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The sales representative books into the motel and Sandy asks him if he has ever stayed at the motel before because his face is familiar.  The man says no. 
Lloyd Munro tells Sandy that he let slip that he had seen Sandy at the doctor's surgery and now Meg is imagining all sorts of things.  Later, Sandy tells his mother that he is as healthy as he will ever be.  He gives her the doctor's report and says now she might change her mind about letting him take over the cafeteria.
Florence Baker tells Sandy that Chalet 9 is ready for the guest to move into.  Sandy asks Florence to tell the sales representative who has just arrived and is sitting in reception that his chalet is ready for him, and to ask his name.  Florence Baker goes over to the man and tells him that his chalet is ready, and she asks him his name.  The man says his name is on his registration slip.  Florence goes back to Sandy at the desk and tells him that the man said his name is on the registration slip.  Sandy says he can't read the name on the slip and asks Florence to go over and ask the man again.
Meg comes into reception and joins Sandy at the desk.  She notices the man sitting in reception and asks Sandy who the man is.  Sandy says he might be able to tell her if he could read the signature on the registration slip.  He shows it to Meg.  "Richard Lord," says Meg.  She goes over to where Richard Lord is sitting and he tells her that he is a sales representative for office equipment.
Sharon Metcalfe see's Benny in the staff room and gives him some magazines to give to Alison Cotterill.
Meg talks to Richard Lord in the office and asks him what he is doing selling office equipment.  Richard Lord tells her that he tried to get away from the scandal following his affair with Lucy Hamilton but the scandal followed him.  He asks Meg if it is alright for him to stay at the motel, and Meg says he is a client so the management has no right to dismiss him unless he gives them cause to. 
Benny gives Alison Cotterill the magazines from Sharon Metcalfe.  He says she would like it at the motel and asks her to come to the Motel to meet his friends.  Alison says she has lots of work to do, besides she doesn't think her uncle would like it.  Later, when Reg Cotterill comes into the farm kitchen he asks Benny where Alison is and Benny tells him she went upstairs.  Reg Cotterill goes upstairs and when he comes back downstairs he tells Benny that Alison is crying.  He asks Benny what he has said to Alison and Benny says nothing, he only asked Alison to come to the motel and meet his friends.    
Jill Harvey joins Meg in the office and tells her that Richard Lord is at the motel and Meg says she knows.  Jill tells Meg that she shouldn't let him stay here.
At Chimney's that evening, Florence Baker tells Jill that Sarah Jane keeps crying for her father.
Alison Cotterill joins Reg and Benny in the kitchen and Reg tells Alison that he has been trying to explain to Benny that she doesn't want to go to the motel and meet his friends.  "That's right.  I don't like meeting people.  It's the mark of shame you see," says Alison.
Norma Cooke tells Jill that her boyfriend Kevin worries about her and asks Jill if it would be alright for Kevin to come and see her.  Jill says it would be alright.
Benny asks Reg Cotterill what Alison meant by the mark of shame, and Reg says he doesn't want to talk about it. 
At Chimney's Jill Harvey hears her daughter Sarah Jane continuously crying and screaming.  She tries not to listen but the crying continues.  She rushes upstairs to tell her daughter off.  A few moments later she rushes into the living room and quickly dials a phone number.  "Doctor Farnham.  It's Mrs Harvey.  It's Sarah Jane, she's bleeding!" says Jill, shakily.  Jill puts the phone down and turns to Norma Cooke.  "She jerked her head back and caught her lip on the bath tap," she tells Norma, then rushes upstairs to her daughter.  "''Cause she did love.  I know what you mean," says Norma Cooke out aloud to herself. 
Norma Cooke tells Florence Baker that she asked Mrs Harvey about her boyfriend visiting her and she said it was alright. 
Lloyd Munro asks Meg when she is going to let Sandy take over the cafeteria.  He says Sandy is capable of running the cafeteria and won't let her down.  Meg says she will give him a chance but she will have to have David's approval first.  Meg tells Lloyd that Jill is working herself up into a state and asks him if he would talk to Jill.
Richard Lord asks the receptionist when David Hunter is due back from holiday.  He shows Meg some new ledgers for use in the office.  Meg asks him if he can do book-keeping and Richard says he enjoys working with figures, and he would be glad to help.
Norma Cooke goes to the motel and tells Tish Hope that she knows Jill Harvey.  Norma tells Tish that the motel is a bit dead and they should liven it up a bit. 
Alison Cotterill arranges some flowers in a vase in the kitchen of Stonebank Farm.  Benny comes into the kitchen and notices the flowers.  Benny tells her that he used to grow flowers at heywood Farm.  "Uncle doesn't care much for flowers," says Alison.  Benny says he will grow some and he can tend them in his spare time.
Jill Harvey comes to the motel and chats to Lloyd Munro.  Lloyd says Meg told him she was under a lot of strain from the divorce proceedings.  
Benny asks Alison Cotterill what she meant the other day when she said something about a mark of shame, and Alison says it's a mark she has on her face.  Benny says he can't see anything, and Alison tells him that her hair hides it.  Benny asks if he can see it but Alison says it's too ugly.  She explains that her parents were killed in a car crash when she was three years old, and she was thrown against the windscreen which is how she got the scar.  "My parents were married after I was born," says Alison.  "Mine never got married at all.  My dads name is Read, not Hawkins," explains Benny.  He asks again if he can see the scar, and Alison draws her hair away from her face to reveal a deep scar down the right side of her face. 
Meg see's Lloyd Munro and asks him how his talk with Jill went.  Lloyd says Jill has worked herself into an emotional state but that's to be expected.
Sandy goes into the office and see's Richard Lord sitting at David's desk working on some of the motel's books.  Richard tells him that Mrs Mortimer agreed he should help out with the book-keeping.   
Sandy see's his mother and tells her that Richard Lord is sitting in the management seat.  Meg tells Sandy that Richard is helping out until they can find an assistant manager to replace Sandy.  Sandy says Richard Lord was asked to leave King's Oak because of his affair with a pupil and now if he wanted to find out anything about David he is in a good position to do so.

1979 Episodes continued

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