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Arthur Brownlow shows Ron an advertisement for a job for someone with sailing experience to go to the Galapogos Islands.  He shows Ron a book about the islands and Ron looks at the photos with interest.
Adam Chance joins Jill Harvey in reception and tells her that he would like to book two chalets, one for J.Henry Pollard and the other for his daughter Miranda Pollard.
Ron Brownlow tells Kath that Arthur told him that he should make the most of any opportunities whilst he can.  Kath tells Ron that he is settled in his job and shouldn't give it up.
Detective Inspector Lindsay and Detective Constable Hardiman talk to Rosemary Hunter in her chalet and ask her where she has hidden the gun.  Rosemary says she hates guns.  "What would I need a gun for?" she asks.  Inspector Lindsay tells Rosemary that she was seen outside the motel at ten minutes past eleven when she said that she was in her chalet.  "You took that gun and hid it.  I want to know where," asks Inspector Lindsay.  Rosemary smiles.  "He was very considerate.  He was so sure of my love for him," she says.  "If you think I did it, then take me away," says Rosemary.  Inspector Lindsay says they aren't taking her anywhere.  "We'll find out sooner or later.  When Mr Hunter talks.  If he lives," says Inspector Lindsay.  Rosemary looks at him, anxiously.
Kath Brownlow gives Arthur a hot lemon drink for his cold.  She tells him that he is putting ideas into Ron's head, and Arthur says he just wants Ron to make the most of his life.
Jill Harvey joins Adam Chance in the office and she asks him if there is any news about David.  Adam tells her that Barbara phoned from the hospital, and David's still unconscious.  "That must be agonising," says Jill.  She says she has read about people being unconscious for a long time and if they wake up they suffer brain damage.  Adam says he talked to Lloyd Munro about that and he said that there was no danger.  Adam tells Jill that he has put all his money into a deal that may or may not come off, and it all depends on J.Henry Pollard.
Ron Brownlow finds his father looking through some insurance policy documents.  Arthur tells him that he is just checking, and that if something happens to him he wants to make sure that the family will be well cared for.  "Oh come on Dad.  Nothings going to happen to you," says Ron. 
Lloyd Munro greets Meg cheerfully and then quickly looses his cheerfulness.  "It's trying to be cheerful that makes it worse," he says.  He says he is trying to cheer Barbara up but he can't lie to her.  "David's been in a coma for a long time and he lost a lot of blood," says Lloyd.  "Are you trying to tell me David may die," asks Meg.  "You must be prepared for the worst," says Lloyd.  Lloyd says he should have known better than to leave the gun where it could be found.
At the hospital, Barbara sits beside David's bedside.  Nearby the cardiograph machine bleeps as it monitors David's heart, and Barbara takes his hand, holding it close to her face.  She lowers her head to the bed.  David's eyes flicker and he turns slowly to look at Barbara.  She comes into focus as Barbara looks at him.  "Hello," he mutters faintly.
Adam Chance tells Jill that he has put some money into a property deal and J.Henry Pollard can provide the rest of the money.  Adam tells Jill that he will need her help and he wants her to take him seriously whilst J.Henry Pollard is at the motel.  At that moment Meg rushes into reception and finds Adam and Jill.  "Have you heard the news about David.  He's regained consciousness," she tells them.
In the sitting room Lloyd Munro gives Barbara Brady a drink to calm her and orders her to get some sleep.  "To think I didn't see it.  I spent all those days at the hospital, and I missed the moment I'd been waiting for, when he opened his eyes," says Barbara.  Meg joins them in the sitting room and Lloyd asks her to try and talk some sense into Barbara and tell her to get some rest.  Barbara tells them that the doctors said David might be awake again this evening.  "I don't want to miss that," she says.  Lloyd asks Barbara if she remembers where he put some letters and Barbara tells him that he left them in his car.  Lloyd goes off to fetch the papers.
Barbara tells Meg that the police haven't been told that David is conscious.  A moment later, Lloyd Munro comes back into the sitting room.  "Did you find what you were looking for?" Meg asks him.  "Oh yes, and something else too," says Lloyd, and places an object wrapped in a white handkerchief on the table.  He unwraps the object to reveal a gun.
Kath Brownlow tells Arthur that Ron heard today that three hundred workers are being laid off in the firm where he works, and he might be one of them.  Arthur says it could be the best thing to happen as it would make Ron's mind up for him. 
At the hospital, Barbara sits beside David's bedside.  "I thought I was going to be a widow before I was a bride," she tells David.  "I'm good for a few years yet, besides I've booked the honeymoon," says David.  "How long has it been?" he asks.  "A few days," replies Barbara.  David asks where Rosemary is and Barbara tells him that she is at the motel.  "How much do the police know about Rosemary?" asks David.  "They know she did it," says Barbara.  "No.  Poor Rosemary," says David.
Detective Inspector Lindsay receives a phone call telling him that David Hunter has regained consciousness, and he tells Detective Constable Hardiman to go to the hospital and get a statement.
Adam Chance greets Miranda Pollard as she arrives at the motel.  "Mandy darling," he says as she rushes into his open arms.  Adam introduces Miranda Pollard to Jill Harvey.
Kath Brownlow tells Arthur that he should give in his resignation at work and stay home.  She says he can tell Ron and Glenda that he is retiring early and they won't suspect anything. 
Meg notices Rosemary Hunter standing outside the sitting room french windows and asks her to come into the sitting room.  "He's going to be alright," says Rosemary.  "I can't bare it when he's ill," she says.  "When David comes out I think it's best if we go away somewhere.  Chris will arrange it," says Rosemary and Meg stares at her.  "Somewhere warm. That would be best for him," she says. 
Adam Chance talks to Miranda Pollard in reception whilst Jill Harvey looks on.  "We will spend some tome together won't we?" asks Miranda.  Adam tells her that he is very busy.
Lloyd Munro visits David Hunter in hospital and tells him that there is no way out of it, the police know that Rosemary did it.  Detective Constable Hardiman comes into the room and asks Lloyd Munro to leave.  Detective Hardiman tells David that he wold like to ask him some questions.  "How far away from the gun were you?" he asks David.  "It wasn't like that," says David.
Detective Inspector Lindsay joins Meg and Rosemary in the sitting room and is about to arrest Rosemary when the phone buzzes.  Meg answers the phone and hands the receiver to Inspector Lindsay.  "Are you positive?  It's written down, signed?" he asks.  When he replaces the receiver Inspector Lindsay tells Meg that something has come up and they won't be taking Rosemary Hunter into custody.  He says apparently the shooting didn't happen they way they thought.

1980 Episodes continued

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