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Episodes 3203 / 3204 October 1979
See Dvd Volume 4
The hearing for custody of Sarah Jane Harvey takes place.  The lawyer speaking for Stan Harvey tells the court that Jill Harvey has hit her child and that she is on tranquillisers.  The hearing is then adjourned until the next day.
Sandy offers to pay Anna Drew for her typing but she refuses.  He says he must do something to show his gratitude and Anna says he could buy her a quick meal in the cafeteria.
Jill phones Freya Offermans and asks to speak to Stan Harvey, but Freya Offermans tells her that Stan has been advised not to talk to her until after the hearing.  "That's absurd!" exclaims Jill.  "I'm not asking for the earth.  Just put him on!" shouts Jill.  "After tomorrow we will know where we stand.  Then there may be a point in talking.  Goodnight Jill," says Freya Offermans.
Florence Baker arrives at Stonebank Farm and reg Cotterill answers the door.  Florence says she wasn't sure he'd like her to come but she would like to see Alison.  Reg Cotterill looks Florence Baker up and down and says he expected all of Benny's friends to be like Miss Metcalfe.  Florence tells him that he can't always judge by outward appearances.
Benny comes into the room and says hello to Florence Baker.  Reg Cotterill calls Alison down and introduces her to Florence Baker, and tells her to make a nice cup of tea for Miss Baker.  When Alison Cotterill catches Benny alone she tells him that she has never seen her uncle act like this.
The hearing for custody of Sarah Jane re-starts and Stan's lawyer questions Jill.  He asks her if Sarah Jane ever pined for her father and Jill says she talked about him.  He questions Jill about the injury Sarah Jane received, and Jill tells him that Sarah Jane jerked her head back and caught her lip on the tap.  He then asks her about Norma Cooke and asks her if she knew Norma Cooke had been entertaining men.  Jill says she didn't know at first but when she found out she asked Norma Cooke to leave.
The prosecutor asks Jill why she took Norma Cooke into her house and Jill tells him that Norma Cooke was pregnant and unmarried.  The prosecutor turns to the judge and says this has been checked and Norma Cooke isn't pregnant and never has been.  Jill stares in disbelief. 
Norma Cooke is called as a witness and tells the prosecutor that she didn't go to Jill Harvey's home saying she was pregnant.  He asks her if Jill had a full time baby sitter and Norma says Florence Baker used to babysit but she had a daytime job.  "Mostly it was left up to me," says Norma Cooke.  "Or Mrs Harvey?" asks the proesecutor.  "Oh no, she didn't lift a finger," says Norma Cooke.
Florence Baker tells Alison Cotterill that Benny said they have something in common, knitting.  She says she was knitting a jumper for her cousin but she hardly see's her, so she offers it to Alison.  She shows Alison the pattern.
Lloyd Munro appears as a witness for Jill Harvey.
Richard Lord joins Joanne Dobie in the office and tells her that no employer would want to take on a couple of lovers, so they can pretent to fall in love later.
Meg receives a phone call from Jill, who is very upset.  Meg tells her that she will be on duty all night so if she feels she needs someone to talk to she only has to pick up the phone.  Meg asks Florence Baker to go to Chimney's right away and stay with Jill.
Benny gives Alison Cotterill a box.  She opens the box and takes out a pretty dress.  She is delighted with it and says she will try it on right away.
Richard Lord tells Joanne Dobie that David Hunter detests him.
Florence baker arrives at Stonebank Farm in time to see Alison in her new dress, and tells her that she looks very nice.  Reg Cotterill comes into the room and asks Alison where she got the dress, and Alison tells him that it was a present from Benny.  "It isn't a sin to wear something pretty," says Alison as she see's her uncles disapproving look.  "Not sinful, but dangerous," says Reg Cotterill.
Richard Lord asks Meg if she has told David Hunter that he is here, and asks if he needed a lot of persuasion to let him stay on.  Meg says a little but David's a fair man.
Jill's lawyers Julian Francis and Michael Hislop, wait at the court for Jill to arrive for the next session of the custody hearing.
Florence Baker goes to Meg's office and apologises for being late.  "I had to help with the packing," she tells Meg.  "Packing?" asks Meg.  "Yes, isn't it marvellous.  Jill said the court phoned her and told her she had won," says Florence Baker.  Meg asks florence Baker where Jill has gone but Florence says she doesn't know. 
Richard Lord tells David Hunter that Meg is in no condition to work so she asked him to do some cheques.  "Well why come to me about it?" asks David. 

1979 Episodes continued

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