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Michael Hislop tells Meg that there is a warrant out for Jill's arrest.  He says she must come back otherwise she will have to go through the hearing all over again. 
Anna Drew tells Sandy that she wquld like to help in the cafeteria.  "Alright, you're hired," Sandy tells her. 
Richard Lord tells David that if it wasn't for Meg's problems he would leave now.  He tells David that he was hoping he would give him a chance.
Freya Offermans tells Meg that she and Stan will be moving into Chimney's because someone should be there.
David tells Meg that Richard Lord did the cheques she gave him to do so quickly he was sure Richard would make a mess of them, but he didn't.  "Cheques?" asks Meg. 
Meg receives a phone call from Jill and asks where she is.  Meg talks to Sarah Jane and then Jill hangs up.  "You spoke to Sarah Jane.  What did she say?" asks David.  "Where's my daddy," says Meg, close to tears.  David puts a comforting hand on her shoulder.
Alison Cotterill says she has run out of sugar and Benny offers to go into town and get some, but Alison says she will go.  Reg Cotterill says she never goes into town and Alison says she isn't scared anymore.
Joanne Dobie tells Richard Lord that David Hunter is expecting a very important phone call from the auditors and has asked if Richard could put the call straight through to the cafeteria. 
Alison Cotterill puts on her new dress and Benny prepares to take her into town.  Alison tells him that he had better tell her uncle where he is going because he might get angry, but Benny say's it's his afternoon off so he can do what he likes. 
The phone call that David is expecting from the auditors comes through to the office and Richard Lord answers it.  Richard tells the caller that he doesn't know where Mr Hunter is at the moment and will try and find it.  Richard puts the receiver onto the desk, gets up and walks to the other end of the office.  He then picks up the phone and tells the caller that Mr Hunter is nowhere to be found.  "My name's Richard Lord.  I'm the new accountant and I'm sure Mr Hunter would want me to deal with it," he says. 
Richard Lord later goes into the sitting room and tells and tells David that the auditors rang.  David says he will ring them back but Richard says he dealt with it.  After Richard has left the room Meg says, "That's a relief."  "Is it," says David.  David tells Meg that in order to answer the query Richard Lord would have had to have gone through all their private files, containing all their business and personal finances.  "I know we've got nothing to hide, but has he," says David.    
Reg Cotterill explains to Benny that God is making Alison pay for her parents sins.  benny asks what Alison's mother was like and Reg says she was beautiful but his brother led her astray. 
Joanne Dobie tells Richard Lord that he never explained why he was working at the motel.  Richard says he is just helping out.  "There must be another reason," says Joanne Dobie.  "Unfinished business," Richard tells her. 
Episode 3207 November 1979
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Meg goes to Chimney's where Freya Offermans is staying and Freya Offermans asks her if she has heard from Jill.  Meg says she had a phone call last night but Jill wouldn't say where she was. 
Florence Baker joins Sandy in his office and says it's nice that he has a girlfriend.  "Miss Drew is not my girlfriend, she's a friend," Sandy tells her.  "Anyway she's got a fella in London," adds Sandy.  "No she hasn't.  They'split up," says Florence Baker.
Meg goes to the office and is surprised to find Richard Lord and David getting on well.  When Richard leaves the office David says Richard is a great help and perhaps he misjudged him. 
Reg Cotterill goes to see Sandy Richardson and says he is having problems with Benny.  He tells Sandy that Benny is leading his niece astray. 
David reurns to the office from a meeting in Birmingham and Meg asks him to do the VAT returns as soon as he can because she wants to get them in the post.  Later, David tells Richard Lord that he hasn't had a chance to do the VAT returns and suggests that they both do them after lunch.
Later, Meg finds Richard Lord alone in the office and he tells her that he is a bit worried about the VAT returns.  "David hasn't had time to do them," he tells Meg.  "Oh, I told him to do them.  It's most unlike David to be so careless," says Meg.  Richard tells Meg that he wil do them.  "Only don't tell Mr Hunter because I wouldn't want to worry him," he says.       

1979 Episodes continued

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