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Meg joins Sandy in his office in the cafeteria and notices some old Christmas cards on his desk.  She notices that one of the cards is from Faye Mansfield, and she asks Sandy if he ever hears from Faye.  Sandy says no.  When he is alone Sandy dials Faye Mansfield's phone number.  Faye's flatmate answers the phone and says "Hello."  When Sandy realises that it isn't Faye speaking he doesn't say anything.  "Hello, Giles.  Is that you?" asks Faye's flatmate.  "Oh you're one of them.  Look the minute you start that heavey breathing I'm going to put the phone down and call the police," says the woman.  Sandy puts the phone down. 
Jill Harvey finds Richard Lord sitting at David's desk and makes it quite clear that she doesn't like it.
Benny goes to see Sandy at the cafeteria and Sandy asks him how things are going at Stonebank Farm. Benny says fine.  Sandy asks him about Alison Cotterill and Benny says she is very shy.
Alison Cotterill looks through one of the glossy magazines from Sharon Metcalfe.  She hears the door open and quickly hides the magazine from her uncle.  Reg Cotterill see's the magazine and glances at it, then replaces it on the table. 
Jill talks to Sandy about Richard Lord and says Richard seems to be working at the motel full time, but she thought he had a job as a sales representative.  Sandy says Richard hopes to be gone before David returns from holiday.
Benny arrives back at Stonebank Farm and gives Alison Cotterill a present of a powder compact with a mirror.  "You know how uncle feels about mirrors," says Alison.  "Yes I know," says Benny.  Benny leaves to get on with his work and Alison opens the compact to look in the mirror. 
Freya Offermans, the German woman that Stan Harvey is going to marry after his divorce from Jill, arrives at the motel.  Jill asks her what she is doing here.  "Stan sent you!" says Jill.  "No he brought me," says Freya Offermans.
Sandy tries Faye Mansfield's telephone number again and the same woman answers.  Faye's flatmate threatens to call the police when Sandy remains silent.
Jill tells Meg that Freya Offermans has booked into the motel.  Freya Offermans comes into the office and Meg gets up to leave, but Jill asks her to stay.  Freya Offermans tells Meg and Jill that she and Stan are going to be married as soon as his divorce is final, and then they will be in a better position to offer Sarah Jane security and a better life.  "We are going to fight for her," says Freya Offermans.  "Why are you doing this to me!" sobs Jill.
Later, Freya Offermans goes to Chimney's and meets Florence Baker and Norma Cooke.  Freya Offerman's says she expected to find Adam Chance here, but Florence Baker tells her that Adam Chance went to America about the same time as Jill did.  "America?" asks Freya Offermans.  Florence tells her that Jill went to America with Sarah Jane.
Meg tells Richard Lord that she must telephone the secretarial agency about getting a secretary, and Richard offers to do it for her.  Instead of phoning the agency he telephones a girlfriend Joanne Dobie, and tells her that he has a job for her as a secretary at the Crossroads Motel.  He tells her to come to the motel for an interview. 
Note: 9th August 1979 - ITV companies went on strike.  The strike lasted eleven weeks during which time no episodes of Crossroads were recorded or transmitted.  Normal service resumed on 24th October 1979.
Jill goes to see her solicitor Michael Hislop and he tells her that it is almost certain that she will win custody of Sarah Jane.  Jill returns to Chimney's and when she hears that Freya Offerman's has been to the house she asks Florence Baker and Norma Cooke if they told her anything. 
Richard Lord telephones his employers and tells them that he would like to take his holidays now. 
Jill's solicitor, Michael Hislop tells Julian Francis, Jill's counsellor, all about Jill's case.
Reg Cotterill gives Benny the magazine's which Sharon Metcalfe gave him for Alison and tells him to take them back.  Benny tells Reg that he knows about Alison's scar.  Reg Cotterill tells Benny that Alison is being punished by the Lord.
Jill walks in on an argument between Florence Baker and Norma Cooke.  She asks what it's all about and Florence tells her that Norma Cooke has been bringing men back to the house and they have still been here in the morning.  Norma Cooke swears it isn't true but Jill orders her to leave.
Jill asks Florence Baker how long this has been going on and Florence tells her it's been going on for a while but she didn't want to bother her.  Florence tells Jill that the police have been round to the house and have been watching the men coming into the house. 
Alison Cotterill puts on a dress which belonged to her mother and she goes to the kitchen where Benny and Reg are waiting for their meal.  Benny compliments Alison but Reg says she has no right to wear that dress.
Norma Cooke's boyfriend Kevin comes to Chimney's and Norma tells him thatvshe has to leave.  She opens some cupboards in the kitchen and hands Kevin some tins of food, which he puts inside his jacket. 

1979 Episodes continued

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