to work at the motel.  He says they shoudn't blame Joanne, she got the job on her own merit and he did nothing wrong in bringing her here.     
Richard Lord goes into the office where Joanne Dobie is working.  He tells her that David knows all about them.  "So does Meg, and she also knows that we do most of the work around here," he says.
Doctor Butterworth goes to Stonebank Farm and takes a look at Alison Cotterill's scar.  "It's certainly not as bad as I expected," he says.  He tells her that something could be done about it and he would like her to see a specialist.  "I can't.  Uncle says I've been marked," says Alison.  "Perhaps God wants to forgive you now," says the Doctor. 
Richard Lord storms into the sitting room and asks David why he offered Jill Harvey a job in the office.  David says he doesn't have to explain anything to him.  He tells Richard that if he sacked him no doubt he would sue the motel for unfair dismissal.  "No I won't sue.  I admire Mrs Mortimer.  Probably more than you do," says Richard.  He asks David to accept his resignation.  "As soon as it's convenient for Mrs Mortimer.  And to hell with your convenience!" shouts Richard and storms out of the room.  

1979 Episodes continued

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