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Meg goes to Chimney's where she speak with Freya Offermans.  The phone rings and Meg answers it.  The call is from Jill, and Meg asks her where she is calling from.  "Near," says Jill.  "Yes, it's safe for you to come back as soon as you can, and I'll be waiting," Meg tells her.  Meg puts the phone down.  "I lied to her, but when you think of the aftermath I had no choice," Meg says to Freya Offermans.  Meg tells Freya Offermans that she will talk to Jill and contact her later, but Freya Offermans says she wants to be here when Jill arrives.
David dictates a letter to Joanne Dobie addressed to a double glazing company called Stop-a-draught.  Joanne looks in the files for the correspondence for the company and tells David that there isn't anything in the file. 
Later, Richard Lord asks Joanne Dobie to make an alteration on a letter David wrote giving a quote for a wedding reception to be held at the motel for 1,500.  He tells her to knock off a nought on the quote.  "You can type," Joanne Dobie tells him and walks out. 
Richard Lord telephones Stop-a-draught and asks them if they can come and fit in new windows.  "Throughout," says Richard.  "So soon," he says.  Joanne Dobie comes back into the office.  "That was a quick lunch," says Richard.  Joanne tells him that she will type that letter quoting the cost of the wedding reception at the correct quote of 1,500.
Meg and Freya Offermans wait at Chimney's for Jill but after an hour there is still no sign of her.  Freya Offermans tells Meg that she will wait upstairs.  Jill arrives home soon after and Meg hugs her.  "Let's fetch Sarah Jane," says Meg.  "She's not with me," Jill tells her.  She explains that Sarah Jane is sick and she's in hospital. 
The phone rings and Meg answers it.  She holds the receiver for a few seconds and then replaces the receiver.  "Oh well, whoever it was couldn't wait," she says.  Jill stares at the phone.  "Someone's answered that phone on the extension!" exclaims Jill, and rushes to the phone.  She picks up the receiver and hears Freya Offermans' voice.  "What are you playing at!" she shouts down the phone.  "You Freya Offermans.  Get out!" shouts Jill.  Jill turns to Meg.  "If you're with them, you can get out as well," she says.  Jill runs towards the door just as Freya Offermans comes into the room.  Freya Offermans asks Jill where Sarah Jane is but Jill says she won't say. 
Joanne Dobie and Anna Drew move into their new flat.  Joanne Dobie tells Anna Drew that Giles Bell has got some wooden crates in his chalet.  "Oh no," exclaims Anna and rushes off to find out what he is up to.
David asks Joanne Dobie for the letter to Stop-a-draught.  Joanne looks in the file.  "I can't seem to find it," she says, searching frantically through the files.  She turns to face Richard Lord.  "Might you know where it is, or is that a silly question," she asks him.  "As a matter of fact it is," says Richard Lord calmly. 
Anna Drew comes into the motel reception and asks Sandy if Giles Bell is in his chalet.  Sandy tells her he is out, so Anna asks if she could have the pass key so that she can get into this chalet.  Sandy says no.
Joanne Dobie, David and Richard Lord search for the missing letter.  Richard suddenly stops looking and tells Joanne that he owes her an apology for thinking she had lost it.  "You are the culprit," Richard says to David.  "Oh," says David.  Richard says he remembers that when David went out of the office to take over in reception he had the letter in his hand.  "I saw you put it in your pocket," Richard tells David.  David searches his pockets.  "You know, I'm getting a little tired of this new found absent mindedness I've suddenly developed," says David.  Richard suggests he looks in reception as he might have left the letter there.  David leaves the office.  "Poor mans getting quite worried," laughs Richard.  Joeanne tells Richard that she filed that letter and he saw her.  "You were standing right beside me," she says.  "But are you still standing by me?" asks Richard. 
Florence Baker tells David that they have had some complaints about noise coming from Chalet 11.  David asks her whose chalet it is and Florence tells him that Giles Bell is staying in that chalet.
Jill Harvey's lawyer, Michael Hislop, arrives at Chimney's and says they will have to explain to the courts that Jill came back of her own accord, which will count for a lot.  Jill asks him what happens if the situation has changed, and Michael Hislop asks her what she means.  Jill says she has had time to think and she thinks it is in Sarah Jane's best interest's if she goes to stay with Stan.  Michael Hislop says he admires Jill's decision and comforts her by saying that it needn't be a permanent arrangment and she can reapply for custody. 
David see Giles Bell in reception and tells him that they have been receiving complaints about noise coming from his chalet.  Giles says he knows nothing about any noise.
Freya Offermans is delighted with the news that she and Stan are to have Sarah Jane.  She asks Jill where Sarah Jane is and Jill tells her she is in hospital.  "What is wrong with her?" asks Freya Offermans.  "She's ill.  That's why I came back," says Jill.  Freya Offermans says there is no way of saying thank you.  "Yes there is," says Jill, close to tears.  "Just make her happy for me," sobs Jill and hugs Meg.
A man in workman's overalls comes into reception and goes to speak to Meg, who is on duty at the reception desk.  "When would you like me to start?" he asks her.  Meg looks at him, puzzled.  Meg goes to the office and tells David that there is a man from the double glazing company Stop-a-draught in reception and he is about to take out all their windows.  "I'll soon get rid of him," says David and leaves. 

1979 Episodes continued

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