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Joanne Dobie and Anna Drew are looking for a flat to share.  Joanne Dobie tells Anna that she went to see a flat and it seems like a good one.  Anna asks Sandy if she could have some time off to go and see the flat.
Reg Cotterill tidies himself up for Meg Mortimer's visit to Stonebank Farm.  Alison tells him that Benny has asked her to go to the motel.  "Of course I'll cook for you before we leave," she says.  Meg arrives at Stonebank Farm and meets Alison, who tells her that Benny is taking her to the motel tonight.  Alison rushes off excitedly.  "Mr Cotterill, she looks so happy," says Meg. 
A young man arrives in reception and asks for Anna Drew.  Joanne Dobie tells him that Anna works in the cafeteria.
Anna Drew arrives back at Sandy's office after seeing the flat and she tells him that the flat is great.  She thanks Sandy for giving her the time off to go and see the flat.  She leans forwards and kisses Sandy.  At that moment the young man comes into the office.  It turns out that he is Anna Drew's ex-boyfriend Giles.  "I'm not a bad loser," he tells Sandy and shakes his hand.  "Congratulations.  I hope you'll be very happy," he adds.  Anna Drew tells Giles that Sandy is her boss and there is nothing going on.
Benny takes Alison Cotterill to the motel and they sit in reception with a drink.
David goes into the office and tells Richard Lord that he will do the postal bookings in the morning.  Richard offers to do them and David says he can.  David leaves the office and Joanne Dobie prepares to help Richard Lord with the work.  "I've been waiting to tell you about the flat," says Joanne.  "Shall we do the postal bookings," says Richard cooly. 
Florence Baker see's Alison Cotterill in reception and goes over to talk to her.  She notices Alison looking at some brochures advertising the motel salon and showing different hairstyles.  Florence tells her that she could have her hair done in a different syle.  "You could have it like this," says Florence, leaning forward and pulling Alison's hair away from her face.  She notices Alison's scar.  "Oh I'm sorry," she says. 
Joanne Dobie asks Richard Lord why he did the VAT returns and then sat down with David Hunter and did them all over again.  "Are you trying to discredit David Hunter?" asks Joanne Dobie.  Richard tells her that she seems to have been taken in by David Hunter, but he has had enough of Hunter's charms. 
Alison Cotterill arrives back at Stonebank Farm and Reg asks her how her evening went.  Alison burst into tears and hugs her uncle.  She tells him that Florence Baker saw her scar. 
Richard Lord joins Joanne Dobie in the office and tells her that he went drinking last night.  "Why?" asks Joanne Dobie.  "Because you took David Hunter's side," Richard tells her.  He says all her wants is a little trust.  "I trust you, but I don't trust what you're doing," says Joanne.  Joanne Dobie tells him that she must get on with her work.  She sifts through some papers and remembers a letter that David asked her to do.  She tells Richard that the letter is something to do with a ladies club that come to the motel every Christmas.  She says it's very important.  Joanne Dobie goes into the adjoining office and Richard Lord takes the letter and hides it.       
Giles Bell comes into reception and asks Meg and David if he can order breakfast.  Meg says she is afraid he is too late but he can order coffee.  Florence Baker comes into reception and David asks her if she could get coffee for Mr Bell.  "Yes Mr Hunter," says Florence.
David asks Richard Lord if he got all the letters in the post, and Richard says yes.  David says there was one letter he meant to sign himself, one that Joanne Dobie had.  Richard tells him that Joanne didn't give him any letters.  David says that letter is very important and Meg will go mad if he loses it.  They both search the office for the letter. 
Meg notices Giles Bell's name in the registration book and when she asks him about it, he says his real name is Giles De Belleville and his father is an Earl. 
Joanne Dobie comes into the office and see's Richard and David searching the office.  She asks them what they are looking for and David tells her they are looking for the letter from the old ladies club.  "Do you know where it is?" asks David.  "Oh yes, I...." begins Joanne.  "Joanne wouldn't have seen it," interrupts Richard.   David leaves the office and Joanne glares at Richard.  "Shall I look in my drawer?" she asks.   
David comes back into the office and asks if they have found the letter.  Richard tells him not to worry, he will find it.  David leaves the office again.  "Oh yes, I'll find it.  Where you put it," Joanne Dobie tells Richard.  Richard takes the letter out of his jacket pocket and asks Joanne to contact the ladies club and ask for their secretary.  Joanne throws the letter down on the desk and leaves the office. 
Benny asks Alison Cotterill if she enjoyed her evening out at the motel and Alison says yes.  Benny says they must go again but Alison says she doesn't really belong there.  She tells Benny that Florence Baker saw her scar.
David talks to Meg at reception and tells her that he would like to go through the morning mail again because he has lost the letter to the ladies club.  "Oh David!" says Meg.  Joanne Dobie comes into reception at that moment and shows them the missing letter.  She tells them that Richard Lord found it.  "What would we do without him," says Meg.  Joanne Dobie looks down, feeling awkward.  Joanne Dobie tells David that Richard went to see the people who wrote the ltter to explain to them.  "That's odd.  I never saw him leave," says David.  "He went out the back way," says Joanne.  "Oh," says David.  "It's the pretty way," says Joanne.  "Yes," says David, a little puzzled.

1979 Episodes continued

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