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Alison asks Benny if he would thank Sharon Metcalfe for the magazines, and Benny says she can thank her herself if she comes to the motel.  Alison says her uncle wouldn't like it. 

Freya Offermans comes to Chimney's to speak to Jill and Jill introduces her to Norma Cooke, saying that Norma was just leaving.  Norma Cooke takes Kevin's arm.  "Come on," she says, and then looks at Freya Offermans.  "Oh and next time look for a little mark on Sarah Jane's mouth.  Ask her how she got it," says Norma.  She gives Jill a look then walks out.  "It's time someone knew," she says.   

Alison Cotterill looks in the mirror of her powder compact.  Reg Cotterill comes into the room and Alison quickly hides the compact under a pile of magazine.  Reg notices the magazines and picks them up.  As he does so, the powder compact falls to the floor, opening to show the mirror.  Reg Cotterill asks Alison where she got it and Alison lies, saying that she found it amongst her mothers things.  Reg Cotterill stands on the mirror, smashing it and grinding it underfoot. 

The next morning Benny notices that Alison is subdued.  She tells him that her uncle found the compact but she didn't tell him that Benny gave it to her.  Reg Cotterill comes into the kitchen and sits down at the table.  He tells Benny that Alison told him that the compact belonged to her mother but it looked new.  Benny tells him that he bought it for Alison.  Reg Cotterill orders Benny to leave Stonebank Farm.

Reg Cotterill goes to the motel and finds Richard Lord in the office.  He asks to speak to Meg Mortimer.  At that moment Meg comes into the office and Reg tells her that Benny will have to leave.  Meg asks why and Reg says Benny has led Alison astray.  Meg says she is sure Benny doesn't mean any harm and reminds Reg that he is working for her and she has the right to decide whether Benny stays or goes.  She says she thinks Benny should be given a second chance.

Lloyd Munro tells Jill that Michael Hislop, Jill's solicitor, phoned him and asked him if he would testify for Jill.  Lloyd says he would be glad to.

Richard Lord's girlfriend, Joanne Dobie, arrives at the motel and Richard tells her that he can guarantee that she will ge the job as motel secretary, but she must pretend that she doesn't know Richard.  "If you keep doing as I say then I think you'll find Mrs Mortimer will do as I wish," says Richard Lord.  Meg comes into the office and Richard Lord introduces her to Joanne Dobie.

Reg Cotterill tells Benny that he can stay.

Joanne Dobie meets Richard Lord in reception following her interview and he asks her how she got on.  Joanne says Mrs Mortimer wants to see David Hunter before she decides.  Joanne Dobie tells Richard that she doesn't like taking a job under false pretences, and Richard says if she refuses the job she will be refusing him as well.

Richard Lord goes into the office and asks Meg what she thought of Joanne Dobie.  He tells Meg that the thre other applicants for the job as motel secretary have all been offered other employment.  "So it looks as if we only have one choice," says Richard.  Meg says Miss Dobie did say she wasn't sure if she could take the job.  "I think you'll find she'll take it if I had a little word with her," Richard Lord tells Meg. 

Florence Baker goes into Sandy's office at the cafeteria and asks him if he can spare a few girls to help Shughie McFee in the kitchen.  "No," says Sandy.  "Just one," asks Florence Baker.  "Have you got something wrong with your hearing?" asks Sandy.  "Mr McFee won't be pleased," says Florence.  "Mr McFee can take a running jump," shouts Sandy. 

Richard Lord goes to see Sandy to ask him to explain his book-keeping methods because he doesn't understand them.  Sandy says he can do it his way.

Meg talks to David on the phone and afterwards tells Richard Lord that she told David about Joanne Dobie and he was impressed.  Meg tells Richard that he has been a great help, and Richard offers to stay on a little longer.  Meg says she will think about it.  Richard Lord phones Joanne Dobie and tells her that the secretarial job is hers.

Sandy dials Faye Mansfield's phone number and when her flatmate answers Sandy says, "Hello Faye.  I've been trying to get you for a long time.  It's Sandy.  Can you talk?"  The girl doesn't say a word.  "Hello Faye..." says Sandy but the phone goes dead.  Faye Mansfield's flat mate dials another number.  "Hello Faye.  It's Anna.  I've got a bit of a problem.  D'you know a fella called Sandy?" she asks.

Benny goes to see Sandy in his office in the cafeteria about the vegetable order, and says he can't stay long because Mr Cotterill is looking for an excuse to sack him.  He tells Sandy that if he leaves Stonebank then Alison Cotterill won't have anyone to talk to.  He tells Sandy about the powder compact and says he wants to buy a new dress for Alison but he doesn't know much about dresses.  Florence Baker comes into the office and Sandy suggests Benny asks Florence to help him choose a dress.  Florence tells Benny that she would be glad to help.

Anna Drew, the flatmate of Faye Mansfield's whom Sandy has been phoning, arrives in Sandy's office and tells him that if he phones her once more she will call the police.  Annda Drew tells Sandy that she has a message from Faye, she doesn't want anything to do with him.  She goes out of the office, slamming the door.  Moments later she comes back into the office and apologises to Sandy.  Sandy says he only wanted to talk to Faye.  Anna Drew leans over the desk and knocks a glass of milk over some papers, and offers to type them out for Sandy.





1979 Episodes continued

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